Bose QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones : QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Purchased thee directly from bose. Was a bit worried that they might be too big but the pictures don’t do them justice. The only minor thing i can pick these headphones up on is that they need a aaa battery to work. Whilst the battery lasts for ages i would have thought they could have had a ‘straight through’ option, just in case you are caught short with a flat battery.

These are very good headphones the one of the minus point about them is that the cable to the headphones is not very well made and may snap.

Very good no need to buy attachments like airplane adapters as they come with it and a hole bunch of stuff even spare batteries so its not so bad that u can only use them with batteries as they have 2x 20hrs rechargeable and travel charger. They are confortable and no expense has been spared yes they are expensive but u can hear the difference if u can afford it treat yourself. Esp makes a diff on planes and u can sleep easy 2 with less noise.

I bought these to wear on the train and tube in london. I was amazed to find that even on the horrible screachy bits of the victoria line which usually sends my tinitus into painful overdrive, that i could listen to some acoustic music and hear the double bass and the high frequency ride cymbols without turning up the volume. They are comfortable to wear and come in a posh case. The battery doesn’t take long to charge and you also get a spare- so all very cool. The only problem i found is that they made me feel a bit sick initially. There is something dissoeiuntating about the noise cancelling i think. I think- but am not completely sure, that i have adapted to that feeling quickly and am less affected now.

I’d like to consider myself a bit of an audiophile – i’m a musician, and i like to invest money in quality products as music plays such an important part of my life. I don’t think i’ve bought a product which has made quite such an impression on me as the bose qc 3 headphones. I’ve been swithering parting with such an amount of money for some time – and i’ve only just bought these recently, so there’s been some stiff competition – not least from the latest qc 15 model. I tried both out in the bose sound demo centre, and for me i just preferred the fit of the qc 3 – i also thought they did a slightly better job of eliminating the external noise, but that could just be my opinion. I’ve only owned them for around a week, but am already looking for excuses to listen to music – and hear it how i’ve never heard it before. I absolutely agree with the comments around price, but the main thing is how it compares to the equally expensive competition (like the dr dre monster beats hd for example). If you’re reading this, you’re thinking about it. If you want to invest this amount of money in headphones, take it from me, you won’t be disappointed. These headphones are absolutely first class.

Well, i finally succumbed to buying a pair of these. I have had the bose ‘on-ear’ headphones for ages now (i. They look the same as these qc3’s, but without the noise reduction). I was really tempted towards the qc3’s as i like the decent sound from the on-ears, but since i do a daily commute of 4 hours on a train, i wanted something to remove the constant air-conditioning and announcement/chatter noise, yet still give me the bose sound that i like. Now, plenty of real audiophiles, or people that appreciate source/raw/unmanipulated sound will scorn and flame me for saying that the bose sound is in any way ‘good’. It has solid, warm enveloping bass, clarity in mids and you can hear the treble. I am sure that by no stretch is the best sound you’re going to get, but i like it – and you may well do too. Comparing the audio between the qc3 and the on-ear model – i can’t say there’s any difference whatsoever, and i guess it’s this reason why i’ve never read a review of others comparing these two. I think i read one online review that suggested the qc3’s were 20% better audio-quality wise to the on-ears.

First of all big thanks to seller, prompt and excellent service quality. Description is just as he/she described it. Qc3 is my first professional earphone, but chaps i can tell you this earphone is magical. I hope that it ll last for long because it has already sent me to a completely new dimension. It s a pleasant-sounding little kit which has a very well engineered sound quality. Low and high sounds are very rich but still doesn t give any distortion. Perfect just like in the studio. I can only praise bose for the used materials earmuffs are very comfortable and it can borrow a kind of good to touch feeling.

