Bosch T12 Vivy Coffee Machine – – Love love love

Absolutely love it, i get my pods from tassimo as they are good with customer service i recently received a wrong item and they sent two more tl replace the wrong one also sent me a spare service disc as i had lost mine.

Awesome, i love this machinegot it in the sale for 29. 99the pods may seem expensive but compared to coffee shop prices they are a bargain, i buy in bulk to cut costs further, a 3-5 pound coffee for around 60-80p.

I have found the best way to make the best tasting coffee, without reading the instructions i eventually got it working and made a coffee and wow what a taste, have decided to order more pods.

Bought this for my husband to have at the side of his bed. Perfect christmas present at £35. Does the same job as the one downstairs except it was about £50 cheaper.Does have a smaller tank though.

So i ordered from gamernoid for a bit cheaper the corner of box is damaged (as told by manufacturers) no problem tho the machine is amazeballs i’m in love (don’t tell the wife tho).

Loving this, the latte and oreo hot chocolate are both amazing, my boyfriend also loves the expresso. Easy to use and clean but instructions have no words, only pictures so lucky is pretty easy to use.

Still sorting out different flavours and sizes of coffee as i am not a confident coffee maker. Great size for the kitchen and stays nice and clean. Great value and love the adaptability to cope with coffees, teas hot chocolate etc.

Bought this after my starbucks coffee machine broke, and it’s great. There’s a decent range of coffee available although i haven’t yet found anywhere that does just the milk pods.

My son has been wanting one for so long as its the first thing he does at mine , get tassimo. It arrived promptly and my son could not wait to unpack it. It has seen mote use in the last few months than mine has in a few years.

Amazing bought this for my fiancé for christmas and he and i both love it, and he actually enjoys making drink for me now 😊.

Still have this little machine and i bought it 2 years ago and it is still as good as the day i bought it.

I personally don’t drink coffee, but this was got as an xmas gift for my better half- and she (and anyone else who’s tried it) love the drinks. I’ve tried the oreo one, and thought it was very nice too 🙂 have a hot chocolate pack on the way now (cadburys/ milka/ suchard), and really looking forward to trying those.

First time had one of these what a treat ok dont use all the time but a daily tread of hot chocolate or latte or emericano it’s so easy to use and takes up little room too.

I’m a student and i brought this when it was close to deadlines and it got me through great, pods of coffee are a bit expensive (3. Normally 8) i brought the pods from tesco. Machine makes the drink in under 30 seconds. The reason for 4 and not 5 stars is i can drink the drink right away and its not the temp i’d like it to be, much cooler.

A great machine, our first one of this type of machine, easy to use and keep clean, it does it itself, fast and as i said, easy to use , i would recomend it to anybody.

Good machine drinks could be hotter easyenough to set up drinks taste a bit like plastic saw same product in other sites for £34. 99 just after purchase would recommend.

Great coffee maker had mine for months now makes the perfect cup of coffee, the only downer the pods are not cheap.

Bought as a present which was well recieved.

Bought this for our kitchen showroom whilst having new displays fitted – we normally use the integrated coffee machine on display, this is a cute little machine and does exactly what it says on the box. Great selection of discs came with it too.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Professional quality drinks, made very easy!
  • A must for coffee drinkers
  • Love love love

Excellent product used over and over no cons for this it’s just fabulous.

Use this all the time – my son makes hot chocolate daily and i like the kenco coffee pods – no need to visit costa or starbucks as this makes nice coffee. The pods are quite cheap if buying in bulk.

Fantastic little machine and perfect for a latte. I had been wanting a tassimo for a while but couldn’t justify the price, however at £35 it’s a bargain and works a treat. Purchasing another for the in-laws.

This is the first coffee machine i have ever owned and i must say i am not disappointed. This machine is easy to use and makes a lovely cuppa. I do think the discs are a bit expensive but overall i love this little machine. Its is quiet and makes a drink in minutes. I am looking forward to trying all the different flavours that tassimo have to offer.

It is compact so doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen. Ideal for just one or two people and easy to use.

Just what the coffee lover in me needed.

Enjoyable great to have , i usually use this over the weekends more than weekdays well , worth it looks lovely in the kitchen.