Bosch TAT6901GB City collection Toaster Two Slice – Stainless Steel – as it says on the tin

I was looking for a toaster like this to replace a previous one which must have been one of the first of this style. It had been one of the best toastesr we have ever used and this one is proving to be just as good. Excellent service from the provider – fast delivery.

Not up to the standard that you may expect. Bread only fits in longways.

Looks good, toasts well, and is also well built. Toasts normal brand-named sliced bread easily, and the lever will push it up far enough to pick it out. Bun rack, is surprisingly sturdy for something that just sits down in some grooves on top of the toaster, but is great for keeping one slice warm whilst you butter the otherthe various settings work well, have been able to find the 2 settings for me and my partner who likes it a bit more toasted.

The best toaster we have ever had. This is a very attractive toaster, and it toasts bread very evenly.

No problems, it is a lovely little toaster – clunks, but then so does my car.

It looks stylish, toasts bread rather quickly and evenly. All kinds of bread i tried fit perfectly, controls are easy to use, so can’t complain. So overall, very happy with this purchase.

I bought this toaster because it was stainless steel and would match my new kitchen. I have not been disappointed with its performance.

This is a good product and the grid for scones/buns is an additional value. However there are two issues:1) the bread gets easily burned: i have never used more than level 3 and if the bread is a little thiner or dryer it is difficult to figure out what level to select (sometimes 2 is ok other times it is too much or too little). 2) the lever does not wedge in perfectly but tihs is common to many toasters.

If you are after a two siice toaster then look no further. Great performer, handles thick slices of bread, crumpets and muffins. Warming rack is a great idea. And its not as wide as traditional boxy toasters for packs away neatly.

It is a great toaster – not only working perfectly but also looking good. It just confirms that you cannot go wrong with bosch.

Nice looking toaster but difficult to empty never seem to get all the crumbs out. The push down doesn’t always stay down sometimes have to hold it for a while.

Good product and delivered on time – will use again. This is the second time i have bought this model toaster and it works well.

It matches my new microwave perfectly. It is easy use,plenty big enough for one and i can put croissants on the top too. Here are the specifications for the Bosch TAT6901GB City collection Toaster Two Slice – Stainless Steel:

  • Quality brushed stainless steel finish
  • Variable electronic browning control
  • Variable width self-centering slots to accommodate thick sided bread
  • High rise facility lifts toast clear of the slots
  • Bosch 2 year parts and labour guarantee

Chose the bosch toaster because of the design and also because is slightly more compact than other toasters. It works well – no problems at all. We liked where they had placed the controls; they are really easy to access. The slots are smaller than on our previous toaster but we found that the slot accommodated most bread. Only supermarket in-store bakery bread (which never the same shape twice) popped out from the top, but only just.

We bought this toaster a couple months ago and it’s doing the job just fine – definitely a well-made product.

Nice little toaster does what its meant to do the thing on top for doing croissants is bit of a waste of time. But on the whole a neat tidy toaster.

Typical bosch quality easy to use, plus a warming rack, i’ve had some horrible toasters over the years, but i’m finally happy :).

Looks good, narrow and therefore easy to store. Attachment good for warming croissants etc. However, slight problem is that average sized pre-sliced bread (including ‘toaster’ variants) doesn’t toast at the top so you have to turn it round half way through toasting.

This toaster looks good, works well and lasts well, but as others have said to be perfect the slots could be a tad bigger. That’s being pretty pedantic though; most breads go in ok, as do other things such as toasting scones, and the build quality is excellent, as is the reliability – ours has been used daily for several years. 5 stars would be about right.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very stylish toaster and nice deep and wide toaster slots which can accommodate thicker
  • with a useful little metal stand on top for heating rolls (I
  • matching my kettle this two items looks pretty smart on my kitchen top

. Very pleased with toaster.

We were looking for a ‘cool sided’ toaster. This appeared to meet our requirements. Delivery was good and once again: full marks to amazon and their suppliers.

This really is the best toaster i’ve ever had. It toasts everything evenly and fast something even some of the most expensive toasters seem incapable of doing. The bread it toasts tastes great too – you might think its not possible that a toaster can make your bread taste better, but this one does and what’s more it looks great too. I’m so glad i found this toaster xxxx – the kisses are for my toaster, not you.

I just love this toaster – stylish, faster than my old one &, best of all, the bagel warmerbecause just perfect for warming a plate, especially if cooking something on the hob. The slots could have been a little bit wider – fine for bread but it isa little snug for toasting sandwich bags.

Very stylish toaster and nice deep and wide toaster slots which can accommodate thicker bread. Does take a little longer to toast than my old one, but this one toasts a lot more evenly. The lever is a little bit loose as other reviewers have mentioned, and you need to pull it down until you can hear a click as the mechanism doesn’t work otherwise. Overall, i’m very happy with the styling and quality of this unit, and being bosch i am confident it will last. The bun rack is nice and sturdy although i’ve not used that yet. I especially like that this toaster keeps cool while on, unlike my old tefal which was burning hot to the touch.

