Bosch MES4000GB Juicer : Silent ninja

Yes i rate it five stars because it very quiet that’s why i like it a lot because. All the other juicer machines are louder thank you.

Excellent juicer: quick, easy to clean, ceramic blade, relatively small size, reputable brand, cannot fault it.

Great juicer, easy to clean and simple to set up. Came with a standard uk plug.

Easy to use and clean, not very noisy.

Not a serious juicer but this machine has converted me. Pieces fit together easily – you can’t go wrong. Easy to use, quality of juice is excellent. Easy to clean – once the remaining pulp has been removed just rinse under tap. Ceramic shredding blades give this juicer the wow factor – as already stated the juice is excellent – would recommend using a small sponge to clean the blades rather than a brush – so simple.

Very good juicer, powerful, easy to clean and no mess around.

Fast shipping, highly recommended.

  • I am very happy with the purchase
  • Excellent fast juicer
  • Five Stars

Bosch MES4000GB Juicer, 1.5 L – Black/Silver

Product Description, With an extra powerful 1200W motor and a stylish brushed stainless steel finish, the MES400GB juicer from Bosch has been designed for maximum juice extraction. It features an XXL filling tube designed to take whole fruit and vegetables, saving time both peeling and chopping and a high performance ceramic knife to for fast and efficient juicing. The two speed settings make it ideal for juicing both hard and soft fruit and vegetables and the 3 litre removable pulp container means this juicer is perfect for making larger batches. It includes a 1.5 litre jug with foam separator and comes with rubber feet for extra stability. The MES400GB juicer is also easy to clean thanks to its dishwasher proof parts.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Bosch MES4000GB
  • 1 x Juice Jug
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

  • From the manufacturer

    1000 Watt

    When it comes to fast and convenient processing of large quantities and demanding doughs, the 1000 W motor really comes into its own. It offers maximum performance and delivers optimal results.


    SafetyStop offers efficient protection against injury: When opening the lid during operation, the motor stops and automatically in seconds. The appliance can also be switched on only when all parts are properly assembled.


    DripStop cleverly prevents juice from dripping from the juicer once the jug is removed.

    MES20A0GB MES3000GB MES4000GB
    Colour White / Anthracite Blue / Silver Silver / Black
    Motor power (w) 700 700 1000
    Size feeding tube XL (73 mm) XL (73 mm) XXL (84 mm)
    Size pulp container Large (2 L) Large (2 L) Extra Large (3 L)
    Juice container With foam seperator (1.25 L) With foam seperator (1.25 L) With foam seperator (1.5 L)
    Speed settings 2 (for hard and soft fruits and vegtables) 2 (for hard and soft fruits and vegtables) 2 (for hard and soft fruits and vegtables)
    Blade material Stainless steel Stainless steel Ceramic
    Safety stop
    Dishwasher safe
    Rubber suction feet for extra stability

    Micro filter
    Integrated cable storage
    Ideal for Powerful juicer extractor able to process whole fruit without the need for pre-cutting: quick and easy to use Powerful juicer extractor able to process whole fruit without the need for pre-cutting with a noble appearance World novelty: First juicer with professional ceramic knife und large opening

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    Pros:i am using this juicer about a week now. It does what it says and it’s very easy to use/clean. It rotates very fast too, never used it in higher mode as it’s not required. Juice comes very clean and thin. Using ceramic cutter is an improvement butcons:it’s not an innovation. There are a lot of wet wastes behind after the process and i think the brands like bosh has to make something novative to let no tiny bit left. £150 is expensive what it does. So in overall it’s kind an ok. Conclusion:i think in overall any juice is must to have at home.

    No doubt one of the most powerful, every time i use it it’s a highly enjoyable experience. For me this blender is perfect for my needs. Well ratings tend to be subjective, and i want this review to reflect the product’s functionality not my own needs. As a blender this is not suitable for everyone, the same reason why everyone doesn’t ride a super car. Yeah, it does get you there ridiculously fast and it’s a lot of fun, however at the same time it’s wasteful and expensive. The ceramic blade and crazy fast motor defiantly make this very high end. For me personally the fact it explodes through veg so quick whole leaves can somehow make it through the blade (erm. This makes the pulp much less dry, so it better for adding extra fibre to meals. I was once a bit ashamed of owning such an overly expensive item for the sake of it. Now i see this unexpected benefit with the wet pulp combined with the fact it’s just so fun to use, making this well worth the purchase. To sum up: if you are practical, while not liking to add pulp to meals then get a cheaper more efficient juicer. If you on the other hand want the use the pulp, while using perfect simple design then i highly recommend this ferrari of juicer.

    Fantastic juicer, easy to use and clean.

    I have been a juicer for some time and i have used different juicers and all with positives and negatives. What i have observed and experienced with most juicers is that they are difficult to clean, fruit to juice ratio very low and overall built quality low. With an engineering background myself i can safely say this model is the best, why??after using it for a month now i can say it has a higher juice ratio which is why its called a juicer, the design looking at it, was such that it should extract juice better. It is easy to clean, the machine components seamlessly fit together without guessing if you have done it correctly, it is super quiet and i mean super super quiet for a 1000 watt motor, the pulp comes out almost dry and lastly the overall built quality is 2 stratospheres higher than most models. This machine might be pricier but when you look at it it gives you more juice, which means you use less fruits which results in a lot of saving during product use. And this machine provers that. So if you want to be healthy without compromising on the juicer then this is the machine.

    Hard wired with a two pin european power plug – needs a uk adapter for use in britain.

    Did not come with a british 3 pin plug, i searched the box, can one be sent for this product.

    I am using it nearly every day.

    Yes it came from poland but delivery was remarkably quick considering and trackable all the way. Genuine bosch product, really well made and works well.

    • I am very happy with the purchase
    • Excellent fast juicer
    • Five Stars

    Bosch MES4000GB Juicer, 1.5 L – Black/Silver

    Bought this machine about 2 years ago. I purchased 3 juicers before this one, all of them flimsy, noisy, or broke after a while. This ‘tank’ can take loads, it is very quiet, yet very powerful. Good thing is, you can purchase spares for a reasonable price from bosh website.

    Thanks to it i can make fresh, tasty vegetable and fruit juices. I am very happy with the purchase.

    Very happy with this purchase.

    It is just so easy and quick to obtian juices from any fruit or vegetable, and also fast to clean. I am happy about this purchase, i am using it almost every day.

    Absolutely brilliant i blew my first one up:0( but this one is like a silent ninja just keeps on going well recommend.

    Very heavy duty and great quality and engineering. Big enough to make a couple days worth of juice and save it in the fridge.

    Features and Spesification

    • Extremely powerful 1000W motor
    • XXL filling tube for whole fruits and vegetables
    • High performance ceramic knife
    • Two speed settings for versatility
    • Large 1.5 litre juice container with foam separator
    • Plug Type: UK plug