Bosch Tassimo TAS1007GB Happy Coffee Machine – The size and easy to use

Bought this as a gift for a friend. They love it and find it very easy to use and love all the choices of drinks on offer. I’ve had similar for years and am thinking of updating to this one as it’s much neater.

Brilliant lovely little machine slim better than my first tassamo vivy love it.

Great machine, but i was delivered a red and white one. My wife is an ex-nurse (blood and bandages), so wasn’t too impressed.

Bought this after buying my dad and his partner one for christmas. Great machine, would recommend 🙂.

I like it because it makes good coffee which not surprisingly is what i use it for at least four times a dauy.

I did a lot of research before deciding on the tassimo happy, and i am so pleased i made this choice. First of all its so easy to put the bits together, and it doesn’t take up too much space on the worktop. Of the standard depth of a worktop, its about half the length. I got the cream one and so far the drip tray has been very easy to keep clean, no stains or anything. The nozzle and pod holder are very very easy to remove to clean and put back in. I recommend you register the product with bosch straight away as i got two £10 vouchers towards coffee purchases. You do need to spend £30 plus with postage, though it becomes free after £30 anyway, buying 6 varieties and descaling tablets, it only cost me £23. I also chose a pack of 4 coffees off amazon so i have lots to chose from. One thing i have found, and was generally mentioned anyway, the cup sizes aren’t too big.

So happy i chose this one for my very first coffee machine. Easy to use & not too big to fit on the side in my small kitchen. I also chose it as it as the best variety of coffee flavours – i’m addicted to the caramel one can’t wait to try the new gingerbread one. Just one little moan in that it doesn’t fill my mugs, so i usually top up with water & milk, but no problem.

I move to this machine from dolce gusto. Tassimo pods are so much nicer although machine is not as simple. It’s hard to judge when to press stop as it carries on pouring for few seconds then it steams.

My tassimo joy finally broke so i replaced it with this one. It’s a lovely compact machine and i really like the two tone colours. Great tassimo quality as usual.

Easy to use produces good coffee. Tried espresso and cadbury hot chocolate so far.

Easy to set up, reasonable price. The coffee tastes just as same as in the coffee shop.

Handy for a variety of hot drinks.

Easy to use and makes brilliant coffee and scrummy hot chocolate and the pods are not expensive,often on offer in tesco.

Nice compact design and colourful addition to my kitchen.

Very disappointed did not receive 5 packs of pods with machine.

I bought this one to replace a nespresso one i purchased a few months ago. . So much better early to use and make a perfect costa.

Really happy with the product, small and compact, coffee tastes good, next day delivery, its a simple machine, if you want a very expensive coffee taste, this is not the machine for you, but for the price, the style, and size fits nicely in your kitchen. And does the job, seller sent it out fast too. Also good to see it was not in lots of amazon boxes, which am hoping is now amazon limiting packaging, not reception taking it out. We should all be pushing this with amazon, it uses to much packaging when it is not required. We can carry are own items mostly. Unless its a lot of products.

Wow love this coffee maker will save me around £350 a year i need my morning coffee fix the kids love the hot chocolate so easy to use and clean.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Easy to use. Lots of Choice. Compact.
  • Great simple Coffee Machine
  • My Mother loves it

I am satisfied with price and proper function.

Should have bought one years ago.

This was bought for my husband. . The coffee drinker in the household. He gave 4 because his only criticism was ( apparently) that you cannot add extra water. Otherwise, he was very pleased.

I brought this for my mum as she always likes nice coffee. I chose this one because it looked simple to use. Despite being simple to use makes great coffee, and is easy to clean. It holds enough water for maybe 3 cups (depending on drinks chosen of course). Quick easy nice coffee about sums it up.

Love this coffee machine easy to use.

Very pleased with machine nice price. Looks good and makes a good drink ( although i’ve only had coffee and had chocolate) used about 10 times so far and no problems easy to use. Not cleaned it yet but looks easy to do as well. For the price would recommend.

Don’t let the entry level status of the happy deceive you, this is actually an excellent coffee/hot drinks maker whose performance belies the lack of features compared to more expensive models in the range. The small size is reflected in the modestly sized water tank, 700ml, which is in real terms about two large drinks. However, i think that for most people that will be adequate and, if you need additional drinks, refilling the water tank is an easy and quick operation. Yes, it’s doesn’t have features found in more expensive models such as the ability to select the strength of a drink but is that really going to be missed by many?.We have a machine with just such a feature and we have rarely used it. . The tassimo does a very good job of creating drinks to just the right strength. You can however alter the size of the drink by simply pressing the start button addition additional times. Making a drink is so simple. Pop a tassimo capsule (or two depending on the drnk( into the machine, close the lid, press the start button and , hey presto, the drink starts to be poured in a matter of seconds. This happy has an impressively short delay from button press to drink pouring.

Will use again i give them an 10+ for customer care thanks.

A great machine makes great drinks.

This is a good little coffee machine. Its a tassimo machine and there are a wide variety of pods and tie ins such as costa available. The machine is easy and straightforward to set up but is very plastic fantastic. The reservoir is ok for a couple of large mugs’ worth of drinks and drinks are hot and tasty. Theres an offer on the box of some discount to get yourself started on some drinks.

Christmas present so haven’t actually used it yet.

Bought to use at work as the normal coffees get a tad boring after a while.

I have been using the tassimo system for several years and i prefer it for ease of operation as the pods automatically adjust the machine to the contents as the machine reads the programming bar-code on the pod. My old machine has a larger water tank and a alpha numeric digital display telling you what is going on. Also a real on/off switch so when off it uses no power. This one is okay, the water tank lifts from the left side (so you need room to the left of the machine) – take the tank to tap, fill and put back on the machine. It has a single button operation to start and to add extra hot water should you want a weaker drink. It has an indicator for on and indication that it needs to be descaled or the tank is empty. Perhaps also a little more noise than my old one but the drinks taste the same and i would not like to say how many hundreds of pods we have used over the years. Make sure you recycle them, not everywhere will take them.