Bosch PowerMixx 44 MUM 4405 – food processor – 500 W – white – The best I ever had

This little mixer is perfect for my small kitchen, it does everything a big mixer does, and i can put it away in a cupboard, excellent service from seller , thanks to amazon for another first class product.

What did i do before i had this mixer, it’s magic doesn’t take up to much room and works wonderfully.

Read good reviews of the compact on us bread making forums, and i was not disappointed. Is great for making bread as well as other baking, and with a very small footprint and it is very light, which was important to me, as it needed to travel to get to me. Works best with a batch of about 700-800g dough i found, but still works on a smaller one loaf batch. I am now searching for the blender attachment.

Only used it once so far, but worked fine. Neat size, doesn’t take up too much room on worktop.

When i seen that bosch did a food mixer i was delighted as they are a very reliable brand. Im not over keen on this mixer fair enough i have only used it once so far but i think it will take a lot of getting used to. It doesnt seem to have much speed even when at the highest setting. Also when this product arrived it had a two prong plug which i was unaware it would have or i wouldnt have purchased it. Over all my opinion may change when i use the machine a little more but at the moment im a bit disapointed with it.

I am a long time user of mixers, large family and make lots,but can’t be doing with bad design, just ‘cos it is only for the kitchen,this little mixer does everything well,i would have like the mum 8 but it is 5 times the price,but find myself doing all sorts of things likemashing spuds in it that i wouldn’t do normallyin a mixer. Fantastic for bread,1 sachet yeast,7. 5 cups water,1 tablespoon each salt, sugar, butter. All in on no 2 for about 7 mins,no scraping down, no dough hook climbing,great. Also good pastry, cookie dough, sponges, egg-beating.

I have had bosch multifunctional food processor for more than 10 years. I gave it away when moved the house. Then, i had two others, but was not completely satisfied with them. So, now i am back to my bosch as it is compact, powerful enough (500w) to do the job; convenient in use. What is also appeal to me is the fact you can buy extras or replacements for it. Hopefully, this one will also work for 10 years for me.

This amazing machine has made life easy in the kitchen. I have been using it for past 7 years. Great and a must for indian kitchens.

Here are the specifications for the Bosch PowerMixx 44 MUM 4405 – food processor – 500 W – white:

  • Product Type:Food processor
  • Colour:White
  • Functionalities:Blender, juice extractor, grater, shredder, kneader, millenium silver, ice crusher, chopper

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good little mixer
  • Excellent
  • just does what it should