Bosch Thermo-Kaffeeautomat TKA 8653 Styline : just perfect

Nice coffee machine, but very difficult to clean the carafe internally as the lead has very small opening and you cannot put your hand inside to wash it properly.

There is nothing to dislike about this product, we love it, set the automatic timer and within 6 mins fresh coffee in the morning and we’ve purchased decaff for afternoons as i suffer from af and only allow myself my real coffee in the morning.

Does what it says and makes a good hot coffee.

If you like your coffee by the mug, this is the coffee maker to get. After nine years of use (a record for us) the previous bosch coffee maker finally gave up the ghost. We searched high and low for a replacement and looked at many models before going back to bosch. The only problem between this and the original is that (a) there is no setting for strength (you could choose mild, normal, strong as a setting, which controlled the speed of filter) and (b) the the flask has a tendency to dribble when you’re pouring.That being said, the flask keeps the coffee hot without needing a hot plate and, not being glass, does not shatter if you’re a bit heavy handed when placing it on a granite worktop.

Being a coffee person all my life i needed a coffeemaker with a thermal carafewho was able to keep the coffee hot for at least a couple of hours. Well, i found this one, and it is perfect. The coffee stays piping hot for longer than i needed. Well, and my wife (prefers tea) likes it cause it also is very stylish and looks good in our kitchen.

We’ve had this since 2016, it’s still making coffee and working fine. Yes you need to clean it, obviously but as a family of 5 coffee drinkers, this feeds our addiction and does it well. As we’ve spent time over in canada, our mugs are large and so the 8 cup measure is pretty useless to us. It translates to 3 of our mugs so we do go through a lot of coffee and this has really kept up with us. This is almost 2 years after buying the product and we are so happy with it that we take it for granted as you should be able to with a well made appliance.

Excellent product and good service from german supplier.

Thermos keeps the coffee hot for more than 5 hours.

  • Excellent coffee machine

  • Good appliance

  • Aromatic,Automatic,Hot,Moneysaver.

Bosch Thermo-Kaffeeautomat TKA 8653 Styline, Edelstahl/schwarz, 1100 Watt

– Wattage: 1100 W – 8/12 cups, 1.15 l – Stainless steel thermo jug – Transparent, detachable water tank with integrated handle – water level readable from both sides – “Volume Automatic” for optimal coffee aroma – even when brewing small quantities – Timer with memory and clock – Auto Shut-off after brewing – Removable swing-out filter (1 x 4) – Integrated cable storage
-Power: 1100 W -AC input frequency: 50/60 -Auto power off: Y Ergonomics
-Water level indicator: Y -Removable water tank: Y -Cord storage: Y -Visible water level: Y Other features
-Dimensions (WxDxH): 260 x 250 x 355 mm -Type: Coffee Design
-Case design: Freestanding -Product type: Drip coffee maker -Colour of product: Black, Stainless steel -Built-in display: N Performance
-Water tank capacity: 1.15 L -Capacity in cups: 12 cups -Coffee making: Y -Aroma jug: Y -Anti-drip function: Y -Hotplate: Y

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This is a great machine easy to use, great tasting coffee and the timer is a great feature to have, this machine switches off automatically, and stays hot for ages so saves money too.

We highly recommend this coffee machine. It brews lovely coffee, from cold to a completely full pot in 8mins (that includes the final filtering through the paper & the auto-off function, which saves power). The insulated pot is great & keeps the coffee very hot for many hours. It even keeps the last cupful hot too. The remove-to-refill water tank is brilliant (pretty much all coffee machines are awful to fill, with a small aperture to pour water into & around & often onto the counter top if you’re not careful). The timer function is easy to use, easy to set & not easy to accidentally change, during cleaning / wipe over (unlike our last machine)reading other reviews, prior to purchasing the machine, one reviewer mentioned the pot pouring poorly, this concerned us a little – but we’ve had no problems at all & found that the pot pours very well, very accurately & no dribbles. It took 8 days to come from germany (suppose we’ve been spoiled by amazon prime next day delivery). It comes with a german / european plug, but had a uk adapter fitted before dispatch, so plugged straight in with no need to put a uk plug on – so, minor niggles reallycost – yep, not cheap. But as with many things in life, you get what you pay for – quality is very good.

As i have come to expect with a bosch product you get what you pay for, and this is no exception. It makes a really good pot of coffee and it stays warm for a long time. This is my second bosch coffee maker and i would not hesitate in buying another, great quality.

Love this machine and arrived in quick time.

Very nice, so quiet and coffee tastes very nice. I’m using it on daily basis.

It is a bit big but it is worth making space for. It feels so sturdy that it will probably last forever.

Easy to use and coffee stays hot.

This coffee machine is excellent, easy to use, brews any way you programme in. The only complaint is we never received a measuring spoon. I emailed bosch butgot no reply, disappointed at that.

  • Excellent coffee machine

  • Good appliance

  • Aromatic,Automatic,Hot,Moneysaver.

Bosch Thermo-Kaffeeautomat TKA 8653 Styline, Edelstahl/schwarz, 1100 Watt

I’ve had it for about six months. Makes only one strength of coffee but i knew that before buying.

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