Bosch MUM48R1GB Kitchen Machine – very compact and competent!

L have been looking around for sometime for a machine to assist me with my bread making as my shoulder has finally had enough,i looked at some of the top makes and models and their reviews we not good for the price you would have to pay. This little gem had some great reviews. I mainly use for mixing bread dough but have also made great cakes and smoothies. I use it every day because it sits on the worktop and is very compact and has some good ways of utilizing it’s features. The only cons i could think of are the chopping blade they work fine but for the assembly and cleaning it’s quicker by handthats why it get 4stars instead of 5 stars but would definitely recommend this little gem.

Very stylish product, neat and takes up little space – although there are a lot of attachments which need drawer/cupboard space. It is as described and arrived promptly and well packaged.

Item as described,fast delivery.

Daughter and son in law love it. It makes cooking for a family so much easier.

Do not expect anything extraordinary, but it does what it promisesthis mixer is prepared just to make life easier in the kitchen. To get the most would have to buy more accessories, but they are very expensivei chose this package and i think i made a great buy because it only cost me £ 72.

This is a fantastic product, i use it all the time it has so many functions it’s really helped in the kitchen. I have used it for personal and commercial cooking and baking and found it stood up to hard ware and tear really happy with it.

As a retired chef i love home cooking. My old well loved mixer died after two replacement motors and i needed a replacement that was as versatile but lighter. The bosch mum seemed too cheap to be true but has proved excellent value. I have used it most days since it arrived. I love it’s unique design, and for family cooking it works quietly and quickly. I think it may struggle for large scale quantities of ingredients but is fine for my requirements. I have used all the accessories except the juicer and they all perform well.

I bought this as a warehouse deal for just under £60 (amazon new price is £105). I have bought a lot of warehouse deal items and this was the first one to have some actual damage with a small plastic lug broken off the bowl lid and something wrong with the power cord retraction. The first was mendable with superglue and the second is livable with. My wife has used it a few times and she is pleased with it, so as long as it doesn’t pack up (not likely with a bosch) it should be good value. The instructions take some effort to follow and we had to work through carefully to see how the various attachments fitted. There are a lot of attachments, some of which probably won’t be used and you need space for storage. The stainless steel bowl with this model is well worth the extra you may pay over a model with a plastic bowl. Before and after using the whisk or dough hook in the bowl you need to ensure the rotating movement is parked in the correct position so that you can tilt it clear of the bowl. There is a point on the speed dial which does this and although the instructions tell you to go to this ‘park’ setting after use, it doesn’t say why this is necessary. Hopefully this was a good buy in spite of the disappointment of some minor damage.

We chose this rather than the kenwwod or artisan model because they are so heavy and large and have a big foorprint on your worktop. This is much more compact and can easliy be moved around the worktop or even put in a cupboard without giving yourself a hernia. As for mixing, it works just fine although it does wiggle about when it’s mixing – not travelling around the worktop, just swaying a bit. Mrs j recommends this mixer to anyone who does a fair bit of baking and doesn’t want a semi-industrial mixer sitting on the worktop.

Very pleased with amazon warehouse purchase, as warehouse purchase, arrived without box or instructions, but is very easy to use (following quick look at bosch website) and have used all attachments without difficulty. Handles cake mix, dough easily in very roomy bowl. Blender makes great smoothies, and grater is excellent for coleslaw. All in all, glad i took the plunge and bought it.

Brought this for mixing bread dough but on highest setting the machine moves like crazy. Had to hold it down with force.

This is very good quality item, build quality is very good and it has lots of extensions to do all what you would require of it. Mixer bowl appears to be slightly small from some of the other models but is very good size for an average family.

This item replaces an expensive kenwood and i must admit i was a little worried that it might not be up to the job. What a surprise this processor is just first rate and i would recommend to anyone. Here are the specifications for the Bosch MUM48R1GB Kitchen Machine:

  • Powerful 600 W motor for great results
  • Multi-motion-drive’ allowing 3 drive positions for optimum power transmission
  • Multiple accessories included: Dough hook, beater, whisk and continuous shredder
  • No need for clutter with integrated cable storage
  • Extensives range of optional accessories available

Have only used this to make cakes, pavlova and whip cream so far but it does the job brilliantly. Everything goes in the dishwasher too which is a bonus.

Would recommend this product best food mixer i have ever used. And you get all the bits free. Very quiet for a food mixer. Well it is a bosch that speaks for itself.