The sound quality is brilliant as with any set of bose headphones. I chose the quietcomfort 3 model after trying both these and the quiet comfort 2 model on instore and i prefer the feel of the on ear model rather than the one that covers your whole ear. I think its a matter of personal preference which is best for you and considering the price i would recommend going and trying a pair on to be sure, alot of hmv stores now seem to have them out to test so it isnt necessary to locate a bose store. The noise reduction work brilliantly. I recently discovered that it can be useful for far more than cutting out the engine noise on a plane journey. I recently moved down to london having previously lived in the middle of yorkshire and often use them without music to drown out the sound of traffic outside my window when i’m working, not exactly what they were designed for but they manage to cut out most noise apart from the likes of large buses. . They have been an absolute god send. The only little thng that does irritate me is that the case doesnt include a space for the three pin adaptor to charge the battery meaning that it has to be stored separately, hardly a disaster but still irritating.

  • Heaven:)))
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Great warm, bassy sound quality – excellent noise-cancellation

Bose QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Product Description, Compact, on-ear QuietComfort 3 headphones offer a proven combination of Bose noise reduction, audio performance and comfortable fit. Proprietary Bose technologies deliver quality sound from these award-winning headphones – and make listening a pleasure just about anywhere.

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This is a great, quality product which comes in a compact & light case. Ideal for listening to music on the move & for getting some peace & quiet when travelling. The head piece & earphones are well constructed easy to adjust & comfortable. The re-chargeable battery ensures you can always have power. Bose is of course a top brand, well known for design innovation, good materials & quality products.

Sound reproduction: excellent clarity with weighty bass, hardly any distortion across amplification rangenoise abatement: almost complete cancellation of any reasonably steady noise (say, drone of an engine), with or without being connected to any other source of sound like an ipod or a cd-playerbuild quality: superbcomfort: excellent – fits snugly enough so as not to fall off (or even threaten to), but, does not grip hard enough to hurt even on longish journeys; does cause a reasonable amount of condensation and / or sweatingbattery life: should say unbelievable – i once did a 9000-mile round-trip without re-charging or any loss of performanceportability: with its stylish pouch, lugging it around is not too tough; does take up non-trivial space in a laptop / business bag, though.

You have not heard the real sound from your iphone music before you try the bose noise cancelling earphones. Excellent sound, easy to wear and believe it or not: you can sit right beside a television playing terminator in full volume – and still enjoy your music.

These headphones in my opinion are superb. They are not cheap but are the best at what they do by a country mile. On a long haul flight they are a godsend.

Hi guys, agree with the reviews posted about the excellent sound quality and bass is especially good. Bose and currently offering at £269. 15 with free delivery in uk and we are including an ipod shuffle until the 31st. Plus ordered direct you get the two year warranty and 30 day risk free trial, how can you go wrong?.

Unfortunately, even though it cancelled out the background noise from the plane’s jet engines like all other noise cancellation headphones, but it doesn’t kill the hissing sound of the music/film server of the plane. I can hear hissing/whizzing/whirling sound from the harddrive even when using it at home; on the desktop or laptop. Bose i am dissapointed with your boombastic rnd department. You need to include antistoring circuit to the headphone. I am back to my old headphone again now. This makes me recalled of my experience of buying cheap car stereo headunit. The whizzing sound increased as i revved the engine up. Bravo bose for the new trendsetting.

These are extremely comfortable to wear, excellent battery life with an extra battery and charger as standard. Size is just right not like great big cans that take up half our luggage. The sound quality is brilliant, slightly smooth sound on some styles of music, but personnally i prefer. If you travel alot these are a must have item.

If like me you have teenage kids, an italian wife and assorted ill-disciplined pets, then buy these wonderful bose cans, they will allow you to drift into your own wonderful world amid chaos. Nothing gets close on the stress relief frontwonderful piece of kit, great comfort, top sound and most importantly when on your head everyone else appears to be miming. A word of warning though, when not in use hide them.

  • Heaven:)))
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Great warm, bassy sound quality – excellent noise-cancellation

Bose QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Firstly these are fine earphones. Beautiful clear sound (using an ipod) and the noise-cancelling does its job as well as can be expected. They sound smoothly balanced and i’ve noticed audio detail that i’d previously missed. The other big plus of these earphones is that the carry case they come with is nice and compact and has space for mp3 all in the same place. Assuming they will be mainly used for travelling this is important. I hovered over some sony noise cancelling earphones but the large case put me off. With so much to credit this product its all the more annoying they are so poorly put together. Like the other reviewer i have been very careful with mine but in spite of this the foam fell off to reveal the same snapped plastic casing inside. I fixed them with glue but for £300 you dont expect to be hunched over the kitchen table with a tube of bostik. A freind of mine who has the ear-covering model had exactly the same problem.

