Bosch Tassimo My Way TAS6002GB Coffee Machine : A fantastic upgrade from an older version

Upgrade from an older design, and it’s definitely worth it. The programmable settings make it really easy for everyone to have the drink they prefer, and being able to save favourites is a definite bonus. Water tank could be bigger – we refill it a lot. Other than that, it’s perfect.

This model is my 3rd tassimo machine and i love it. It looks much better than the previous ones and the ability to choose the size of your beverage makes it so easy to use. I always said that one day i would really like to own a real ‘manual’ pressure coffee machine but the tassimo is a really good all in one product if this is what you are after m.

This is the 3rd tassimo machine over a period of time and so far the best, frothy coffee, hot coffee plus you can alter the strength of the coffee and size of cup extremely happy with it. Highly recommend thankyou tassimo.

I’ve had a range of coffee machines over the years, ranging from high end to budget. This one is the best by some margin and puts right my issues with other machines. Most importantly, the high temperature setting genuinely works, it’s proper hotit’s consistent, it reads a bar code on each pod and gives it optimal treatment. You can fill a big mug with piping hot, excellent coffee, better than most coffee shops. It’s very easy to keep clean. It looks good and doesn’t have a huge footprint. I can’t imagine how it could be improved upon, other than making the pods cheaper.

This machine is fantastic, was bought as a christmas present and has been used everyday since. Having never had a coffee machine prior to this we wanted one that would allow us to customise our drinks if need be and this machine does the job perfectly. Setup was a breeze and very quick, just fill the water carrier, perform the setup flush programme and away you go. The machine allows you to choose what strength of drink you would like, how hot you would like it to be and what size you’d like it to be. Perfect for those of us who may have a fussy coffee addict in the household 🙂 we mostly use the kenco americano xl pods for everyday coffee and they are perfect giving a full mug of coffee on just the standard cup size selection. We also very often use the cadbury hot choc pods and they are perfect too. I initially thought that selecting the larger cup size option would cause the drinks to taste weaker but i find the flavour just as good as the regular setting. The machine also has 4 programmable buttons for when you want to save a particular drink setting, for example your go to drink may be full strength, red hot and a large serving so being able to save those settings to one button is ideal and saves changing each setting every time you insert a pod. In the 2 months that we have had the machine it has only required de-scaling once and that was easy peasy too.The machine prompts you with a calc warning light when it requires de-scaling and it couldn’t be simpler, just pop the de-scaling tabs into the water carrier, insert the ‘service disc’ (comes with the machine) and press the lit calc button, the machine then enters cleaning mode and will slowly pull the diluted de-scaling tabs/water through the machine cleaning as it goes.

Having bought and used several different tassimo coffee makers i quickly bought a ‘my way’ when i saw it at a low price. I like the layout, bigger tank and controls to change the size and strength of the drink, however i agree with another reviewer that you can get just as good a cup of coffee from an ordinary basic tassimo. I tried all the adjusts and did not like the results, i now leave it on the middle settings and find that is the best for me. The my way is also easier to clean and remove the nozzle. The my way looks better, but for me they both produce much the same cup of coffee.

I would prefer more than just pictures for instructions on how to use. I still haven’t worked out how to save your individual preferences. Easy to use, apart from the aforementioned. Looks good and i feel it should last well. I have replaced my dolce gusto with this as i wanted more choice of drinks. The drinks are very hot, which i like and, and you are able to customise your drinks.

Very pleased brought it to replace my dolce gusto, not much to choose between the taste of coffee between the two machines. This one wins though due to the options to make it hotter/stronger/larger and that you don’t have to guess the amount of water to use unlike the dolce gusto.

  • Not as it seems
  • Whole family happy again.
  • Excellent in every respect

Bosch Tassimo My Way TAS6002GB Coffee Machine, 1500 watts, 1.2 Litres – Black

Style Name:Coffee Machine  |  Colour:Black
Product Description, Tassimo My way by Bosch TAS6002GB. Simple and easy to use one button operation. Personalized coffee at the touch of a button with the function to adjust temperature, volume and strength. Do you like to have your morning Americano a little bigger? Your after-dinner espresso a little stronger? Or your hot chocolate less hot? With Tassimo My Way, you can personalize your drink according to temperature, volume and intensity. It’s first brewer that truly caters to everyone’s preferred tastes (including your own! ). That’s why we call it the personal one. You can store up to four profiles with the machine’s clever memory function, so it’s even easier to make everyone’s favourite drinks at the touch of a button. Tassimo My Way also uses the Intellibrew system – simply pop in a T DISC, made with real ground coffee, press start and each drink’s unique barcode will give your machine all the information it needs to create the perfect cup. And like all the machines in our range, it has been developed in partnership with Bosch, so you can rest assured that reliability and build are second to none. As well as being our most innovative machine yet.

