Bonsenkitchen 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffee Maker : Happy๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

So i dreamed of a compact coffee machine. The product came quickly, whole and not damaged. Good color, compact in the kitchen. Thanks to the seller for a good choice.

I love my filter coffee and was looking for a reasonable priced coffee machine as our mornings are rather busy with feeding the kids and getting them ready. So this machine is so easy and delivers what it promise.

Once i figured out the slightly fiddly set up–sliding bits here and there, i am reasonably happy. My only niggle is that the coffee isn’t quite hot enough. When i add boiling water to the pot to pre-heat the jug, it is just about acceptable. Is there any way to adjust the coffee water temperature?.

Update:as stated below we where happy with our purchase. However, this was short lived. The coffee machine stopped working after 3 days.This coffee maker is brilliant because itโ€™s simple and keeps the coffee hot for a few hours due to the thermal pot. I returned my previous coffee machine, as it spilled the coffee when pouring, and didnโ€™t keep the coffee hot. This machine is easy to fill the water level as you can see the level clearly unlike many others. The lid slides over to the side to fill the water and the filter/coffee. The jug also pours very well as the lid is sealed and it has a sharp spout. It tells you in the description thatโ€™s its 120v input, but actually it works in the uk with 240v so you can obviously buy one set up for europe.

Easy to use plus keeps the coffee warm for hoursthis is a really slick looking coffee maker plenty of stainless steal being used which is nice because it is easy to clean and looks good. So far really pleased with this.

Fab little thing, simple and easy to use and looks neat in the kitchen. I love that it keeps your coffee warm whilst you potter around. The reusable filter is perfect and an easy way to save pennies if you are a massive coffee drinker like me. The easiest to operate coffee maker i have ever owned, and i would recommend this one to all my friend and family.

Touch programming and also fully automatic. You can program for 24-hour to help enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. This coffee coffee maker is made of stainless steel. Has removable filter basket and permanent filter with handle. Perfect size is suitable for space saver. One of the reasons why i’m very taken by the coffee maker – coffee tastes lovely.

This is a great coffee machine that fully performs its function and is consistent with its price. I do not really like coffee, so i do not want to spend a lot of money on a professional coffee maker. And this coffee maker is not very expensive and does a great coffee. Does not take up much space in the kitchen and does not get very dirty. She is worth her money and i recommend it to others.

  • Update: (Not so) Brilliant and simple coffee machine for the price!
  • Makes nice coffee
  • Not quite hot enough

Bonsenkitchen 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter, Stainless-Steel Vacuum Jug, Water Level Indicator and Anti-Drip System (CM8761)

Bonsenkichen CM8761 coffee maker Brew your daily life coffee fast and conveniently with this programmable coffee maker. Quick touch programming buttons are easy and straightforward, omitting many tedious steps for you. No-drip pours spout feature allows you up to 30 seconds to pour a cup of coffee while the coffee maker is still brewing. It also prevents any remaining coffee in the filter basket from dripping onto the warming plate once the brew cycle is complete.

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A lot better then i thought it would be for the price but i must admit this machine works great makes great coffee and the thermal jug works a treat build quality not bad it dose have a permeant filter and i like that looks good as well. I suppose time will tell never had this brand before but all in all great machine very impressed so far.

I bought it for my friend as a present to her new office. She said i should come and have cup of coffee as itโ€™s really fantastic test. Doesnโ€™t smell and makes really good coffee. I opened package before to check how itโ€™s look like and if there is any damage and no itโ€™s was totally fine and quick arrived. Didnโ€™t smell and i could say very good quality made. It is definitely value for money. This is mine and my friend opinion.

I bought this as me and my eldest son both like to drink coffee together in the morning. He used just a simple glass manual coffee maker, but coffee would not be as hot as i like it by the time i get ready for breakfast, so we started to think about buying a coffee machine that can be programmed. This one drew my attention as it can be programmed and also has stainless steel jug and permanent filter. The filter can be washed so very good for environment. I also enjoy that is is simple to use and does not require masters degree as some coffee machines can be expensive and complicated :). This one is in use for a month and so far so good. My coffee is ready by the time i need it and is kept hot for a long time. To cut long story short i love my coffee machine and have nothing negative to comment so far.

We tried it with my friend for the first time. She was amazed with the smell of fresh cofee. If you follow the instruction not hard to use.

Love this coffee machine, coffee ready in a few mins and at a good temperature, stays warm for a refill. Programmable to prepare coffee before you wake up. Simple to operate and cleans easily and is amazing value for money.

This coffee machine suddenly stopped working last week after one month of use.

I have been looking for a good value coffee machine with a timer on it. The coffee machine is very easy to use. I put water in a special container put coffee in a special compartment that i can take out and wash easily. I set it before i go to bed and the coffee is ready when i wake up keeps it nice and hot as well. It is really nice looking and not too big. Cleaning is easy, instructions included. Just perfect to our small kitchen.

This is well constructed and easy to use and clean. Looks lovely on the counter. It feels solid and make a good coffee. It’s easy to program, brews quick, and the carafe keeps the coffee warm.

  • Update: (Not so) Brilliant and simple coffee machine for the price!
  • Makes nice coffee
  • Not quite hot enough

Bonsenkitchen 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter, Stainless-Steel Vacuum Jug, Water Level Indicator and Anti-Drip System (CM8761)

Features and Spesification

  • Quick touch programming & fully automatic with 24-hour programmability help you enjoy a cup of coffee
  • No-drip perfect pours spout prevents any remaining coffee from dripping onto the warming plate once the brew cycle is complete
  • Bonsenkitchen coffee maker is made of SUS 304 food grade stainless steel, which is no need to worry about the material safety
  • Removable filter basket and permanent filter with handle achieve easy and economical operation
  • This coffee maker’s perfect size is suitable for household use and easy-view water window