Bose Soundbar 500 – Lucky it didn’t lose a star

Ok first off i gave this 5 stars for a lot or reasons i’ll go into but the main one is the sound. However it’s not without a lot of faults. The main job of providing rich, deep movie quality sound is done very well. It’s extremely easy to set up. In actual fact the instruction manual consists of one page telling you to plug it in, connect the hdmi cable and then download the app. The sound bar updates itself automatically. Which is nice i guess, but see the negatives below.

Well this is first of all very easy to set up. Using bluetooth or the hd cable that can fit into the back of the tv its a simple press on and away you go. The app is more for other things and if you have other bose products basically, good but not essential. It linked up with the tv will and watching films it gives great sound quality really good the bass is terrific when watching a good film. Linking up with your phone is very simple too just pressing the button on the remote control and away you go. Again, sound is great and you dont need much for it to give out great quality sound its a real world of difference when you are listening on good quality speakers. At £500 it is a bit steep in price so its one to decide if you feel the price matches the quality. No doubt this is a great product though.

I knew that i would be hearing bose’s standard of sound reproduction – and was not disappointed. However, i found it too good to begin with – a bit disconcerting in fact. However, there is a clever tweak whereby you match the device to the size and type of room, which made everything that much more subtle. I did struggle with the app, but not as much as some people, apparently. I am not that keen on them in general. However, once downloaded it worked fine. Personally, i resent having to do the work, and my phone didn’t like the download aspect initially, if your phone’s memory is nearly full – as mine was – beware. Once that hurdle had been jumped, however, things were fine. So, nothing wrong with the app; it’s just that there are things to go wrong.

I had the solo 5 because tv sound is so poor with newly made movies, that helped, but this is a whole new experience for watching tv. The built in alexa turns it into the centre of your world. Music on stream controlling lights and the envy of all visitors. I do find it a bit penny pinching not supplying a full remote control, and charging£35 for a wall bracket.

This is not the first bose product i have owned, so i knew the sound quality would be fantastic so i was really excited to receive this. It comes with a remote, hdmi, power cable and the instructions. It looks fantastic, very smart. Despite being so thin, it is quite weighty, which to me is a mark of quality. Once connected, which is pretty simple, the sound quality of this is amazing in our little living room. My tv does not have great speakers, and this is just levels and levels above that. It is simple to connect to the app, and have had no issues with the remote or using it in general. Overall it is a wonderful soundbar as it should be at this price point, and makes the whole viewing experience just on another level.

This is one amazing sound bar. So easy to set up, straight out of the box and so simple. We had a previous bose model sounder which was smaller than this one and we are used the quality of sound, but this one seems even better than the older model. The surround sound is just amazing in our regular size living room watching movies and tv. The alexa just the icing on the cake here and exactly what you would expect. I can’t recommend this enough to be frank. We are going to the purchase the brackets to put on the wall as item to wide in front of our tv, its a pricey bracket mind, but will be worth it.

This bose soundbar 500 with the bass module 500 and wireless surround speakers sounds awesome and produces high quality acoustics and optimized sound. The bose soundbar 500 has amazon alexa voice commands built in which can be used you to ask alexa to playlist for you, get weather report and news feeds but the voice commands are restricted. I tested this feature and it worked well. You do need to speak clearly though. You can also use the bose music app to manage your music from a smart device and use it as a remote control. The bose 500 soundbar also has built in bluetooth and wifi for wireless streaming of content and wireless connectivity with compatible devices. The design is very stylish and smart and the construction is robust and durable. You can expect this item to last the long hall and not fall apart on you. Setting up the bose sound system and pairing them together was reasonably easy to complete and the connection was stable and in sync with each other and played music back and weather reports well most of the time but there were some signal loss taking place at times. Overall the bose soundbar 500 with the bass module 500 and wireless surround speakers sounds awesome and the alexa voice command feature takes this soundbar to a whole new level.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Amazing
  • Great sound, great build quality
  • Fantastic Quality