Although we needed help from the younger generation to set it up , we are delighted with the improvement in the sound coming from the tv.

I am a big fan of bose products. The sound quality of this sound bar as well up to the standard of other bose items i have heard. However there are two major disappointments for me. First the power plug that comes in the box is not a british plug, and if i had not been able to find something that i could use , i would not be writing this now. Secondly, i am completely unable to program the remote to turn on subtitles on the sky platform. I am very hard of hearing, which is the reason why i bought the device in the first place, but find it infuriating that i have to resort to my old remote to turn on subtitles. Any advice would be appreciated. A proper british plug and adequate instructions regarding the remote control would’ve seen this device being given five stars by me. In short the sound is excellent but the remote is notfit for purpose.

Sound superb for the price and much better than tv alone. Universal control is good although i now use the sky q remote to control everything but that’s just personal preference. Auto wake up is great feature. Sound modes good (dialogue mode is great and works very well in harmony with full surround system). Tone is superb and has inpressive depth for size and price. Would heartily reccomend for daily sound upgrade.

Best when placed a few cm in front of a wall, preferably above the television, not so good lower down in front of the tv.

Not half as good as my lg soundbar with wireless subwoofer. Expensive for what they are. Listen to them in curry’s before you buy.

I was a bit worried because the variety of reviews. I use this as a pc speaker and it sits at the back of my desk under my monitors and works perfectly. Sound is good – i am no audiophile. If you want a nice speaker for your system with a good sound without paying the earth. This is the speaker for you. (remote is massive – mostly overkill).

Sounds good improved bass which can be turned off at a touch of a button to clean speech mode if required. Nice touch is the universe remote, takes a bit of time to set up but will control tv set top box hdd apple tv and blue ray player ,not forgetting the speaker as well. . Well made not to large fits in well.

1 system that i was never really pleased with, the acoustics just never sounded right in my living room, too many settings and modes, too much bass, not enough bass, dialogue too quiet etc. I was forever voluming up and down depending on explosions or dialogue. The bose solo 5 took a bit of research and some reviews were good, some bad saying it wasn’t powerful enough. I had already bought a soundlink mini ii and loved the full sound from such a small device, so i decided to go for its bigger brother for the tv. Good decision, the sound from the solo 5 is beautiful, it’s what bose does. It’s what bose has always done, good sound. The sound is full, warm and big enough to fill my living room, the bass isn’t too heavy (and can be adjusted to your preference) and the dialogue button works well. The soundbar looks sleek, minimal and isn’t a metre long like most of its rivals. Setup was so simple, with all cables provided, plug in and go, 5 minutes.

  • Easy connection using bluetooth
  • Recommended for non-technical folk
  • Good Quality, Simple Soundbar

Bose ® Solo 5 TV Sound System with Wall Bracket Bundle

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This bose soundbar makes a real difference when set to “voice”. I can hear the dialogue on films.

Having tried an lg, more expensive soundbar that supposedly matched the tv, i returned it. The sound quality was extreamly poor, tinny and unclear. I ordered the bose and it matched it’s reputation. Good bass and the speech was very clear with no tinny vibration with the volume up. The sound is not hifii music listening quality, it is tv quality sound. The bluetooth worked fine and easy to set up. One issue was the universal remote supplied with the unit. That did prove a pain to setup, but when done worked fine. Although not covering all the tv’s own remote functions and some functions working on different marked buttons than usually marked. The tv and bar always turned on together.

If the sound quality of your tv is already quite good dont expect a massive difference. Bluetooth is good for playing music from phone etc. Easy to install and not as big as other sound bars which is a positive. Price is good for a bose product.

The sound quality is excellent for such a compact sound bar, far better than the built in speakers in the tv. Easy to set up and easy to use. Bose controller hand set more or less completely replaces the tv controller – just can’t find how to turn on subtitles. Like the way the unit comes on when it detects audio from the tv.

Highly average soundbar – better than tv speakers but no where near as good as my 15 year old harman kardon soundsticks. I expected a lot better but it’s ok. If it was for a bedroom it should be fine but it’s lacking for a living room as even at max it’s not that loud and the bass has no depth. For the price it’s no where near worth it, i’d say it’s worth about £130 max and i’ve returned it for refund. Purchased a yamaha yas-306, not the latest model and slightly more than the bose but you don’t need a separate wall mount as it has holes built in to the back of the soundbar. Sound is like night and day, much improvement over the bose as it has a couple of small built in subwoofers which really gives it much more depth and it saves your previous settings. Unlike this bose which loses them every time it’s powered off.

