Bosch Hand Blender : Nice product

Excellent quality product but you expect nothing else from bosch. The blender has been used many times & is extremely easy to use with all the various attachments.

Not been brave enough to use on heavy products like nuts. Which is how i burnt my last one out (which was a different make).

Perfect for me, and you can’t go wrong with bosch. I would definately reccomend this hand blender.

On the whole not a bad hand blender, i recently returned one that was x3 the price, it couldn’t whizz up sun dried tomatoes, but this one can. Disappointed i can’t put the top of the blender in the dishwasher, so i would say not easy to clean.

Bought to replace the bosch red and white blender that had been worn out in use. This one has an improved blending attachment which i was surprised at how better it performs over the older model.

Does the job great, and dishwasher safe is fantastic.

Great with useful attachments i will make good use of this in my kitchen thank you.

Only used the blender so far but it seems strong and sturdy.

  • Not as tough as it looks.

  • hand blender ok, disappointed in the chopper

  • Very versatile

Bosch Hand Blender, 800 W – Stainless Steel/Black

Product Description, The MaxxoMixx is a quiet but powerful 800W blender. The motor is low vibration, so it is comfortable to use even on maximum. It has 12 speed settings and a pulse function, meaning it can be used for a large number and variety of tasks.The blender foot is perfect for blending soups and smoothies. The extra large chopper can be used for chopping onion, garlic, herbs, nuts, chocolate and much more. The stainless steel balloon whisk can be used for whipping cream and egg whites and also for light batters such as pancake and Yorkshire pudding mix. The mixing jug is calibrated for easy measuring of ingredients and comes with a lid, so that processed food can be stored in a fridge.The high-quality stainless steel foot with innovative four-winged QuattroBladePro means results are quick and even. The non-slip soft touch handle, ergonomic shape and large buttons, make it comfortable to hold and use. The blender foot detaches easily at the press of a button.The blender foot and accessories (apart from chopper lid with gearing) are dishwasher proof.Colour: Stainless steel and black

Box Contains, 1 x Bosch MaxxoMixx MSM88160GB handblender1 x XL chopper attachment1 x Metal whisk1 x Calibrated beaker with lid

From the manufacturer

  • High-quality accessories: With extra-large chopper and whisk for whipping cream, egg whites and light batters

Hand blender Black

Full power for kitchen professionals. Powerful, robust and more versatile than ever thanks to 800 watt motor and a wide range of accessories

  • Exceptional power: Powerful 800 watt motor for fast and perfect processing
  • Perfect results: 12 speeds plus turbo button and QuattroBlade Pro
  • High-quality stainless steel housing and blender foot for professional results
  • Easy to use: Large buttons, SoftTouch surface and patented click connection mechanism for simple operation

QuattroBlade Pro – Quickly and perfectly chopped ingedients

The innovative design of the hand blender bell with its distinctive golf ball-style sections ensures that ingredients are perfectly blended. This is because the structure of the hand blender bell guides the ingredients directly onto the rotating QuattroBlade Pro. In addition, users will notice that the appliance doesn’t suck down onto the bottom of the measuring beaker as much.

TurboButton — when you need full power

An additional turbo button provides maximum power at the touch of a button so you can implement your ideas quickly and easily and achieve optimal results every time.

12 speeds — countless possibilities

Whatever it may be—mayonnaise, baby food or soup, cutting, mincing or mixing—the optimal speed is available for each task, along with a selectable turbo function if needed.

AntiSplash — for protection against splashes

Annoying splashes when preparing dishes are a thing of the past thanks to Anti Splash mixer foot with optimised design. So all your work is easy, convenient and above all clean.

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Best hand blender i have ever used. Love the soft start to reduce splashing. Solid build and easy to clean.

I mostly use a blender for liquidising soup. This blender is state of the art with chopping and whisking features. Very solid machine made from stainless steel. Easy to assemble the various functions and easy to wash. Clear instructions on use and maintenance. I know i will not be disappointed with a bosch product.

Can recommend for every kitchen.

I’m very impressed with this hand blender. It could be the comparison to the old model that i was using, which cost about £30, but the quality of this bosch is far superior to anything that i’ve used before. From the chrome finish to the rubber feet used to stop the different attachments slipping when you’re using them, there are a number of little touches that make this a pleasure to use. So far i’ve used the whisk attachment to make a very smooth and successful souffle, and the chopping attachment to blend a fine pasta sauce. Both were incredibly easy to make, helped by the variable speed/power setting, and the mixing jug-style accessory can then be easily sealed for refrigeration. This bosch hand blender doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary, as far as i can tell, but all of the functions work really well. This is what i want ina kitchen appliance – not 15 useless, very specific attachments that i don’t understand, but a small number that i can use often.

This bosch hand blender is a perfect 3 in 1 kitchen implement that does not take too much space – ideal for my small kitchen. Winter is coming so soup making will increase and the blender is sturdy enough to blend cooked root vegetables to perfection. Being able to vary the speed also helps in avoiding splashing the whole kitchen. Adding to this a reasonable sized chopper for herbs and onions and a whisk and one has enough to be able to make some nicely taking dishes. The stainless steel is easily washable with a damp clothe. Also what i liked is that it is easy to take out of the box and put back in, so everything is always stored together.

The first impression of the bosch hand blender is that all of the components are of very high quality, this is no cheap set. From the rubberised grip of the main unit to the stainless steel body, plus the plastic elements, it all feels sturdy and built to perform. Putting the individual parts together was simple and didn’t need reference to the book, although we have read it for safety reasons (in case we forgot something). The different elements work well and as expected, no fuss or whistles, they just do the job. Using the chopper blitzed everything down, although it was so quick you have to watch you don’t chop everything down too fine. We gave the whisk a work out for whipped cream and it gave perfect results (as good as our kitchenaid). Cleaning was very simple – a rinse off when changing between ingredients and a good wipe when finished. My wife does had slight arthritis and found the unit heavier than she would have liked when using the hand blender on its own, (due to the hand position which is really how all of these blenders are used) but she felt this was a minor issue – i’m only pointing it out for completeness. Overall this is a high quality hand blending set with a lot of functionality. It is not cheap but you are definitely getting what you pay for.

