BOSNAS Overhead Projector 4500 Lux Multimedia Full HD Home Cinema Video Projector supports 1080P Full HD LED 50000 hours – It looks awesome when projecting on the ceiling

Looks very cool and is quite easy to move around. Simple layout and i am not very tech savvy so that’s good for me. Setting it up and operating it is quick and easy. It’s fun to project stuff all over my room. Make sure you get batteries for the remote. Projection quality is slightly lower than what you are projecting it from but still very good and you can adjust it with the focus knob. I would recommend buying an extension cord and a tripod for optimum mobility and positioning. I got it as a gift and it is great so far.

I was so surprised by the quality of this product when it arrived. I have been using it for over a week now and for the price i can still say there isn’t much to complain about. The case it comes with is filled with all the main wires you need and a remote control. Its 720p so if you’re expecting super high def then it might be worth getting a more expensive model but as it is i am happy with the quality of the image. Its probably not a good idea to leave the projector on for too long incase it overheats. The fan noise is definitely noticeable but if you have speakers plugged in and you are engrossed in a movie or playing a game its easy to tune out. So far i have used it for movies, retro games, wii games and general computer use. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants their own cinema experience at a very low price.

I bought the projector to be able to watch football and tv on and it works fantastically for both. Did not expect to be able to play playstation on it as well but the response time is great so no issues there. Unfortunately the speaker quality isn’t amazing and the fan does get a little loud after a while but plug in your own speakers and turn up the volume a little and your all good to go. Carry case and additional case are good quality and just a nice bonus. For the price its a great buy and have already told my dad to get one as well.

I’d been wanting to get a projector for a some time home but did not want to pay a fortune for a full size projector especially if it turned out to be an expensive waste of money if not used. The price of the projector is excellent and easily persuaded me to buy it and would not be a inexpensive waste of money. Setup – nice and easy and did nit need to read the manual. The menu is easy enough to navigate using the buttons on the projector itself, and choosing the source is simple. Some slight tweaking of picture/display options was needed, but once again this was simple to do. Remote – was easy to use and clearly marked. Cables – this does come with a fair few cables. I have never paid a fortune for my cables but if you did you could easily pay over the cost of the projector is cables alone. It made a change to be able to connect to other devices using just the ones supplied without having to buy others. I did need to buy an hdmi / ipad adapter though.

My needs will seem simple in comparison to those of other reviewers. I was looking for a way of projecting pictures on to canvas, so that i could save time by drawing a fairly accurate outline before painting. (some may call it cheating but who cares). I was initially intending to purchase a nasty and expensive plastic thing called an artograph, which allegedly would project a 5 inch picture up to 15 times it’s size – it didn’t look good and many of the reviews were terrible. One recommended getting a multimedia projector instead. I didn’t even know they existed – my last projector was one which used slides. I bought the bosnas projector on the strength of the reviews. I found it suitable for my needs, and the projected image from my usb drive is even bright enough to see sufficiently in daylight – but as mentioned, my needs are not as complex as those who need a perfect picture with sound, which would no doubt be better in darkness. I found the lack of a zoom meant moving the projector until the size of the image was correct, but for the price i suppose one could not expect more.

This product is great and works really well. I wanted to install a tv in my room but that would have been too bulky so decided to invest in a projector. This projector has a great focus, the colour quality is excellent and the sound not too bad, can also be connected with headphones if required. It can be plugged with smart phones (digital to hdmi is required), i directly plug that with my laptop to get best possible results. I highly recommend this product.

Ordered through amazon; fast, efficient delivery. Set-up fairly straightforward (i’ve used it with sources of #apple tv, #tv dropbox, and #dvd player). Picture quality good in well-dimmed room – brightness and colour surprised me; both better than i had expectected. Focus a bit soft near corners. Sound loud and good enough, but not outstanding quality (easily solved with extension speaker, which allowed sound from behind screen rather than from projector. ) fan noise noticeable, but not a problem. Overall, pleasingly little money very well-spent, would recommend readily to friends.