We recently bought that mixer, to replace an old hand-held mixer that broke. We picked it because we needed a more ‘serious’ mixer that we can actually use to make cakes and other more elaborate things than beat eggs. The pricing on the item was very attractive, thanks to the 30% sale (at the time we bought it). The reviews were good, so we ended up picking it up. The delivery to france was fast, as usually with amazon, however one of the plastic cups in the package was broken beyond repair. After contacting amazon, they agreed to replace the item and even payed the total of the return shipping, which went up to 40 euros for a package that big to be sent back to the uk. The new mixer arrived fast, we’ve used it a couple of times now and so far it’s been perfect. The main mixing part does an awesome job of not leaving ingredients and the bottom of the bowl, thanks to the shape of the bowl (you’ll see if you buy it) and the movement of the mixing attachment. The sound level is absolutely normal, it is easy to use and comes with a lot of functions, attachments and things. We give it four stars because of the only drawback – this model doesn’t come with a real chopper, you get some some slicing and grating discs but that can’t really replace a chopper for chopping onions, meat or anything, which is sad since it has so many other things that are, atleast in my kitchen, used more rarely than a chopper is.

I bought this mixer primarily for it’s dough hook/kneading facility. I’ve made about a dozen loaves of bread so far, different types, and it’s excellent. Copes easily with a 2lb loaf mix. I’ve also used it for shredding and blending and all attachments are easy to assemble and deliver great results. Very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good home mixer.

First ever food mixer and never used one before. Compact and easy to store and clean. I really needed more instructions as had to trial and error a lot. When mixing some of the ingredients seem to stay around the outer rim of the bowland do not mix in. However, this could be just me, still a novice and in need of helpa ‘cook book’ with suggested use and recipes would have helped.

Haven’t had a chance to try out all the attachments but very happy with results so far and without attachments space saving.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Warehouse deal with some damage
  • Does the job.
  • Brilliant!

I bought this unit because it does virtually everything but is quite compact and i don’t have much storage space in my kitchen. I mainly use the mixer and find it fine for the purpose. I’ve also used the graters and they also work well. The liquidiser is small but also works well.

Very pleased with this mixer, with all the extra attachments, could be faster, but a great efficient all round food processor, blender, juicer, what more could you need.

Little noisier than anticipated but does a great job at a great proce.

A lot smaller than previous kenwood machine. Inserting tools and bowl a bit fiddly. A lot quieter than the old kenwood.

As mixer this machine is quiet and efficient. Sample recipes had measures unknown to me. Had to work out combination of own recipes and bosch instructions. But very successful i’m glad to say.

Bought due to worsening joint problems, but i love to cook, make all my own bread, cakes etc and thought this might enable me to carry on doing those things. Have made cakes, bread, used for whisking large and small amounts and chopping, not sure how i managed without it. Some reviews are critical of instructions but i didn’t have any problems. Highly recommended, good value and very quick delivery.

The best thing i’ve ever bought. Easy to use and clean ,only had this a few weeks and couldn’t live without it. Made lots of cakes and used for grating cheese,slicing veg and pancake /yorkshire pud batter. Very happy with my purchase.

I used to use the hand held cheap mixer its alright,but i’ve been looking for ages for food mixer as i love baking for my kids and i looked at this before,and never regret buying this. Its really good ,its tidy,and its big enough to mix 2 big loaf of bread. Worth looking into this if your into home baking.

Am delighted with this purchase, it took me a long time to decide which food mixer to buy. It is compact & makes beautiful cakes. You do need shelf space for the attachments.

I really coveted a food processor and looked long and hard before deciding on this one, and as i’m a big bosch fan that helped narrow it down for me. I chose this model as opposed to the newest version of this as it was selling for a lot less and i couldn’t really see the difference. I’m not a big baker and had hoped it would inspire me to bake more, from that point of view it has been a success although i find i now actually often bake without using the food processor – go figure :/ this model has slicing blades which i’ve only used once and which did what i wanted them to, personally i would have preferred a chip cutter but i will need to buy that extra if i want it. The mixing tool is the one i use most and that works well as does the whisk. I have yet to use any of the other attachments so can’t comment on those yet.

Delivered really fast, the first day of the expected time. It was a good choise, with reasonable price and without all the expensive extra tools. Just the three different mixing heads.

