Bosch Blender – Usability let down by styling, but still a good blender

I got this as an amazon warehouse deal, which i was extremely impressed with, as with the past amazon warehouse deal that i have purchased this thing came as far as i could tell as if it was totally brand new, no marks no damage and most things were packaged as new still, so i would recommend using amazon warehouse deals to get a real bargainas far as the blender goes it works pretty well. Anything with a motor in you know its going to run well when its a bosch. The blender is only 700w so its not going to be as powerful as some of the more extreme blenders that you can get that can obliterate an ipad etc but for general use you are going to get on just fine with this thing. I have been using it for making smoothies and drinks and the only thing i have seen it struggle a little with was i put in a load of frozen cherries, so i had to use the pulse mode and that seemed to break them up a fair bit. Also comes with some handy extras for chopping nuts and making a juice without the pulp, which could come in useful but i have no need for at the moment. Would recommend if you need an all around blender that can do most jobs.

Excellent product simple to operate and clean. Would recomend if rather than buy a must cheaper product.

It’s got all the features needed. However, it’s not as silent as bosch claims it to be – just as well i never used it late at night, as i planned to, although i don’t think it’d wake up all the neighbours. I also feel that the blender is a bit clunky, but we only had a wee blender type of thing. Jan 2016 update: having used the blender on a number of occasions, i have to admit that it’s quieter than i thought. But, you need to remember to put the cover on etc. Also, its performance is great – it chops and smoothes everything nicely and finely, though i’ve not tested it with ice yet.

Not silent, but definitely quiet. Sounds a bit like a high-end washing machine spinning up 🙂 the jug is nice and solid, but the stylish shape becomes less of a winning feature when you realise that it means a ‘pop in’ lid instead of screw-on, and (the main problem, losing it one star) no sensible spout for pouring – just a slight bulge in the corner of the pentagram/flower shape of the top. I still like this blender, but it would have been so much better with a round jug.

Great blender, but when the jug is locked on to the base, it is quite stiff, both to lock and unlock. The little plastic collar is held tight to the jug by the tiniest bit of plastic in 3 places. When it fails ( as it will, i use it for my morning fruit shake 5 or 6 times a week ) you will have to wait 3 weeks each time for a replacement under warranty. Both times replacement parts had ‘ just run out ‘ the customer services people at bosch are great, but should not need to be replaced every three months, and should not have to wait three weeks each time for what appears to be a design fault. I tried to discover what would happen when my warranty ran out, as i regard this as a faulty item, but they were unable to tell me. Shame its better than the cheaper blender that i previously had for 6 years, sadly don’t think this will last 6 years.

Here are the specifications for the Bosch Blender:

  • Enjoy the quiet but powerful technology, thanks to its noise reduction system, the SilentMixx performs so quietly
  • Achieve easy and safe mixing of hot soups and ice-cold beverages with help of the thick-walled thermosafe glass
  • Ideal results achieved every time with the 700 W motor: Powerful for every application
  • Get the results you want at the touch of a button thanks to two individual automatic programs
  • Convenient to clean as the easy klick knife can be removed very easily

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I like it. It’s got all the features needed
  • A good fair priced all around blender
  • Great blender, but when the jug is locked on