BODUM ePEBO Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker : What a great cup of coffee and a great talking point !!!

Wow this is a different coffee maker if i’ve ever seen one. Fairly easy to set up and using the right coffee i’ve got to say it makes a nice one. It looks great in my kitchen as well.

I used this for six months – and its true, it does produce excellent coffee. But as is often the case, this is completely outweighed by the sheer level of maintenance required in keeping the fishbowl and the kettle clean, especially if you intend to use it on a regular bases. The kettle in particular is nearly impossible to clean, always dirty.

We’ve now used our bodum vacuum coffee maker a few times, and must say that we are really pleased with it. The first thing to say is that it does look somewhat unusual — i can only think that this is on purpose, as it’s certainly proved a bit of a talking-point when people have seen it in our kitchen. The principle is quite simple — place coffee in the jug, put cold water in the kettle-style heating section, the water heats and is drawn up into the section containing the coffee beans. This whole process takes about ten minutes, so the coffee is brewed slowly. The end results are excellent – the coffee tastes great, and much better than when using the same coffee in another coffee maker we have. You can really tell the difference. Well, it does take a while, but good things come to those who wait. It’s also a bit top-heavy when in use, so i can see that it might get knocked over if you’re not careful. It’s also not the easiest thing to clean — which seems to be a common theme with coffee-makers.

This looks really cool and makes a good talking point for visitors. Basically it’s made up of three parts, the coffee jug, the heating element and the upper vacuum glass funnel. Very easy to put together and once filled with water takes about 12 mins to produce coffee. The coffee grounds start in the top glass funnel and the water starts in the coffee pot. During heating the water boils up into the top mixes with the coffee grounds and then drips back into the coffee pot. It bleeps and then the coffee is ready to serve. Difficult to say about the coffee as to some extent that depends on the coffee put in. I normally make my coffee in a pan on the stove. I’ve got fancy coffee makers but none quite manage the coffee taste that that method produces, this doesn’t either. Firstly you have to put in enough water to make six cups, minimum, so a fair amount of coffee grounds go in. Fine if you need all that much but i only usually have one cup at a time during the day and the keep hot function of the machine only lasts for 30 mins, so not a lot of use. Secondly, and by far the biggest drawback is cleaning the thing afterward. The top section can be put into the dish washer but the jug has a heating element in it so it needs to be washed, without getting water on the outside base, by hand. Trouble is the entrance to the jug is really small, too small even for a babies hand let alone a grown ups.

I have to say, testing this attracted a bit of a crowd in our house, punctuated with lots of ooohs and ahhs. First, it really is a talking piece. I cant really call it beautiful as it looks like a piece of laboratory apparatus, but it certainly interesting. There are three parts, 1) the base, (like a kettle base) 2) the kettle itself. 3\) the jugwater is boiled in part 2. Water is condensed in part 2 into the jog (3) and boiled for 3 mins. It is then shot under pressure back into the jug. This process is fascinating to watch and are a talking point for visitors. There are two coffee drinkers in this house, but the minimum cups you can make are six.

I have several coffee machines, presses, bean to cup, nespresso capsules etc. However i have to say this made the nicest cup of coffee i have ever had. I used 6 scoops of lavazza ground coffee and it was terrific. I’m not even sure how it works but i followed the instructions for brewing method 1 (there are 3) and it worked like a charm. I was a bit nervous when the boiling water suddenly forced it’s way up and into the brewing funnel, and then it sat there for exactly 4 minutes and then slowly drained back down into the jug. I removed the brewing funnel and poured a cup of coffee and put the unit on ‘keep warm’ mode. I’ve had a couple of cups of coffee over the last couple of hours and it’s really ‘moreish’ i’m going to be wired no doubt but what a fantastic machine and what a great cup of coffee. Half the price of some of my machines and about a quarter of the price of my top of the range bean to cup machine and it’s still better .

This is an unusual looking coffee maker, reminds me of something i would see fizzing and bubbling in a science class at school many years ago. It was easy to set up as instructions are very good, but it is a real pain to clean. We used a well recommended ground coffee and it was very nice, but the big drawback for us is that the minimum amount you can make at one time is six cups. I am really the only one who drinks real coffee and i would be a jabbering wreck if i drank six cupsthis is a clever design and seems to be well made, although you have to be very careful when cleaning the jug as it contains the electricsit’s a clever and intriguing thing to watch but also a waste of coffee for me due to the 6 cup minimum limit, that alone means i won’t use it unless some people come round for coffeei didn’t pay for this but if i had and i was part of a family who would drink lots of coffee it would be ideal and good value.

Unusual conversation piece rather than a practical everyday coffee maker. Good for dinner parties and small family get together. I have no real complaints except for the price which seems a bit much otherwise i’d buy one to give as a wedding present.