I cannot rate this toaster highly enough. Well worth all the effort i put into researching for a decent toaster. You may not believe the difficulty i have had finding a toaster that works successfully, i had one (very well known and respected make) that took so long to toast a piece of bread it was hardly worth using, another one that was far too small for an average size slice of bread and forget anything thicker unless you were prepared to dig it out later. Another barely lasted a year and so on. . This toaster however toasts bread. (surprise, surprise)to perfection on a medium setting and quickly straight from unpacking the box, teacakes, bagels etc. Cause no problem at all, fitting perfectly and toasting well. I have not yet used the warming rack but it fits well and i cannot for-see a problem. The stainless steel finish also looks smart. The only surprise i had was that the toaster looked much larger than the picture led me to believe – no real problem, in fact i had been worried that the slice of bread would be too big but in fact there was no problem at allif you are searching for a quality product that works do not hesitate in buying this one – in fact there is no need to waste your time reading any more reviews.

Good looking toaster, only down side is that the toast isn’t as hot as it could be.

Very attractive curved design, with a useful little metal stand on top for heating rolls (i use it to warm my plate to keep the toast warm). It toasts ok but not perfectly, a bit uneven but most toasters (that i have seen/used) seem to do this. Nice compact design so doesn’t take too much space up, the buttons are well positioned and easy to use, easy to clean out the crumbs. 5 x 3 cms so are good for home made bread which i use. It depends what you are looking for, but this toaster suits me well. I would give it 4 and a half stars, a five if they could perfect the toasting.

I miss the tic tic tic of the dualit toaster this replaces. It seems to take longer than the dualit, but that might be just in my imagination. I like the heating rack, it works well.

It looks good and is well made. The toast browns evenly on both sides. I love being able to warm croissants on it and find the reheat setting really useful.

Just an ordinary toaster toasting bread of a standard or smaller size so that the higher up the slice the more toasted it is. The rack on top does what it is supposed to do, but it doesn’t fold away on the toaster itself so is a bit of a nuisance when you don’t need it. It works but won’t blow you away.

Arrived promptly as always from amazon. The toaster looks good and functions without any problem. I have only given it four stars because i am not entirely happy with the build quality. Bosch like many quality manufacturers are now mainly produced in the republic of china, which i believe affects the quality of many products. If manufacturers are going to charge premium prices i believe they should provide premium products. Mass-produced is okay but not sure about mass-produced in the republic of china.

A good toaster, bought it mainly for the warming rack didnt think we would be able to get one with this ,great for warming croissants,.

Lovely design, blends in with a kitchen if stainless steel hob/oven etc. Makes for good toast and by reputable maker. Worth getting the kettle to make the set.

So far so good, fits well into space and forward controls a real advantage to us.

Pretty bulky for what it is but has worked flawlessly for years.

Good product but you have to push down hard to engage and start.

Great toaster, nice design, very happy with it i cannot confirm that the toaster tilts when you push the button down as someone said here, nor is there a continuous plastic smell when toasting (there was only a smell first time it was used, because it was new).

Toast bread nicely and quickly. Someone wrote earlier that this toaster is too small for some kind of breads. Well i tried all sort of different ones and they all fit perfectly. Looks stylish as well, which is a bonus.

Works well however the shape is a little bulky and awkward. The plunger is a little tough to operate however after a while one gets used to it.

Well designed toaster that works perfectly. Toasts bread very evenly and the warming rack for warming croissants etc is great.

Compact well built and great to look at, i chose the bosch because my last toaster blew up after 1 week. After using my parents toaster for the last 10 years it was nice to use one that will brown both sides of the bread and only at temp 3 of 6. All you need to know about a toaster after you have chosen one you like to look at is how well it works and i have no complaints with this one.

Unusual shape but looks stylish and has a fairly small footprint. The warmer rack can be useful for things like croissants and simply lifts off when not needed. Strangely the central elements don’t appear to get as hot as the outer ones but it still produces toast. Doesn’t have a lever, with which to push the toast up, but it can still be retrieved without much difficulty. Overall, for the price i’m satisfied with it.

Very efficient toaster but what would you expect from bosch?.

Had one of these before and i just replaced it. Certainly does the job and i think is value for money.

Not the best quality i expected from bosch. Got a feeling it won’t last long as the toaster doesn’t heat up in all the bars.

Nice even toasting, handy warming rack, simple clean lines. If slots could accommodate a larger slice of bread would have been 5 stars.

Matching my kettle this two items looks pretty smart on my kitchen top. One note: the leaver that comes down to switch it on does not stay down. It requires to bring it down gently and at this point give it a firm push down. I don’t know if it meant to work like that or if it is a faulty design. It is functioning well and for the price and quality i am happy not to query that minor inconvenient.

Excellent service for delivery, arriving ahead of initial schedule. Looks great in my new kitchen. Only downside is it doesn’t take large slices of bread.

Excellent design and durability.

It’s ok it does the job but am disappointed that after only a short while there are some rust spots on the metal casing. The rack is useful for the odd occasion.

The appearance of this toaster, robust and elegant, at once sets it well apart from most others. It performs well, has adequately sized slots, has good stability, and the length of the cable allows scope for positioning.

Looks smart compliments the kettle. Quality of stainless steel could be better but only when looking up close.