Bosch MMR08R1GB Chopper – Have had to throw some choppers away- blade broke on

Easy to use easy to cleancapacity a bit small when chopping herbs but managed by putting smaller amounts inused for onions herbs and making hummus.

Easy to wash and assemble after use. The lead stores neatly around it when not in use.

The instruction book refers to a whisk attachment.

Perfect little tool for cooking toddler food.

I’ve owned several mini blenders over the years and this one outshines the lot, best ok the market for this price.

Having read other reviews i decided to buy this food chopper. I have not been disappointed. Easy to use, very quick a few bursts and your done. Another plus, it’s easy to clean.

A sturdy piece of equipment replacing another which i suppose must remain nameless which fell apart, was repaired and fell apart again. It aint going to happen with the bosch.

I’m so happy to purchase this device.

I use it at least 4 times a week and it is perfect. Saw it on sunday brunch where it also seems to get used every week.

Excellent, large capacity well made.

Would love another for my mum but she lives in the usa and the fitting isn’t compliant.

I chose this for simplicity of use, easy storage and cleaning and it is just right on every point. If you want a processor to do a simple, straightforward job this is the one to get.

I was given this as a gift and so far it has done everything i would expect it to do. It is easily stored, easy to use, and generally easy to clean. The top element is hard to clean but should be fine, i overfilled the first time so it oozed out, but haven’t had this problem since.

What can i say, it’s made my life easier in the kitchen.

Disappointed that this version only has the cutter attachment.

It is a great chopper and looks durable, i bought it because the price was the best in the market.

I bought this chopper for my mum last year and she was very pleased with it so she bought another one to give as a gift.

Excellent job for blitzing medium quantities of pate, soups and breadcrumbs. Very easy to clean and store.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent chopper does exactly what I needed it for
  • Love this product.
  • Food chopper

I am very pleased with this chopper. It is a good, handy size, easy to use, easy to clean and a lively colour.

I really like this; it’s compact but still sturdy and effective. Blends everything i’ve asked it to so far. I didn’t give it 5 stars simply because it’s fiddly to clean some of the bits.

I enjoy cooking and was looking for something like this that is very easy to use and easy to clean, having done the job required; this product is brilliant and i would recommend it to anyone.

Have had to throw some choppers away- blade broke on one after very little use, but i think this one fits the bill perfectly and the price (which had been reduced) was a bonus. Personally, i would call the item a midi chopper.

Good product, easy to assemble and use. Chops onions, sweet peppers, horse radish, cumber very well, however it’s not very good with tomatoes as it purifies them.