bonVIVO Intenca Stove-Top Italian Espresso Maker – Well made, great coffee

Looks good on stove and makes beautiful coffee. Only reason for only 4 stars is because i have to tap the lid slightly to close it.

The coffee maker seems like a good quality. It’s heavy because it’s stainless steel but that makes it more durable and safer to use than aluminum ones. I have yet to master how to make a strong espresson but so far so good.

Absolutely love this product as it is stylish, practical and it makes perfect coffee. One of the things i like the most about it is the ceremony of preparing my kick starter each morning and then drinking superb esspessothis product is ideal as it is completely stainless steel, right down to the coffee funnel.

Beautiful stove top coffee maker. Bought this to replace another make and it is great. Also keeps the coffee warmer for longer than my other stove top coffee makers.

After a few use it’s srats discolouring.

I had to bin off a smaller induction capable pot as it would not work with my indesit hob. This model is much better with a wider base and now i’m back to great coffee again and it looks excellent and is well made.

I have wanted a stove top espresso machine for a long time and was not disappointed from the first time i used this. The results were delicious, without much instruction. I like the design, it feels solid and durable. Easy to clean with no need for consumable filters. Only tiny criticism is that there is no guide for how long to brew the coffee for and there can be a slight aftertaste if the water reservoir becomes empty. It’s easily fixed by adjusting your own brewing times so that doesn’t happen, but some guidelines would have been nice.

This looks beautiful and classic in my new kitchen and was delivered well before the due date. Very happy, would definitely recommend it.

I bought this to replace an alloy one by another manufacturer as we now have an induction hob. I was very pleased with the quality and finish of this item. Easy to assemble/disassemble and clean. It makes a great coffee and still looks great after a lot of use.

This bonvivo coffee maker is well made and looks good. When i first used it the top didn’t screw onto the bottom section smoothly. Now i have used it 2 or 3 times it all works well. It makes good hot coffee in about 5 minutes using a ceramic hob. I have yet to try it on gas.

This is a beautiful bit of kit, well made out of quality materials. I use it as a stove top coffee maker and it’s completely brilliant. The handle maybe gets a little to hot for complete comfort, but not hot enough to worry aboit.

Delivered on time, easy to clean and a perfect size for a big cup of coffee and even a bit more.

Unlike other reviews on here i found the device easy to use, behaving as advertised and quickly learnt how to make fantastic coffee. I am not too keen on very strong coffee and find that half measures give me a full mug out of this 6 cup espresso unit. Here are the specifications for the bonVIVO Intenca Stove-Top Italian Espresso Maker:

  • ✔ MADE FOR ESPRESSO LOVERS: The bonVIVO Intenca stovetop espresso maker was made for those who cannot resist a full-bodied aromatic cup of espresso. Making the perfect espresso is not as easy as making a cup of coffee, yet it is easy with the Intenca Italian espresso maker. Smelling the ground beans when filling the pot will whet your appetite for a full flavoured cup of espresso. You can share your coffee as well; the espresso maker has the capacity to serve 6 cups.
  • ✔ QUALITY: If you want a full-bodied aromatic cup of espresso, you mustn’t stint on the quality of your stovetop coffee maker. The bonVIVO espresso maker is made of stainless steel with a hard-wearing silver chrome finish. This mocha coffee maker will help you make the perfect espresso on all stove-tops whether gas, electric, ceramic or induction. Both the portable coffee maker and its sturdy ergonomic handle are strongly heat resistant.
  • ✔ DESIGN: Just looking at the Italien moka pot will remind you of “la dolce vita”. It will transport you to your last holiday in Italy; to picturesque lanes; to the delicious meal in the trattoria; and to the excellent espresso that rounded off the evening. A masterpiece of timeless design, this stovetop espresso coffee maker is a must have for every kitchen. The silver chrome finish adds a touch of elegance and makes the moka coffee pot a stylish gift for family and friends.
  • ✔ INCLUDED IN THE BOX: The three-part Italian espresso maker is made up of a kettle, a sieve basket, a coffee pot with filter and a sealing washer. A clever spout allows for drip-free pouring and a safety valve ensures that excessive pressure cannot build up.
  • ✔ HOW TO USE: The moka pot is a classic amongst espresso makers. Just the feeling of making espresso in the traditional way is enough to relax you even before you drink your aromatic cup of espresso. Fill the lower part of the three-part Italian espresso maker with water, put the ground coffee into the basket, put the top on, place it on the cooker to boil and your espresso is ready within minutes! Please remove the coffee maker from the stove within 30 seconds as soon as it stops boiling.

This is the best coffee maker i have ever had, and i have tried a few over the years, but this one is the best.

Great sleek design and pours very well. Bought this as my last one did not work on my new induction hob. Only issue is that the steam belts out the mid section and sprays over the hob.

This espresso is beautiful to look at and works very well indeed. I use it on a induction hob but it will work on any other hob.

Very nice looking; do the best coffee. I like a big size cup pf coffee.

This is the best stove top espresso maker i’ve had. Thick and substantial steel it still works quickly unlike some other others i tried and had to send back. I’ve give up on aluminium ones as i now live in a hard water area and it affected the flavour. I am a complete fusspot about coffee so this is a great find – and it looks beautiful and i’m constantly polishing it.

Just back from italy and disappointment when we thought we couldn’t use a stove top on our induction oven. Arrive bonvivo – whist a bit dubious at first it is brilliant and faster than a gas stove top model to make coffee – our weekend routines have changed forever- for the better- enjoy .

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Just Perfect
  • Great product, very happy.
  • Reducing Plastic waste

Bought to replace a tassimo: no more plastic pods to buy / put into landfill. This looks nice, is easy to clean and makes very nice coffee. The handle also doesn’t get too hot so you can pick it up from the stove top without burning yourself.

I used to drink 2 small cafetieres of coffee every morning. Now i have my bonvivo coffee maker, the coffee is so rich that i only need one cup. It is superbly designed, robust and easy to use.

A really good, sturdy and well made italian style espresso coffee maker. Makes excellent espresso in around 5 mins. The base is a good and solid stainless steel as is the rest of the coffee maker. I would recommend this to anyone interested in getting one of these type of coffee makers.

Takes about 350 ml of water to fill just under the vale, and producing roughly 300 ml of coffee. To me, the only negative thing regarding this coffee maker is some residue water always stayed inside the pot after cleaning, even left over night.

My husband is very fussy about his coffee, i got him this pot for his birthday and he use it every day, it dos make good coffee.

I have had quite a few of these, but this feels and looks like rolls royce of espresso makers. Highly recommended, much better workmanship than bialetti for example – and no aluminium in construction.

Was looking for something to take with me on my travels, as not practical to take my home coffee machine. I have tried a few others and have been disappointed in them. Having just received it i was eager to try it out. No spills when pouring or leaks and no spitting due to the design of the spout. Not only was it easy and effortless to use but it made a good mug of coffee. This will be a great addition when on my travels. Would definitely recommend it.

Solid piece of equipment compared to other brands, easy to clean and a consistent cup of coffee.

The coffee maker was bought as a birthday present for my husband to use on an induction job when we move into our new house so, has not been used yet. However it looks lovely and feels a lot more substantial than our current expresso maker – bought very cheaply on holiday in spainwe have stopped using our “pod” electric coffee machine as a conscious effort to reduce plastic waste.

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