My husband wanted these for a while, but just got them and they were well worth the wait. He absolutely loves them, they cancel out the aircraft noise but you can still here people speaking, great sound.

I would mirror all the previous comments. I bought mine for a trip to canada and i now use them whenever i can. Perfect comfort, perfect sound and perfect performance. I would shop around as the bose web-site sell these same headphones for £275 with a free mp3 player until the 30th april 2008.

I have owned my quietcomfort 3 headphones for about ayear, i use them entirely for the noise reduction. My next door neighbour has very noisy children so i use them to watch tv, they block out the sound completely. This is not to say the audio quality is not brilliant. Tv sounds much better through the phones. I watch the football matches on sky and you feel you are there, sometimes you can hear too much. These headphones replaced quietcomfort 2, when i lived in a flat with neighbour above who wore diving boots, they kept me sane. I bought mine from bose cheaper than here. Expensive but worth the money to me.

Work brilliantly on a plane or on the london underground – the external lower frequencies are completely removed – you can only really hear the outside world if people talk loudly next to you. The sound is warm with a very strong, thumping bass response (excellent for dance/electronic music). The higher treble frequency range is definitely tamed a little but to be honest i find this preferable as it causes much less ear fatigue. Very comfortable to wear too.

Honestly the best product i have ever bought. It is great for cycling, in the car, in a plane it even allows you to comfortably listen to music while cutting the grass with a push or ride on lawnmower. The sound quality is the best i have ever heard provided you choose the correct setting on the audio device. They are very comfortable and don’t slip off too easily. I know they are very expensive and i was sceptical about buying them. But i payed £275 and they were worth every penny. Also everything is replaceable, the cushions the batteries ensuring a long life, an excellent purchase. I am adding this part of my review in after 2 months of solid use. These are better than you can imagine they are more than good headphones it is an occasion every time you put them on.The song black or white by michael jackson is spectacular.

As headphones go, these are by far the best i’ve had. Of course they don’t block out talking, but they do a fantastic job of removing ferry, airplane and train noise. The battery also seems to last well above the 20 hours stated. On the accessories side, if you have an iphone i would suggest not getting the mobile communication kit. If like me you keep your phone in an inside pocket on those cold days, note that there is no auto-answer facility with the iphone nor an answer button on the kit, so it becomes a pretty pointless accessory, for me at least.

Bought one of these 3 years ago and was very satisfied until they were stolen. Did try all sorts of noise cancelling phones in between because i just refused to accept the indecent price of the qc3. Now i am, grudgingly, back to the qc3. But (1) they sound really good for nc headphones; (2) they are ultra-comfortable (for me); (3) well built (had the first ones for two years and never a problem despite extensive travelling and almost 24/7 use in the office). Most importantly, (4) they cancel noise like literally *nothing* else in that size. Really, bose does have competition in the larger ‘over-ear’ class (qc2/15), sennheiser for instance. But with small nc headphones there is still nothing out there that comes even close to the qc3. Comparing the new ones to my (stolen) model of 3 years ago i notice that the new qc3 have a different box (covered with nylon instead of faux leather), have a slightly softer spring (which ends in less pressure on the ear-cups) and slightly softer cushions in the ear-cups. I still don’t like the steep price. I still find it ridiculous that they can’t play music when the battery is empty or removed. (i still find the li-ion battery easy to remove and quick to charge, though). But in its size there is simply nothing out there to even remotely match the qc3 when it comes to wearing comfort and noise cancellation.

Love:absolute top quality sound. Hate:blows up your headbose quietcomfort® 3 acoustic noise cancelling® headphonesworth spending money.

Good:worked really well in terms of reducing the drone of a plane to a very acceptable level. Bad:hugely expensive for what they are, there are several reasonably priced noise cancelling headphones which will do a good jobgrip your ears/head too tightly for my liking and i ended up with an aching head on a london/new york flight. Broke after only a few hours usage.

