Bosch Tassimo Joy TAS4502GB Coffee Machine : Not without it’s flaws, makes a great coffee but at what cost?

Bosh tassimo t45 joy 2 what a brilliant extra to have in the kitchen,it can make your kettle redundant. This has a britta water filter so you have nice tasting coffee,tea,chocolate in a touch of a button,this has barcode technology so it makes the right size drink all the time so you are not heating any extra water,the taste is nice to so similar to what you have in the coffee shops without the price,easy to use nothing complicated about it at all,easy to clean easy to descale,order your coffee or tea pods of the net using amazon to,really pleased.

Absolutely love this smart looking machine from bosch. I had a previous bosch machine, the vivy, which did its job well for about 3 years before only dispensing half a cup. So i upgraded to this one which is toward the higher end of the bosch/tassimo scale. Set up took only a few minutes. Wash out the tank, insert the brita filter, dispense a couple of cups of hot water to clean out the machine. This is done by inserting the orange service disc into the machine and pressing the large button on the front. Once this is complete you are free to start making coffeesi much prefer the tassimo machines over dolce gusto, i have owned a dg machine before and there was no auto shut off facility so you had to stand by the machine and stop it manually once your drink has been dispensed. I don’t know if this has been rectified now though as this was quite a few years ago. The tassimo machines read a barcode on the coffee pod which determines how much water to dispense. You simply insert the pod and press the button and the machine does the rest.

I gave this as a gift to a friends parents, they absolutely loved it. They only use the coffee pods as the milk pods are a funky tasting uht milk. The coffee is great, on par with nespresso and just as easy to use – bonus of being able to get a full size mug into it. Would have liked it to have been a little less plastic and cheap feeling.

So much better than an earlier model that i had.

Love it kettle has not been on since i bought it. I love alone it is a pleasure to use. Tried to buy more at this great price for pressies but they were sold out.

Bought this for hubbies christmas present and we love it to bits. It looks great, makes great coffee too. Lots of choices to experiment with. It is easy to keep clean and polished. My favourite is a latte,or the cadbury’s hot chocolate. Hubby likes the colombian or the americano. It would fit well in an ultra modern or a retro kitchen.

Makes excellant coffee and tea. Use mine for cappo latte and tea. The only gripe is having to keep filling up with water other than that a great machine. When making tea and you want a larger quantity just keep you finger on white buttonand you get more hot water.

I have had the machine for six months now and no problems all my family use i it this is the third machine i have brought. I have given to family as i wanted a bigger one and am pleased with my choice keep supplying these excellent machines going thanks.

  • Smart Bosch Tassimo machine
  • Not without it’s flaws, makes a great coffee but at what cost?
  • Overpriced machine.

Bosch Tassimo Joy TAS4502GB Coffee Machine, 1300 Watt, 1.4 Litre – Black

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Great little coffee machine has been used every single day since purchase. Love the fact that there are a great range of pods that can be used not only from amazon but in most supermarkets.

Always needed a drip tray to stand on. Now only 2 years old and water pouring out of the bottom instead of pumping through to cup.

The machine itself is superb. Works well, nice temperature brews etc. However, from what i can work out it is not the joy 2, it is the joy, using the previous style orange-service disc/spout rather than the more recent yellow service disc/angled spout. A good indicator of this obsolescence is that you can buy the hot water attachment for those with a yellow service disc (it’s the green one), but you cannot buy the blue hot water attachment for us with machines that take the orange service disc. It is also not available in the current range of machines on tassimo’s website. Unless i am seriously misunderstanding, then this was sold incorrectly labelled.

A very good machine; makes really good coffee.

I am a great tassimo fan and this is my third machine. The coffee is fine but no better than cheaper tassimo machines. I find fitting the reservoir which is pushed into the back rather than lowering in more difficult and frequently results in splashing. Before it was possible to fill from a jug without removing the reservoir. The filter holder and the filter unit take up room ( and involve an ongoing cost) so if like lattes and cappuccinos you have to keep refilling. Consider whether you can get the same results from a cheaper machine. The de-scaling is efficient,.

Brilliant, really enjoy drinking coffee from this. The brita filter takes up a lot of space in the water tank meaning it needs to be refilled after about 3 cups but you can take the filter section out of course. I think it does improve the taste of the coffee with it in. I have tried the different drinks like hot chocolates and drinks with frothed ‘creamer’ like cappuccino, oreo, carmel machiatto etc. These are a bit gimmicky and either taste way too sweet or too watery. The hot chocolates are the most annoying because half the chocolate syrup stays in the cartridge. So i mostly use mine for americano style drinks and maybe other brand machines are better if it’s just straight coffee shots you want to brew. The environmental impact of all these pods is a worry though so it could be that a standard coffee press is your best bet. If they could sort out a proper easy way to recycle the pods it would be great. Not boiling the kettle is probably saving me a lot of energy.

Excellent machine and excellent service. When my original machine broke it was replaced within a few days. I was so impressed that i bought another for work.

Do be careful to keep the bar code reader window clean as it needs to read the bar code written on each pod. I live in a hard water area so having the addition of a water filter cartridge is a great bonus. The ability to simply press the start button to add a few extra ccs of hot water to top up the cup is also useful.

  • Smart Bosch Tassimo machine
  • Not without it’s flaws, makes a great coffee but at what cost?
  • Overpriced machine.

Bosch Tassimo Joy TAS4502GB Coffee Machine, 1300 Watt, 1.4 Litre – Black

The water filter use is optional but it lowers the tank capacity if you leave it in place.

Bought this for my daughters birthday and she loves it. She told me it makes nice and hot drinks and their is a good choice of drinks. I would suggest buying the pods online like amazon as their is an even better choice. You cannot seem to get the large drink pods at the supermarkets but amazon sells them.

What a great machine,with all the choices of drinks from tassimo i don’t know why it took me so long to buy one of these.

I liked how quick and easy it is to make coffee, i struggled a bit to get the water container in.

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