. Build quality seems very, very good as you’d expect from bosch, with a nice all-metal body construction. The blender is very quiet considering size and speed we, have used this to make soups and it makes a good-looking smooth soup. It goes through vegetables like pumpkin, squash, and carrots with little or no effort – it is very powerful at blending of all types of ingredients. In fact, the “turbo button” is straightforward to use, but also great to have for bursts of full-on blending. It has a variable speed which is useful when starting the blending process. On the variable speed front – this is a great feature as it is not just two different speed settings, like some blenders, moreover a dial that turns up like a volume control. This then allows for a full range of speeds and is useful. When making soup the blade will keep turning at the same speed whatever you throw at it. The attachments are quality accessories including a whisk, which is fast and efficient and useful as well and it feels solid. It is comfortable in the hand and the stainless steel attachment makes it feel the quality.

  • Not as tough as it looks.

  • hand blender ok, disappointed in the chopper

  • Very versatile

Bosch Hand Blender, 800 W – Stainless Steel/Black

This is perfect if u don’t have a lot of space and need something versatile and small. Making soups to baking all sorted.

Very good product powerful and quite.

All the components are sturdy and fit together well, we did a lot of research before picking this one and it really paid off. I make soups on a regular basis and this works a treat to get a lovely smooth consistency.

With its supplied accessories this is truly a super blender, as it should be because you can buy a food processor for less. There’s no mistaking the quality of it, for example the blender foot is made of stainless steel, whereas all the cheaper ones we’ve had before were plastic, and the motor body is beautifully made. In the hand it feels terrific, just the right size, shape, and weight, and with well-controlled vibration. Here i must come to my doubts, which concern the value offered. Yes, the chopper attachment annihilates carrots, potatoes etc,and the blender, err, blends very well. Yet i would have liked to see a masher with it, such as kenwood provide with some of their models, all much cheaper than this. Machine mash has a wonderful smoothness, if you haven’t tried it. Bosch is not a cheap brand, of course, yet i feel there should have been more in the box, because accessories, even the ones strictly for occasional use, are what give a hand blender versatility. Mine was a review sample, and yes all the items are superb and i’m very pleased with it. But would i have been happy to pay so much for such a limited kit?.

I have had many of these blenders, all good, but rarely of as sturdy construction as this one. One annoyance with all my previous blenders is the lack of a speed control. What’s the point of including a whisk if whenever you use it everything flies out of the bowl because it’s running at full speed?. Thankfully, this bosch model has a variable speed setting, which is a godsend, and makes it the best blender i’ve tried.

Very happy with this blender, best i’ve had by far.

I need it to make purées and mayonnaise, and it works perfectly. This design is very useful, as it does not splash. I must try to make gazpacho with it, to test it entirely, but so far, it is splendid.

I could stop there, but in the interests of completeness. . It has a reassuring weight and sits very happily in the hand. There is a dial on the top to control the speed, and the attachments are all really well thought through and helpful. You can use the blender bit (not sure what to call it) to blitz veg or herbs or spices or more or less anything, and the jug is useful for soup. The hand blender itself does the job really effectively. It’s well made, does what it should very very efficiently, and all goes in the dishwasher. So far, there’s nothing about this i don’t think is fantastic. Really, really pleased with it.

Very easy to clean and the containers are bigger than other standard blenders which i find really convenient. Also there aren’t too many bits and pieces to it so less likely to loose them.

Very pleased with my purchase reviewed and read many owners comments on blenders and after much speculation decided on the bosch 800 hand blender mainly owing to the 800 watt power and the fact that it is stainless steel the word plastic was a big no no when i looked at some of the competition. Chose bosch owing to the makers longevity. So far i have only used it to make soups which was my main reason for buying a hand blender. I have only used the lowest speed setting which has been fine for a nice creamy consistency soup. The bosch hand blender has convinced me that tinned soups cannot taste or be as good for one as homemade soup.

Great hand blender and mixer. Powerful and multi-functional.

Very high quality, great looking blender.

It works very well though the spindle shaped mixer has deformed a little soon.

Easy to use and very versatile. Has the capabilities of 5 star mini processor.

Nice and powerful so quickly chops & whizzes.

Chose the bosch because it came with tools included and we have a good experience with the make.

I’m giving this as a christmas present so can’t test it other than to make sure it works. Looks very good quality and is has a nice feel. Having read the other reviews i think it will do the job very well.

Initially very pleased with purchase. Seemed robust and well-built. However, about the 3rd time i used it i tried to blend a particularly thick mixture (potato and celeriac mash if memory serves) and after a minute or so it overheated, giving off a burning electrical smell, and cut out. After it had cooled down and the thermal cut-out had reset it seemed to be ok again. But, its tolerance for blending even the thicker soups e. Parsnip and apple seems to have been compromised. Today it cut out after only about 30 seconds of blending. Looks like it is not as hard wearing as i had hoped and expected.

Features and Spesification

  • Extra powerful 800W low vibration motor
  • 12 speed settings & turbo button for tackling any task
  • Extra large chopper attachment, calibrated beaker with lid and whisking attachment
  • Durable stainless steel foot with innovative four-winged QuattroBladePro for quicker and more even processing
  • Dishwasher blender proof foot and accessories
  • Easy to use: Large buttons, SoftTouch surface and patented click connection mechanism for simple operation