I got this bosch after reading the reviews and it’s brilliant. Just need to start playing with the other attachments.

I have been wanting an all singing, all dancing mixer for quite some time and this one is superb. It does everything i want and i shall shortly be ordering the ice cream maker attachment to go with it.

I’ve never used a mixer like this before, so it’s taken some time getting used to, but after finding holding a hand mixer was getting a bit much for my muscles, i wanted something to replace it. I had looked at the larger versions ( you know the ones ) , but i don’t really have room on the surface to leave it out and knew they would be way too heavy to lift, so i thought i’d give this a go. It is light enough for me to store in a narrow cupboard and lift out when needed and takes a lot of the hassle out of baking. I especially like not having to clean the whole kitchen down after using icing sugarit doesn’t quite scrape the sides clean and the fittings are plastic rather than the metal which i think is probably in the expensive types and i’m not sure i’ll ever use the grating attachments as i have a separate electric grater that i love, but the added blender was a bonus as the only reason i was hanging onto my old food processor was for one recipe that was needed a blender for. I’m also not sure how strong the dough hook will be be, so i think if you’re a serious bread maker, this might not be for you, but for basic baking and beating it is doing what i wanted it to do, i just hope it lasts.

I thought this equipment was an excellent buy , and was was very pleased with all the gadgets that went with it.

The actual mixer and its accessories are all good quality and certainly do the job but the instructions are less impressive. I would advise anyone with a small kitchen, surface area in which to store things in that this is the mixer for you as it is compact and light and very proficient in all it’s functions and not too noisy. However i would invest in a training session with the instructions before making any thing with it. Overall though, great quality, great performance and a five star mixer with a less than five star set of instructions.

The parcel arrived before the due date. It looks like my previous mixer, to be honest i’m a little doubtful of it’s authenticity, lt’s lot slower and does not fit together very well. I’ll certainly get it checked for being genuine item.

My old mixer was bulky and hard to store away when not in use. This one is so easy to store ( folder able) making room for other gadgets i use. Perfect for me and my cake making.

After years of using kenwoods we decided to try something different, and this one did the trick. Although the mixing bowl is smaller this is compensated by the natty design.

Amazing product, still working as good as new. I ise it for naan dough, baking, mixing.

The mixer is not as noisy as i had been led to believe and the range of speeds is sufficient. There are multiple attachments which may in time be useful. The only downside is that the mixer does not come with a recipe/how to booklet so there is a lot of guesswork involved. Apart from that i consider the appliance is very good value for money.

Very good food mixer does everything i need.

Although sponge cakes aren’t as light as they could be. I finish off the mix with my old mixer. Its small and a clever design.

This nifty little mixer would of got 5 stars, if not for two things:1. Theres only two attachment options for the actual mixing process- i could of really done with a k beater attachment or something similar. Sometimes its abit tricky to remove bowl from mixer as the mixer head gets in the way. Apart from this, i completely love this mixer and would still recommend it to everyone. Solid and does the job well.

So far i have chopped, shredded, grated, blended, whisked, squeezed, beaten and more. I did so much research on food processors (this one calls itself a mixer which gives absolutely no indiction of just how much it can do) and this did strike me as excellent value for money and with a ‘good’ name attached. Yes, it does take some getting used to and initially parts of it may seem fiddly, added to which the instructions are not the most useful but it is well worth persevering. Do not let this get lost in cupboard.Keep it on the worktop if at all practical and you will find yourself using almost on a daily basis. Could not recommend this more highly.

This item is the real bosch quality.

I brought this product with just looking to make atta (whole wheat) dough. I’m highly impressed with this product, it very compact but works very well with all the attachments. You can make dough,grinder, whip, make shakes. Loved it and will highly recommend this.

Brilliant at making so many things.

Good quality at good price i use it all the time when baking.

I find it is very easy to use and is excellent value for money.

Took a little time to sort out all the different parts but now have mastered it and am enjoying having one implement that does almost everything.

I like this mixer and all the gadgets the only thing is that the electric cord dose not go completely back.

I’ve only used the mixer for making scones and naan bread dough, which it achieved with no problems. I bought it for its compactness which it certainly is. The user manual is basically useless and it took me a good hour to assemble all the different components. If you are non-technical then can i suggest you first find somebody who is?summary: an excellent product let down by a poor user manual.

Suitable replacement for my large magimix. Far more practicle, easier to clean and more compact.