Box Contains, 1 x Bosch MyWay TAS6002GB

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Bosch Tassimo My Way TAS6002GB Coffee Machine, 1.3 Litres – Black

The My Way benefits from:

  • The TASSIMO My Way Personal Touch! Set the intensity, size and strength as you like it!
  • Your favourite drink at the touch of a button with the TASSIMO INTELLIBREW with the ability to make over 40 big-brand drinks by inserting a T DISC of your choice.
  • The Auto-clean occurs between drinks which prevents flavours mixing between cups.
  • Quick and energy efficient drink preparation which includes an Innovative heating technology, so the required amount of water is heated on demand.
  • 1.3L transparent removable and easy fill water tank.
  • Adjustable and removable cup stand.

Product Benefits

Personal Touch



Your Personal Touch!

My Way – Your Personal Touch! Set the intensity, size and strength as you like it!

You can personalise your drink according to temperature, volume and intensity, with up to 4 ‘profiles’ that can be stored in the machine’s memory function, so it’s even easier to make everyone’s favourite drinks at the touch of a button!

Your favourite drink at the touch of a button.


Preparing delicious hot drinks can be so easy! Your TASSIMO makes it so easy, and with little effort required, to prepare a variety of delicious hot drinks. The TASSIMO INTELLIBREW patented bar code technology identifies the drink selected and adjusts the amount of water, brewing time and the temperature to make the perfect cup every-time. Simply insert a T-DISC and start the fully automatic preparation using the practical one button operation. That is how easily you and your loved ones can indulge yourselves with specialities from TASSIMO and enjoy life!

No transition of taste.

Brewing takes place within the T-DISC capsule; so after each brewing cycle the system is cleaned through using a steam purge.

The My Way Range

The My Way is both contemporary as well as high-value design with a trendy and compact design. With a chrome trim brew head is an ideal additional to any kitchen.

Products Benefits

Range of drinks

Adjustable Cup Stand

Adjustable Cup Stand

Range of drinks

Great variety of drinks with over 40 well-known brands.

Deliciously easy! Your coffee shop favourites at the touch of a button.

Want a creamy latte, a tasty cappuccino or uplifting Americano?

Just load a T DISC made with real ground coffee, press start and the TASSIMO’S INTELLIBREW system will automatically create the perfect drink.

Adjustable Cup Stand

All your cups and mugs will fit in this TASSIMO.

The My Way is suitable for all cups from the L’OR shot using the height-adjustable stand, to a latte glass.

Cup Stand

All your cups and mugs will fit in this TASSIMO.

Through to a cup for a cappuccino

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I’ve had the budget version of the tassimo coffee machine for a year or so. The only sticking point for me was the fact that there was no consistency in the volume of drinks it would pour. Caramel late gives a full cup. Hot chocolate gives half a cup or less etc. This more expensive version of the machine claims to be your ‘go to’ option with personalisation options to change the temperature, drink intensity and more importantly the volume of drink it makes. However, it is worth noting that the “my way”only allows you to increase the drink volume by only 20 – 30 %. So half a cup only becomes 70-80% filled, so not quite a full cup and it also won’t solve issues like inconsistent drink volumes. Also, you can’t always change the drink intensity either as it only works with selected pods. The temperature option is always available and makes it hotter than my budget tassimo. Overall, this is a slight improvement over the budget machine.

Bought this coffee machine from amazon for hubbys christmas. The machine has become his soul, his spirit, his life, his very reason for existence. His favourite coffee – cappuccino – is made in a couple of minutes and looks and tastes perfection.He also loves an americano, this also is made expertly. My love is a latte, no problem for this machine. The individual coffee capsules come with their own creamers in the box, or you can just use basic creamers if you choose. Not a problem or stutter from this machine and the pods are readily available from supermarkets. Shake the milk capsule before use.

