Bosch MFQ36300GB Hand Mixer : Mix it up

Nice to use and easy to clean.

This mixer is very light and so quiet. My son hates loud noises and would used to walk out of the kitchen when i used my old mixer, now he is fine and even interested what is being mixed.

Not had this beater very long, but despite being overall very pleased with the weight and feel of it, the plastic end of one of the beaters has broken where it fits into the mixer. Surprised the end is plastic covered and not metal as this seems a cheap finish not expected from bosch. Not happy having to pay another £17 to get another set of beaters.

Easy to use, very happy with it, only small draw back is the balance, it topples over a little too easily, otherwise more than happy. And would recomend to others.

Very impressed with this little mixer. It is very smooth to use and the quietest mixer i have ever heard. The only reservation i have is that the sockets that fit the blades feel a little flimsy and i am hoping they will stay the course.

I love it, the mixer is very quiet even when on top speed, it is also very sturdy compared with some of the other brands, i have a large kenwood chef mixer but for small amounts it is too big so the bosch hand mixer is ideal for smaller quantities.

Strong and easy to clean good kitchen accessory.

Very pleased with the mixer. Much better than my previous kenwood model. As with all bosch products it is very well engineered and works well.

  • Great Little Mixer

  • Great product

  • Fabulous mixer

Bosch MFQ36300GB Hand Mixer, 400 W – White/Red

Style Name:MFQ36300GB
Product Description, The Bosch MFQ36300GB really is the perfect choice for any budding chef, with the powerful 400W Bosch motor you won’t find a challenge you can’t conquer. As well as two high quality beaters for whisking egg whites and creams you can also branch in to baking with the stainless steel dough hooks, giving you full control in the kitchen. To ensure you work at your own pace there are 5 speed settings, it really depends on what you need. Not only is this hand mixer practical as you would expect from Bosch but the stylish red trim and sleek design ensures this would fit nicely in any kitchen

Box Contains,

  • 1 x MFQ36300GB Bosch Hand Mixer
  • 2 x Whisks
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Dough Hooks
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

  • From the manufacturer

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    Enjoy the quiet but powerful technology for effective results without the noise

    Ergonomic Design

    Ergonomic designed handle for extra comfort whilst mixing.

    Accessories included

    Equipped as standard with two premium turbo beating whisks made from high-quality stainless steel and two kneading hooks, both dishwasher proof.


    400 W motor for effective use whilst mixing.

    Key Information

    • 400 watt
    • Five speed settings with different rpm.
    • Additional pulse/turbo setting.
    • Dough hook and turbo beater included.


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    Speed Settings

    Achieve optimal power for every use thanks to the five speed settings and additional pulse/turbo function for maximum performance.

    Kneading Hooks

    Two heavy duty stainless steel kneading hooks for creating smooth dough.

    Dishwasher Proof accessories

    All accessories are easy to clean and dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.

    Turbo Beaters

    Two highly efficient premium turbo beaters for perfect whisking and stirring results.

    Bosch MFQ36300GB Hand Mixer, 400 W – White/Red Bosch MFQ3630DGB Hand Mixer, 400 W White/Turquoise Bosch MFQ36450GB Hand Mixer, 450 W – White/Grey
    Colour White/Red White/Turquoise White/Grey
    Motor power (W) 400 400 450
    Speed Settings 5 plus additional Turbo setting 5 plus additional Turbo setting 5 plus additional Turbo setting
    Net weight (Kg) 1.1 0.9 1.3
    Voltage (V) 220-240 220-240 220-240
    Length of main cable (M) 1.3 1.3 1.3
    Included accessories 2 x stirrer, 2 x dough hook stainless steel 2 x dough hook stainless steel, 2 x premium turbo beater stainless steel 1 x lid, 2 x stirrer, 1 x universal shredder, 2 x dough hook stainless steel
    Dishwasher Proof accessories
    Body material of device Plastic Plastic Plastic
    Cable storage

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    It’s very easy to use and does a job perfectly. Would recommend to everybody who is looking for something light weight as i think you cmeont find any better option. The price is reasonable as well. Have to mention great amazon delivery service.

    This is a top quality mixer. We previously had a cheaper one a its definitely worth paying that little extra.

    Very lightweight yet robust and powerful. Good speed settings and very quite operation.

    I am quite new to baking and needed a hand mixer. I compared several brands on amazon, all of which had good reviews – this was the most expensive one on my shortlist. In the end i went with it because bosch is a brand i trust and love, and the reviews mentioned how quiet it was. It did not disappoint – feels very powerful and yet quiet. Love it, and use it so often because it’s so easy to clean and put away that it doesn’t end up stuck at the back of the shelf because i can’t be bothered to whip it out for fear of having to spend ages assembling and cleaning it afterwards.

