Bosch Tassimo T43 Joy TAS4302GB Coffee Maker /Chrome : Love it!

Purchased for my grandson who uses it all the time. Friends of his thinks it is really cool.

How do i return a faulty item i have had this tassimo joy coffee machine since january 15th 2014 , it has no stopped working , how do i get a replacement.

Did some research on various pod coffee makers and decided that the tassimo was the right one. Very pleased with the machine and use it all the time. Very convenient and hassle free. Instant real coffee and no mess. More expensive than traditional coffee making but not in comparison to the high street lattés, cappuccinos, macchiatos, etc.

I love my new tassimo – it makes great coffee and my daughter loves her hot chocolate. It’s easy to use and once it’s set up, it needs very little maintenance. It has been a great success with all the family.

I am really pleased with this machine. It makes super lattes, and my european visitors (who are coffee adicts) thought that it made a great cup of black coffee as well. Obviously it will depend upon the pods that you order but i am really pleased with this machine and will be disposing of my filter machine.

Got this item for my boyfriend for a christmas present and he has used it non stop he loves it.

Fantastic product love it x makes lovely coffee xx best thing i’ve ever bought so easy to use coffee ready in seconds nice and hot.

Amazed at the speed this was sent its great i have had one before but this one is much quicker to use.

  • Quick and easy.
  • Brilliant!!!!
  • Great coffee maker

Bosch Tassimo T43 Joy TAS4302GB Coffee Maker Black/Chrome

Product Description, In a brand new compact and sleek design with a blend of black and chrome finish, the Tassimo Joy utilises the intelligent barcode technology found in all our Tassimo’s to deliver your coffee shop favourites. You can have freshly brewed hot drinks at the touch of a button, with easy usability due to the intelligent multi light indicator. The Bosch sensoFlow system ensures no heat up time and instantaneous heating, giving you more time on your hands for the things you love. Over 35+ drink varieties available including Caffè Crema, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Espresso, Hot Chocolate and Tea and with brands such as Costa, Twinning’s and Suchard.

Box Contains, 1 x Bosch Tassimo 43 Joy1 x Service/Cleaning disc1 x Instruction Manual

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First one died from overuse.

I have given my bosch tassimo t4 to a friend and upgraded to a bosch tassimo joy. The right name for the machine it is a joy to use. Quieter and quicker to use and the same delicious coffee. It also looks great on my work top.

So simple to use and easy to clean and incredibly quickas someone who thinks instant coffee is fine – this coffee is lovely. Not cheap to buy the tassiomos but i have them as a treat in the afternoon.

This machine is v easy to use – it’s the first coffee maker that hasn’t ended up in the back of the cupboard after 3 weeks.

This machine is simple to use and produces a very nice cup of coffee. One button operation makes it simple enough to operate before your first morning cup. I recommend getting a variety pack of t-discs to start so you can try different types of tea, coffee and chocolate in order to decide on your favourites. The best prices for t-discs seems to be the amazon subscribe and save service. I also recommend that you look into a location where you can recycle all those little plastic pods.

Bosch’s new tassimo model is the 43 joy, which certainly lives up to their billing of a ‘compact and sleek design’. It’s a stylish looking piece of kit and a definite improvement on earlier models – especially with the higher capacity 1. 4 litre water tank which slots neatly into the back. The accompanying instruction booklet is extremely detailed and makes it easy to use within minutes. After an initial cleaning process with the service disc (provided, slots in neatly behind the water tank) we were ready to go. The t disc containing the drink mixture is very easy to slot in and it is then simply a matter of waiting for the orange light to stop flashing and the drink is readythe temperature of the resulting drink is ideal in my view – just too hot to drink immediately, but hot enough that you can enjoy drinking at your leisure without the problem of it instantly cooling down. We initially bought a pack of the costa latte t discs from the local supermarket for the purposes of trying the machine – most supermarkets carry a reasonable selection of t discs, but a much greater range can be found online. We both found the latte very tasty and comparable to a drink at a coffee shop outlet. The height of the cup stand can be adjusted to allow for different cup sizes. This can easily be washed in the event of any spillage.