Sounds great, improvement over my tv speakers. Nice clear sound whilst watching tv, gaming and through the bluetooth on my ipad. The only thing is that i was playing star wars battlefront, had it on dts which didn’t play through, so i had to change it to dolby digital but other than its absolutely great. So simple to use literally took 5 minutes to set up and the remote links to the tv, virgin media tivo so now i only have to use the one remote which is easy.

For many years i have used the original bose solo tv sound bar and have been very pleased with the overall results. Unfortunately, after many years it stopped working and the cost of repairing it meant that it would be cheaper for me to upgrade to the latest solo system, which i did. I am very pleased to report that bose has produced another excellent sound system, which is much smaller than my original one and the sound is really good. However, i would recommend that some time is spent on getting used to the new remote control as it is vastly different to the old one. Also, it is worth adjusting the bass volume to your preference. Overall, all i can say is well done bose in keeping up the excellent standard of your products and i am more than happy with my recent purchase.

Well what can i say the bose solo 5 tv sound system – black works superbly. The speaker system has a unique feature called the dialogue mode and with one click of a button you can lower the volume of the background and enhance the level and sound of any speech in a film or tv programe. If you don’t want to disturb anyone and really want to see the next episode in a series you’re watching you can do this hearing it clearly without disturbing anyone- it’s greatthe size of the unit is also really good it fits very neatly in front of the tv on the chest of draws on which i stand it and pumps out the volume as you like it. For the size of the unit you will be impressed with it’s power. I really, really like it and would recommend it highly.

  • Easy connection using bluetooth
  • Recommended for non-technical folk
  • Good Quality, Simple Soundbar

Bose ® Solo 5 TV Sound System with Wall Bracket Bundle

Bought this for the bedroom tv. Very easy to set up, was up and running in less than 15minutes. Using it for both regular tv and movies via apple tv and amazon prime. Hearing subtle sounds that you would never pick up using the built in tv speakers. Also able to connect ipod to stream music through awesome. One downside, the bluetooth is not ‘out signal’ so unable to connect bluetooth headphones.

Having tried 3 previous soundbars and finding faults with all (some minor), i decided to up my budget slightly. Pros:sound quality is fantastic, deep and responsive bass with treble that allows for good music but also vocals in series’ and filmsbluetooth connectivity works seamlesslywired connections also useful and work wellsignal detection for automatic input selectionsize – fits nicely in most tv units, compact but packing a punchcons:the remote – advertised as a universal remote however despite messages to customer support and following detailed instructions, i haven’t been able to use it with my tv or sky box. It’s also very big, especially if it’s only used for the soundbarcan distort slightly at higher volumes but sound quality still remains excellent.

Reviewers of this item usually comment on its lack of bass. Bose speakers seldom lacks bass. This speaker is no exception. I used it to replace an older and much more expensive bose soundbar and not only does it provide all the bass i need, but the treble is crisp and lively. The speech and bass controls really work and i recommend this to anyone who wants to enhance tv and movie sound at a very reasonable price.

We were fed up with the huge changes in volume between dialogue and action with our previous speaker system and were attracted by the speech enhancement feature of the bose soundbar. We don’t need to watch tv with one finger on the volume control any more, which is a relief, and the bose does deliver a good quality sound in almost all types of programmes. It can sound a little tinny on certain shows, quiz programmes for example, and there is no treble control or sound menu options. Only the bass can be adjusted and the speech enhancement toggled on and off. I suppose it has been designed to be simple to install and use, which it is, and overall it does quite an acceptable job. It won’t suit those who are looking for a ‘blow your ears off’ action experience, but we find that it delivers plenty of atmosphere when watching films. The universal remote control included is a real bonus and has 95+% of the functionality that our lg tv and humax dvr remotes have. Recommend for those looking for a good quality, easy to use product.

I’m not overly convinced by stand alone sound bars, but this has changed my mind. I love bose stuff, because you know you’re getting quality and this product lives up to the name. Solidly built, amazing sound clarity.

How anyone can say this is not a good soundbar is beyond me. It has really enhanced my setup both for films and tv and has vastly improved bass response and general audio quality. The optical connection works well but i’ve yet to try bluetooth.

I thought the price reflected the sound quality – not in this case. The sound is poor compared to other sound bars i have listened to, speech clarity is only minimally improved by attaching the bar. My reasons for purchase, a brand of excellence in the sound industry and the reduced size ( we have no room for a long bar ) very disappointed.

Received today and i’m really impressed with the sound from such a small soundbar. Firstly, if you’re looking for big bass, this isn’t for you. You will need to look for a soundbar with a sub. This provides fantastic sound that is so crisp it makes regular tv more enjoyable with a little bass too. Setup was so easy i couldn’t believe it, as i usually find setup of speakers unbearable with loads of wires but this only had 2 wires. I would highly recommend for a medium sized room. First bose product, and will definitely buy more.