The latest in the tassimo range. You can choose between strong/medium/weak coffee. . Three temperatures and three volumessmall/medium/large. And when you find the right one you like you save it to favourites. So next time you just press the button for favourites and it remembers it.

Looks good does make a stronger hotter coffee than my previous variable tassimo machine, but doesn’t hold as much water enough for about 4 mugs all this said looks great and easy to program just select the 3 options for strength heat and volume then hold number button that’s it just select that number each time.

I bought this when my caddy got jammed and wouldn’t open the pod part. I thought that with all the options available it would make bigger drinks, stinger latte’s and better temperature hot chocolate. The caddy just has one button and it is automatic. This too is quite simple but a large is the same sizr the caddy makes as standard and we think that is rather small. The strongest is the caddys standard so it wasn’t stronger. I guess it would be great for people who want to have less strength than the standard caddy style machine. The hot chocolate didn’t seem much hotter or any hotter really. But i think it was very slightly hotter. It didn’t go cold as quickly as normal but then it might just be room temperature making a difference there. The options are not available for all pod types. For example the strength settings could be selected for latte/coffee espresso but not for hot chocolate or oreo hot chocolate. I would have liked the option for the oreo because i find it too strong in flavour. So i still have to press and hokd the button to carry on adding water to make it a decent size and weeken the strength.

We had a small tassimo for a while but it was becoming a bit of a pain keep filling itand so i ordered the my way. I opened it this morning and went through the cleaning procedure. Within 10 minutes, i had a hot, strong coffee for myself and a larger, weaker coffee for my husband. I like the versatility of the my way. I like the convenience of adding more water if required, and love the fact that i can have a truly hot coffee within a minute. A big plus to me is that tassimo pods suit all their different machines. I can continue to use my old tassimo upstairs. I have no negative comments. I also really like the fact that i can use a really large cup if i choose to.

I have never owned a pod-fed coffee machine previously, but decided to give them a whirl. My expectation was that it would be a bit of a novelty and one-trick circus pony. However, after buying an arsenal of different pods, and starting to try them out, i have been really pleasantly surprised. The bosch tassimo is intuitive and easy to use & clean. I’ve not tried it on the mega-strong option, but imagine it is useful if you are intending to stay awake all night. There are pods available to suit most tastes, although they might appear expensive, the coffee drinks produced so far are very good & certainly different & much superior to freeze dried mass coffee alternatives. I can see the environmental view that the pods are bulky, wasteful and difficult to recycle. Also they are one-shot pods, so that you either have a very strong large coffee, or a weak small coffee, but the pod is then finished regardless. Maybe claims that this coffee-maker is intelligent refer to it increasing bosch’s profits.Two pods are used, one milk and one coffee for each drink made.

I’d had my old tassimo for around 6 years and it got used by several family members every day. I was gutted when it ‘died’ and especially at a time when funds we’re low. My friend had one of the new smaller cheaper models which i could afford but it was nowhere as near as good as my old one and the water tank would’ve needed to be constantly refilled. So we did without until we could afford a new onetwo months later i saw a brilliant offer on the tassimo website fir a tassimo caddy. I paid my money and waited and waited. . For them to email me a month later to say the item was out of stock and wouldn’t be back in on the offer. I was disappointed and livid at the appalling customer service. I then turned to my trusty reliable amazon and found this one at great price. It allows us all to have the drinks we all like at our individual tastes. I like my drinks large, strong and very hot whereas husband and son are the opposite.

  • Not as it seems
  • Whole family happy again.
  • Excellent in every respect

Bosch Tassimo My Way TAS6002GB Coffee Machine, 1500 watts, 1.2 Litres – Black

I didn’t realise how useful a large water tank is until i replaced my previous different make machine for this. Makes great drinks, exactly as you’d get in costa. Love being able to alter the temperature of the drink, the size and the strength. Simple to use, i’d recommend this machine to any coffee/hot chocoate lover.

Features and Spesification

  • Set the intensity, size and strength as you like it
  • Deliciously easy, your coffee shop favorites at the touch of a button
  • Intellibrew system : Simply pop in a T DISC, made with real ground coffee, press start and each drink’s unique barcode will give your machine all the information it needs
  • Ability to make over 40 big-brand hot drinks, including : Costa, L’Or, Kenco, Twinings, Cadburys
  • Touch sensor interface