    Yes, it’s got a powerful motor and it’s quiet but the ‘ergonomic’ design is anything but ergonomic – the mixing parts are quite short (a lot shorter than my previous tesco mixer) on a long stem so can get buried in the mix – and it holds the mix inside it and on it, so a lot of the energy from the powerful motor is taken up with goo stuck in it and it is left with a lot more mix stuck to and in it after finishing than my previous mixer without the ‘fancy’ design.

    This hand mixer is extremely lightweight and i can honestly say it is the best i’ve ever purchased. I particularly like the slow gentle speed of the lowest setting which means the contents of the bowl do not get escape and go over the worktop.

    I bought this to replace a kenwood, which spits all over the kitchen. This little beauty is so quiet and it doesn’t spit and mess up the kitchen.

    I’ve had this for 2 years now and am happy with it. It has a slight wobble to the beaters but it has good speed controls and is very easy to use.

    • Great Little Mixer

    • Great product

    • Fabulous mixer

    Bosch MFQ36300GB Hand Mixer, 400 W – White/Red

    Good, powerful and quiet well built mixer. As i would expect from bosch. Hasn’t improved my wife’s baking as she is already excellent.

    So far has given very good service. Initially there was a tussle trying to get the tools ejected, but that is now easier.

    Nuthin to complain about my mixer so far and i don’t expect any. This is a good wee mixer used for cakes, bread and all elsemore quality from bosch.

    Couldn’t buy this in ireland so very happy that i purchased from an amazon seller. It even got here i tome for mothers day. Recommend using the dough hooks if mixing a heavy cake. Most are a max of 120 to 200 watt.

    I make bread all others have failed in months.

    Warning – do not buy a k******aid – buy this insteadmy first mistake was to buy a k*****aid thinking i was getting a quality product, in comparison, this boch out performs the k****aid by far. It is amazing – nice and light – performs extremely well and quiet. My k******aid was too heavy, noisy and had stupid controls. Sold it on ebay, yes i made a loss but worth every penny (pounds actually).

    I bought this on the request of my wife after her previous (not this brand mixer) began to play up. I’m not allowed to involve myself in cooking due to risk of fire but i’m told this is amazingly powerful and quiet. She has no complaints so i guess it’s 5 stars.

    Very light to hold and very quiet. The weight is a factor to consider when buying a hand mixer especially for middle aged or older people.

    My breville antony worral thompson broke. I loved this mixer and was upset to find it was discontinued. After reading a lot of reviews i decided on the bosch. I am no longer upset, because this is even betterit has a powerful motor, that glides through the toughest mixture with little effort.& it is so much quieter than my previous one. I would recommend this any day.

    Ideal for anyone who has arthritic hands as its lightweight and not bulky. Several speeds and very quiet. Really pleased with this product. The whisks are easily fitted and duscharge at the touch of a button.

    Just tried the whisker and not the corkscrew shaped utensils, i am amazed by how fast egg whites get foamed with this (i used two other similar machines previously). Many speed settings allow tight control.

    My hand mixer was 37 years old – it owed me nothing, but i looked for a replacement with a heavy heart. Having decided on this one, having spent ages researching them, it arrived, on time, well boxed, as described. It has revolutionised my baking. It is light (half the weight of my old one) powerful (4 times more) and i am totally delighted with it. It is quite sad really to get so excited by a mixer, but if you buy one you’ll see what i mean.

    It is the best hand mixer i have used.

    Really good quallity had doubt about beaters seeming very light but they beat well so no problem.

    For the price it is good value and powerful. Seems to be a quality build and the controls are well placed.

    Very quiet as advertised and great speed selection.

    Our old mixer that broke was almost 20 years old. I’m a big fan of bosch products and this one didn’t disappoint. Compared to our old one, this one is a dream to use. It seems much lighter than the old one and also much smoother and doesn’t vibrate as much. When whipping something that takes a while our old one left your wrist a little sore, but this one takes all that away. Easy to use, well built, and it is like our other bosch appliances and tools in the house i’m sure it will last a long time.

    Features and Spesification

    • Enjoy the quiet but powerful technology; thanks to its noise reduction system
    • Achieve results with the 400 W motor; powerful for every application
    • Find the right processing speed for your needs with five speed settings and turbo function
    • Operate in comfort with the lightweight design made for easy but effective handling
    • Experience reliable performance every time thanks to the heavy duty stainless steel kneading hooks