Far better than standard tv sound, however i was expecting a more immersive sound experience. I had ‘heard’ the sonos sound bar and was expecting the same quality, unfortunately it’s not quite up to the sonos.

Easy connection using bluetooth, optical, or hdmi. Sound quality and volume is more than adequate for most medium sized living rooms. A little frustrating that the remote is so cumbersome with about 30 buttons which most people will never use (the buttons do not allow you to adjust the sounds but rather are to control your tv and other peripherals – however it does not work with my samsung tv).

It was easy to install and the remote is excellent. It now controls the tv and sky box so the other remotes are not needed. The “dialogue” mode is very useful for american tv shows as they tend to talk very fast and often have very intrusive supposed “background music” and as over 60’s we struggle to hear. I have given it a four as there is no indication of loud it will go and the volume steps up seem very small. Similarly with the bass you do not know where you are, i would like to know where the middle is without having to reset the box. A little scale on the bottom of the tv when adjusting it would make it perfect.

Thought i’d treat myself to a new 4k telly. Picture is spot on but as expected the sound is lame. Recently purchased an alba soundbar for £20 and all i’ll say on that matter is you get what you pay for.After reading rave reviews about this soundbar and the simple fact that it’s bose i purchased this. Simply connect the supplied optical lead. Also comes with a coaxial if you want to connect using that. Into the telly and turn it on. Really gives effortless natural sound and the base is thumpingly clear. You can alter the base on the universal remote. Tivo box , bluray discs and mp3s.

This is a great soundbar for home use. The volume levels are very much acceptable and more. Please bear in mind that it is not a home cinema kit so you wont get the sound quality of that kind of equipment. It is also easy to use once you have read the instructions. You can also program the remote to control all your electrical appliances which is very handy.

Ordered this unit on friday 27th nov. 3days before estimated time brilliant. Now to the unit itself first time i have purchased any bose equipment,the packaging was 1st rate it was easy to work outall the leads and instruction manual. Sound on the narrative is clean and crisp put on a blu-ray dvd and wellwhere did that base come from wow. Paired up my personal bluetooth mp3 player and well it was upsettingfor the neighbours that is what a really deep and responsive unit this is. If you accept that your not going to get the fullcinema surround effect but increase the the soundstage of your tv and attached sky box and dvd player this is for you. Cannot praise this unit highly enough.

The cables are included and instructions clear. My only issue is that if i want to watch dvd, rather than watch tv, i have to disconnect the cable from soundbar to tv, and connect different cable from soundbar to dvd player. Not a major inconvenience, as i rarely watch dvds. And both cables are included, with clear instructions. I would recommend this soundbar to anyone who wants good sound, and who is nervous about whether it will work for them. The instructions are clear and the cables are included, which makes it worth every penny. I just wish i didn’t need to switch cables to watch a dvd. But that could be down to my tv, not bose.

Very very easy to connect to my samsung tv. Major improvement over thin sound of the tv on its own. Dialogue is now much clearer, and music has much greater dramatic impact in dramas etc. Probably better products out there, but i don’t pretend to be an expert. Overall, happy with my purchase. Should have bought a sound bar years ago.

High quality feel you expect from a bose product, from the packaging right down to the speaker itself. Very easy to set up and sounds/looks great. Has really lifted the whole viewing experience of my 46′ lg tv with higher clarity and deeper basses than the tv’s own speakers. I’m not using the supplied remote as i already have a logitech 700 universal remote which proved easy to add the solo 5 to as a device and also incorporate it’s functions within my activities.

I am a great fan of bose products. I have their noise cancelling head phones (brilliant) i have a bose soundlink mini (brilliant) any bose speaker connected to a tv would undoubtedly improve sound quality. My wife watches a lot of evening tv and continually complained of sound quality from our sony smart tv kdl-32w705b which is a flat screen and about 5years old. My son suggested plugging in my bose soundlink which was connected via a standard audio cable (not a co ax or an optical cable) this made a huge to difference to sound quality from the tv – happy wife. Spring and summer are just around the corner – i enjoy sitting in the conservatory or garden listening to music etc using my portable bose soundlink connected to my ipad music library via bluetooth. So i realised we needed a new sound bar for the tv and spotted the bose solo 5 system on amazon, so having read the reviews and the spec decided to buy. It came promptly in about 3 days – good delivery well packaged etc. Set it up using the optical cable and it worked fine. Nothing scientific that will back this up – but i think the soundlink sounded better. But the real problem came with the remote.

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