A guy in the office has a set of these. I tried them without playing any music and it completely removed all background noise. It was like the air-conditioning had been turned off. You can still hear people talking as the sound of their voice isn’t constant, but remember i was testing them without playing any music, purely testing the ability to remove background noise. Turning the music on and it is was like sitting at home in a perfectly quite house. Taking the headphones off i was astounded at just how noisy the office is. I now want a pair just so i can sit at work without the constant drone of the air-con.

Bose enough said, what else is there to say about bose, they just make perfect sound flow out of any producy they make, try the rest but buy the best.

I’ve been wanting to buy a noise cancelling headphone set for over a year now, as ambient noise on buses, trains, plains and even street noises tend to drive me crazy from time to time, even when i’m not listening to music. It’s a fact but not everyone is equally sensitive to it. I am, so i decided to get me a pair of bose’s quietcomforts. I read and watched a lot of reviews of various products online before actually purchasing this set. What i gathered from them was the following: expensive but very comfortable, excellent noise cancelling technology, rich bass but not as crisp in the treble zone. This last disdavantage put me off at first. If there’s one thing i hate, it’s unrefined base without detail in the higher ranges. Still, other reviews (cnet’s for example) convinced me that the sound quality is still very good to say the least. I have been listening to them for a few days now and here are some of my experiences. Out of the box, i immediately took the headphone to a noisy street. I switched on the anc without listening to music and the difference is simply amazing. The loudest monotonous sounds are completely muffled but higher pitched and irregular sounds get through, but only faintly. These include voices and high screeches (children laughing for example) but they never overrule the sound of the music.

They’re a very expensive option but they do work exceptionally well. It really changes your experience on planes and the noise cancelling is so good it means you can hear other people’s conversations all around you :)comfortable and with 2 battery packs installed i had a day of 30 odd hours flying using them on and off and there was still charge left at the end. An excellently constructed product with the quality you expect from bose.

I’ve just taken delivery of my new bose headphones. I’ve listened to many types and always got drawn back to the quality and performance of the bose qc3 and qc15. As a spectacle wearer, the qc15 are uncomfortable so i liked the qc3 instead. My problem has always been finances, quite simply i couldn’t afford them. Then i found kjaffer1 on amazon. I was a little concerned spending over a hundred quid on a used product but a few emails to the seller quickly dispelled any fears. He/she also has consistently good feedback. I’ve been wearing them in the office for the last 90 minutes listening to my iphone and the sound quality is excellent. They are also very comfortable. It was a little disconcerting at first because i could hear things in the music that i hadn’t heard before.

Great price and very good quality. Postage was quick and i was kept informed. Excellent product and would highly recommend.

I purchased 2 pairs of these ‘bose quietcomfort 3’ headphones exactly a year ago. They are everything they claim to be as regards sound and noise cancelling. As soon as i put one pair on, the padded ear cushion fell off on one side due to the fine plastic inside having snapped in half during transit. There was no problem in returning these for a replacement. We use the headphones at home only and so they were treated with great care. Then last week after one year’s use one of the padded ear cushions fell off. I looked inside and again saw that the plastic inside had snapped in half. I find it hard to believe that even with great care this can happen. Overall the design is good, except for this problem. In this day and age ‘bose’ should be able to find a stronger,flexible plastic that does not snap.

Probably the best earphones there are the clarity and the detail in all kinds of music is to be heard to be believed. Have tried a few before i bought it and even after so many years since release it still is right up there. The noise cancelling is great. And the best part is that it does allow specific sounds in so that you don’t miss that important appointment at the airport. The battery is rechargeable. Good enough for a 2 way transatlantic. Much prefer this to the normal batteriesonly negative being that it doesn’t work at all when has no charge. I guess we have to be more organised to have more fun .

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  • On-ear fit: Ear cups rest gently on your ears
  • Bose noise reduction and quality sound for travel, work and home
  • Comfortable, lightweight design with an on-ear fit: headphones rest gently on your ears
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery: 25 hours average use per charge
  • Fold-flat ear cups for easy storage in slim carrying case