Very quick and each drink is perfect. Easy to clean as well as i always run through a few cycles before making hot chocolates as i make a lot of coffee using it. So best to give it a quick clean and run through of hot water before. It’s a perfect machine, would definitely recommend.

I had my doubts about the quality of the drinks this little machine would deliver. After all, it’s a tiny, streamlined unit, taking up about as much worktop room as an average food mixer, and doesn’t include any of the usual home-barista paraphernalia. Having tested it for a few days, though, i’m a convert. Easy to unpack, clean and set up, the machine takes t-discs (individual drink-making pods) which slot into the top. They instruct the machine how to brew via a barcode printed on the outside, and deliver exactly the right amount of product to brew the drink. All you have to do is stick a cup under the nozzle, press a button and wait a few seconds. Voila – a hot drink delivered exactly to spec. You then extract the used t-disc and throw away – no mess, no soggy filter papers, no coffee grounds or tea leaves to dispose of. It’s as easy as making a cup of instant, and quicker than dangling a tea bag in a mug. My machine came with a £20 online voucher to buy t-discs, and once my selection had arrived i tested a wide range.

  • Quick and easy.
  • Brilliant!!!!
  • Great coffee maker

Bosch Tassimo T43 Joy TAS4302GB Coffee Maker Black/Chrome

I’ve found machine to be very temperamental. Sometimes it works straight away, the next the red light appears and it takes ages to right itself. However when it does work it makes a lovely cup of drinking chocolate.

The new sleeker design of the tassimo is greatly appreciated. Not only does it look very nice on the worktop but the drinks produced are satisfying. There is such a huge variety of great tea and coffee brands to choose from, it would be a challenge to get bored from them. Well done bosch on a well structured machine.

Great coffee maker, and very good price compared to other retailers.

Does what it says on the box. Makes drinks quick with no mess.

This machine is awesome, i had a nespresso before than this and i prefer this for lattes. It has much more variety in the pods than nespresso: chocolates, teas, coffees, lattes.

Very fine intelligent piece of work. Ready to drink variety of drinks. It is very modern does not waste time.

So far so good really froths my lattes and easy to clean and use perfect. . Very happy and at a great price aswell.

I ordered this as my brother got one for christmas i currently have a dolce gusto but i have to say the coffees and selection for tassimo are so much better and tastier would def recommend.

This is the second one of these i have bought. I like my coffee and this gives me the opportunity to vary my types whenever i want. This one i bought for use at work and have already got some of my workmates hooked.

Quick delivery and item as described.

Best electrical gadget i have ever bought, it works really well and produces excellent coffee every time. It was a doddle to set up an i was drinking my excellent brewed coffee in no time at all.

To be honest the dolce nescafe machines are far better than the bosch tassimo’s and the pods are so much cheaper.

Been using a tassimo for a fewyears and this one was for work – great success.

Great item but warning if your buying it as a gift as it comes in a massive tassimo box not brown cardboard as everything else does.

I am so pleased with my tassimo machine. It makes lovely coffee and hot chocolate. There is so much choice of flavours.

I have had a tassimo for about three years, and the poor thing was showing signs of aging, so as i was having a new kitchen, decided to replace it. This machine was at a very good price, about half the recommended price, and looks very stylish. It works well, actually shows how old my other machine was getting, and i now have perfect coffee and chocolate every time.

I had to print my own user manual to find out what the red ‘spray’ light meant. After only two months (and 4 coffees a day) it needed descaling. Within two days of the light coming on and during its first cycle of descaling the machine completely clogged up and had to be returned to waitrose st albans, sad as it was a gift. The refund of its original price of £50 wont go very far if the amazon price of £99 is correct. The tassimo site says this model is out of stock, and it has disappeared from the shelves at costco watfordthis is a very hard water area and if the setup card that came in the box had warned about the need for regular descaling i would have used filtered water and not waited for the light to come on.

Buy quite a few pods, when you buy a joy machine,,as no drinks given with the machine.

Features and Spesification

  • Intelligent Barcode Reader
  • Over 35+ drink varieties available
  • Intelligent one button operation
  • No heat up time required due to the Bosch sensoFlow system
  • Stylish modern design