Bluetooth Headphones V5 : Good quality, wireless ear buds

I really like these great product battery last 3 hrs without replacing into the carrier great sound and very little outside noise.

I got these not knowing what to expect and i have been very happy with them. They fit in the ears very well and come with 4 other sizes of ear buds. They have a good battery life and a portable charging hub proving two full charges for the earphones. So you are guaranteed to have a full day of using them in one full charge of the hub.

The delivery runs very fast. I ordered it on the morning and on the next day it came. What really impressed me is the package, which looks very high valued, i don’t need to use other stuff to repackage it, what i need just a bow-tie over it. I test it before i send it out, the sound is good, left and right channels heard independently. And they fit in my ear comfortable, the battery can hold for 2. 5h which i thought is not that enough, but that is the average level, i give it 80 points. Well it is still worth to buy, but i have no idea what would happen after 3 months, hope it’s quality deserve the price.

I got these for a friend’s as a christmas present because he really wanted something like the airpods but doesn’t have an iphone and he wasn’t disappointedfrom his words he says that he’s had absolutely no issues, the sound that comes out is amazing quality, they’re comfortable to wear and very easy to connect and control. Excellent purchase and helped me a lot for christmas.

Used it for 2 days, but only charged once. I love the design of touch control everything. I didn’t find it first time hands on it. Volume buttons are able to control the volume and next songs for android phone apps.

This is the first pair of bluetooth that has worked with my devise. I use them most of the day for the phone but also for running and working out. Basic fittings with multiple ear plug sizes,these headphones are excellent .

The sound that comes from them is great and they have completely changed my running game. They really have a great battery life. I’ll forget to charge them for a couple weeks and they still don’t run out of battery.

I bought this wireless headphone as a gift for my son , he loves it very much.

  • So far so good , i expect more
  • Ablsolutely amazing
  • A sound experience

Bluetooth Headphones V5.0,Aimus True Wireless Earbuds In-Ear Earphones with Quick Charging Case and Mic,IPX5 Waterproof Headset for Sports,Running,Cycling,Gym,Travelling and Workout (Sliver)

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I been using the wireless earbuds about a week now ,absolutely brilliant headphones. They are excellent quality, with a great level of noise cancellation, so you only hear your music/calls and nothing else. The bass is at a great level, for music, allowing a great experience. Sound quality was good, it was clear and had good base to it.

Loved the earbuds themselves. Good, ergonomic and attractive design of both earbuds and charging pod. The charger’s batteries lasted at least a couple of days a time for the amount i use them. Whilst i did have problems with the device charger, the seller contacted me directly and helped me resolve that issue. Brilliant customer service to go with a great product.

Great product for money, sound quality is good, noise cancellation is great but the best thing about them is the fact that they are not disconnecting even for a moment ( believe me i had a few earbuds already and every one of them had that issue ). The only thing that is a bit frustrating is charging case, it feels really cheap and if you don’t have little fingers you will have some problems with taking out buds from it. Overal great product for this price.

Purchased as a birthday present for my husband (62yr old metal fan) and he loves thengreat volume and comfortable in ear. He uses them most days for music and radio walking our 10yr old daughter to and from school and gets on great. He does have wired head phones as well wich he uses when he wants “back ground noise” 😂😂😂 (ie to hear me)i fully recommend these and have to purchase another set (white) for our 17yr old son who was impressed by the sound quality and price.

Bought these for daily use as i’m a coach driver. Firstly they came packaged brilliantly with mutipal ear buds in different sizes and everything was separate. Sound quality is brilliant and so is the mic. Really happy with these and perfect for my daily use as a coach driver.

I just have them one day, i still need to figure out what i am doing wrong they go off after 30 min. I fully charged them all night, took the protection of the copper dots to charge. I hardly feel i have them in. But i am still struggle to keep them in and keep them on.

So, the first pair i received had some issues, not connecting and one part stopped charging. I contacted the seller and they sent me another set straight away, 10 out of 10 for customer service. I’ve been using them for a while now, sound is good, battery life is decent and they’re comfortable, would definitely recommend.

I am a 15 year old girl and my ears are small. They have 3 sizes of earcups, the smallest one is right for me.

  • So far so good , i expect more
  • Ablsolutely amazing
  • A sound experience

Bluetooth Headphones V5.0,Aimus True Wireless Earbuds In-Ear Earphones with Quick Charging Case and Mic,IPX5 Waterproof Headset for Sports,Running,Cycling,Gym,Travelling and Workout (Sliver)

The sound quality is good, and the cute container/charger is very compact. My only criticism is that i find i have to be careful to push them as far in my ears as possible to avoid them dropping out accidentally, which does happen sometimes, and if walking near traffic they could easily bounce in road & get get run over by a car. I wouldn’t recommend these for anyone wanting them for jogging for that reason, but for a steady pace like mine it’s ok👌 – so much more convenient than wasting time detangling wires.

Update: the first pair i received were faulty, however, the seller kindly sent me a new pair which works perfectly so far. Props to the seller for sending them quickly. The left and right channels lose signal somehow. Even slightly moving the phone around interrupts the signal and i am talking about moving the phone from my pocket to my desk in front of me. It is like i have headphones with a broken wire.

Had a small problem with the original earphones not holding their charge – but when the earphones were fully charged i found that they were great little earphones with a good sound – and not having to worry about wires getting tangled. The suppliers contacted me when i raised the issue regarding the charging – and they were very helpful. They were happy to replace the earphones to resolve the initial hitch. Great customer service and a great set of earphones.

These earphones are excellent. The sound quality is amazing and the build quality is good aswell.

These are perfect to go wireless and listen to your music on the go if you don’t want to cough up for some airpods. The battery life is a little small for my liking-3 hour’s is my average time. This is mostly because i listen to music constantly when i’m out but i suspect it’s more than enough for most people. The case itself gives about four full charges and it’s easy to use and compact. The customer service from aimus is also very good. When i had a query they were very prompt and helpful.

Good sound, excellent bluetooth connectivity. I could put my phone on the kitchen counter while listening to music and i never had a problem. They are comfortable with a bunch of different size buds to try in your ear. It is also very easy to touch the area sensor while wearing. All in all a smart buy for the money.

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