Bosch MCM3501MGB Food Processor – Easy to clean and store all parts

This food processor met my expectations of low price and that of great features.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Fast service, well packed, looks awesome and it works.

Love it, it does what it says, powerful motors and all the attachments for chopping,slicing, blending (nuts, herbs etc) great product well worth the economical price.

This looks great but i’m still getting to grips with how it works and the instructions could be clearer.

Only two of us, so perfect size for that. May be a bit on the small size for larger families.

Good quality and can use many functions to prepare foods.

Ease of use, great value for money, great extras.

Love this, powerful and versatile, the small grinder is fab, all the rest is tip top, purees, smoothies,soups, sauces, breadcrumbs terraines and pates.

I bought this to replace a magimix that had become uneconomical to repair. I chose this one based on reviews, but also due to it’s small size. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at how good it is. All routine chopping, slicing and grating it does fine. It is very easy to disassemble and so cleaning it is really easy. It also came with a blender included, which has been a real bonus. I didn’t realise how useful it would be. And the way everything packs into the mixing bowl is genius. Even with the extra blender and spice grinder, it still takes up less space then my previous processor. The only downside is that it’s quite noisy.

The recipient loves everything about this product.

This processor had good reviews and i am extremely pleased with it. It does everything i need it to and is very simple to operate.

Excellent value for money and looks good. Most used item in my kitchen. Here are the specifications for the Bosch MCM3501MGB Food Processor:

  • Perfect results in a short time: with the 800 watt motor, 2 speed settings and pulse function
  • Multi functional stainless steel blade
  • Smart Storage: storage of standard accessories directly in the bowl
  • Rubber suction feet for extra stability
  • Safety locking lid and bowl

It was only while using the blender for the first time that i realised the jug had a crack in it. I’d only unpacked everything the day before and hadn’t noticed a crack but since all i’d done was gently wash everything i was pretty confident that i hadn’t made the crack so i contacted bosch. As a gesture of good will, given that i’d owned the product less than 24 hours, they offered to send a replacement. It arrived the following day and on a close inspection is crack-free. Wonderful customer service, thank you.

It’s a good buy and very fast and easy to clean as well. Overall an excellent product, liked it a lot.

Liked the way it works – especially the liquidizer. Written instructions and not only diagrams would make set up easier.

Just made pesto and saved me an hour of grinding.

I’ve given it 3 stars because without using it i don’t know how good it is at its tasks and assume it is good. The big but for me was that the plastic was flimsy, the blender lid really tight and hard for me to get on and off and the small chopper/grinder uses the blades as a lid. In order to fill it with what you want to grind, you take off the blades (very hard to do, not smooth at all), turn the plastic bit over to make it a cup, put the blades back and flip it all over again before putting it on the base to grind.

In the main jug saves space. Easy to use and quick to clean. Quite quiet to use in comparison to some others. Rubber feet hold it securely to work surface. Love the fact that i can quickly make frozen yoghurts using frozen fruit with super sharp blades to cut the fruit up fine in no time at all. Grating larger quantities of carrots etc. Very happy with my purchase.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Machine (and NOT dead on arrival)
  • A great value processor, space saving with extra gadgets
  • Good for the price we paid

We bought it 89£ and i think it is difficult to beat this food processor at that price. It is really good quality and easy to use and clean. We haven’t tried it yet for dough & baking though. The small downsides i can see and the reason i give only 4 stars :- there are only 2 sizes of grating : fine and coarse, and a medium one is definitely missing for us. However we’ve been able to fix this by ordering an extra disc ref. 650965 which includes a medium grating size (actually bosch is not very clear on that one because they show it in the documentation coming with the mcm3501mgb but it is not included. And not listed on their website neither. Also they were of no help at all to resolve or issue. )- the blender is in plastic, which makes it less durable than a glass one- the lid of the blender is quite difficult to operate, especially is you have small hands- the blender function cannot be compared to what you will have with even the most basic stand alone blender. Your smoothies will be difficult to mix and obtain that creamy texturei still recommend to buy it if the blender function is not so important for you.

Had a send a part back as broken but did this seamlessly. Now fully functional and a great product.

Tried out most of the functions and both units. Cleaning could be easier and the main container handle ends up with water droplets in it that are tricky to dry. Needs a bit of practice to be slick and quick, but generally seems to be a good piece of kit (well, set of kit really).

I really love this food processor. I like the fact that it doesn’t take up much space but is big enough for all my needs. I previously had a kenwood but it was a big ugly machine. I also had a smoothie maker and a liquidiser so all three of these appliances were taking up too much room on the work top. This machine is very easy to use and as some people say theirs was dead on arrival it was probably because they didn’t have the lid positioned correctly. This is obviously a safety feature so it won’t work until the lid clicks into place. The more i use it, the more i like it.

I purchased this in june 2017. It’s an excellent machine for the price. It has enough attachments for most things (the usual array of slicing / grating / blending etc with appropriate attachments for dough etc). It is very good value for money, although it lacks the power of machines in the £200 range (not surprising perhaps). Very happy with the purchase. Nb for people complaining that it was doa – there is a very high chance that you haven’t interlocked the bowls correctly thus switching off the safety locks – both the top and the bottom of the machine needs to be clicked into place – i thought my machine was dead until i played with it a little.

The jug blade mounting bit wore off after 2 months of using. We had to buy a new set of jugs because they don’t even sell the blades on its own.

This item was a wedding present, have had no feed back from the young couple.

Super foodprocessor for the small household.

After 25 years owning a magimix processor i was a little bit doubtful to say the least. This cost the same price as a replacement bowl for my magimix. Just to trial it out i ground some coffee beans and crumbed my left over bread, the grinder attachment being a plus, i have perfect coffee and crumbs. I’m yet to use anything else so can’t comment but with £200 plus difference in the cost of this and my previous machine, i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this. Bowl size slightly smaller, but hey, big price difference to gain probably 500ml.

This product is ok, but considering which gives it great reviews i am less than impressed. The grater is terrible, it is quicker manually by hand as the food being grated just ends up spinning around the top, which you then have to dismantle to pull out and try again.

Lots of different functions.

Dough kneading is something i am getting used to.