  • Good coffee-maker that’s a bit unusual
  • Vacuum Coffee Maker
  • Bittersweet.

Bodum ePEBO Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker, 1.0 L – Clear

Product Description, The appreciation of Slow Coffee has never been greater than it is today. In fact, it is the heart and soul of everything we’ve been doing since the 1950s, where Peter Bodum, introduced our first vacuum coffee maker. And we’re excited to introduce e-PEBO, a fully automatic vacuum/siphon coffee maker that brings out the best in your preferred coffee beans.

Box Contains, 1 x ePEBO Electric Coffee Maker

From the manufacturer

Make Taste Not Waste

A lot of coffee has been drunk since our founder Peter Bodum introduced the Santos vacuum coffee pot back in the 1950s. It was revolutionary at the time, not only because it made delicious aromatic coffee in no time at all, but also because of its patented filter. Being an integral part of the coffee maker, there was no need for either cloth or paper filters.

A New Chapter In A Legendary Story

Electric edition of the PEBO vacuum coffee brewer

1. Coffee – Brews without boiling at the perfect temperature

2. Funnel – Made of borosilicate glass, users can view the theatrical process from start to finish

3. Filter – Invented by Peter Bodum in 1957

4. Handle – Made of a soft, comfortable rubber; available in black and off-white

5. Jug – Made in Tritan, 100% BPA-free

6. Base – Automatically controls the four minute brew cycle

Brewing Suggestion

Step 1

Fill the bottom bowl with the required amount of water (6 to 8 cups) and place on its base.

Step 2

Secure filter to the funnel by pulling filter chain through glass tube and fasten the metal hook onto tube end. Place the funnel into bottom bowl. Make sure it has a complete seal. Add the required amount of ground coffee into the funnel. Place the lid on top of funnel.

Step 3

Press the ON/OFF button. The water will rise through the funnel, where it will brew for 4 minutes. The e.PEBO will automatically turn off, and the brewed coffee will flow back into the bottom bowl.

Step 4

Remove funnel and pull on filter chain to release hook from the glass tube. Place the funnel on the up-side down funnel lid. Now enjoy your coffee.

From the Soul of Slow Coffee

The vacuum coffee method is often called ‘Siphon’. Siphon coffee is the new drip coffee, and will make your coffee-skills look and taste even hotter. The brewing method ensures all the precious oils are extracted from the coffee beans. The meticulously calibrated brewing temperature and time, combined with the vacuum created during the brewing process, will seal the flavour and yield the cup of coffee that will make your taste buds think they’ve tasted a bit of heaven. The built-in filter has a snug fit that prevents any sediments being transported back into the jug. When the e-PEBO brews, it’s almost like a small lab experiment.

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I might have given it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the ridiculous price of this item. It does make good coffee and it smells lovely while it is brewing too. I used a starbucks medium roast house blend when i tested the item out. It can make between 6-8 cups of coffee, but they would be small espresso size i am guessing as i got three mug sized coffees out of the 8 cup measure on the glass. It slow brews your coffee and the process takes about ten minutes from start to finish. It comes with quite a thick instruction manual although it is the same thing in several languages. It is best to unpack everything first and see what you have as there are a few bits to it. I have seen some describe it as looking like something out of a science experiment and that is about right. The glass is obviously heat resistant but it feels very fragile so i was a little cautious while handling it. You fill the jug part up to the mark depending on the amount of coffee you are planning to make.

There’s a lot of choice for coffee lovers today, and this epebo electric vacuum coffee maker from bodum, is a way to enjoy the slow flavours of ground coffee. I’d recommend using decaf as they’ve come a long way with it recently and if you’re like me, you won’t stay awake at night, like we do with the caffeinated variety.

We’ve been using this machine on daily basis for a few days now, here are our observations:positive:- looks great, a mixture of space age and quirky classic- very easy to use- makes very good coffeenegative:- the minimum amount of coffee is 0. 7 liter – far too much for a couple’s breakfast- very difficult to clean – while the top bowl can go to dishwasher the bottom kettle cannot as the heating element is part of it, thus cleaning is only possible through the small opening on the top, i fear it will soon get stained and not look very good in our kitchenif you’re after great coffee and easy of use of a vacuum coffee maker and don’t care about cleaning it too much this one is for you, sadly it’s not for us.

  • Good coffee-maker that’s a bit unusual
  • Vacuum Coffee Maker
  • Bittersweet.

Bodum ePEBO Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker, 1.0 L – Clear

Features and Spesification

  • The Funnel is made from borosilicate glass, so you can view the brewing process from start to finish
  • Keep warm function
  • Bottom bowl is made in Tritan, 100% BPA-free
  • The base automatically controls the 4 minute brew cycle
  • The handle is made of soft, comfortable rubber