I just replaced a double the price projector for this one. And after twenty for hours of use i am very please with this projector. Package: it comes in a quality packet with a remote, cables etc. Set up: user friendly, just a few minutes to set up. Sound: no bad but i will recommend to use an external speaker. Image: vivid colours, crisp image, very good for tv shows, , sports , films. Not recommended for presentations. Using external sources: perfect for my chromecast (1 gen. ),no probs using my huawei p20 pro using an adaptor, great with my virgin media box(plug and play), amazon tv box(netflix, prime video), and play station 4.

I really enjoyed this little piece of techonology every since i received it. It made my presentations easier as i could transport it anywhere i needed. Also, i find it very relaxing when i project my movies or youtube videos on the ceiling while laying in bed, and it’s very convenient to place your projector with the lamp up since the cooling pipe is on the sides, not on the back of the projector. One thing i would like to point out is that it is preferred that the room is dark or the light is dim since the lamp doesn’t have enough power to project over the light of the room, but if you can manage that while you use it, it’s very good for it’s price and i would recommend it to my family and friends. Be warned, it’s not recommended for word, powerpoint or anything other than media content.

I owned a projector for last 5 years which started giving up on me. So wanted to buy a cheap and sturdy one as a replacement(will be buying a tv in future). After a lot of reaearch found this one. Must say its value for money. Have been using it for more than a month now without any complaints. Just need to find the correct distance to project from. I have seen projectors with better picture quality, they would cost a lot. For the price, this is too good. I use my speakers with this. This comes with a nice padded storage bag(keeps the clutter away), with all the accessories needed. Very easy to setup wherever i like. Very light so easy to move around. All in all having a very good experience with this until now.

I recently purchased this product for my bedroom. Really happy with the unboxing and the quality and care taken to make this a pleasant experience. This projector itself is really easy to use and i cannot express enough how good the picture quality is for the price.Anyone looking to use this on a budget?.

I bought this projector for a specific reason so i could take it to a children’s party and for christmas in our local village hall with all the family, i am very impressed at the ease of operation and set up ,i did have to put some additional speakers with it as we were in a big hall, but if you were in a room they would be more than adequate, the picture quality is excellent, i took it to work to show my colleges who were so impressed 2 of them are going to ask for one for christmas. In all this is a excellent piece of equipment which would not go a miss in any home.

Really exceeded my expectations for such a small but so powerfull projector. Came in an essential, lovely black carry case full of accessories inside from remote, hdmi fast cable, audio rga and vga cable. Very easy to set up, all you need is to plug everything and is ready to go. Also very silent compared to other projectors. The audio is perfect for a medium room but you can always plug an external sistem. What i liked the most was how big the image is from a short distance. The pictures i took show how big the image was with the projector at 3m from the wall. Here are the specifications for the BOSNAS Overhead Projector 4500 Lux Multimedia Full HD Home Cinema Video Projector supports 1080P Full HD LED 50000 hours:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Lifelike details – ①The lamp has 50000+ hour life ②High Resolution & High Brightness, 4500LM Video Projector with upgraded lens technology ③5000: 1 Contrast Rate ④ Resolution: Resolution of 1280 * 768; Aspect Ratio: 16: 9/4: 3.⑤ Multi-coated lenses, no virtual Focus ⑥ LCD TFT picture technology, LED light source type 【Crystal clear and lifelike pictures】
  • Best viewing experience – This projector gives you a screen area of 32 “up to 200” with a projection distance of 1.1m to 6.00m. The best projection distance is about 2-2.5 meters. Other features include built-in stereo speakers. Big screen entertainment and speakers make you feel like you’re in a real movie theater.
  • Multimedia Connection – [Multimedia Adapter: Dual HDMI, VBA, USB, AV, Y.PB.Pr] 【Supported Multimedia Formats: Music (MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, WAV), Pictures, Video, TXT】. Do not use for Powerpoint via USB
  • Can be used – PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii-U, Computer, Headphone, External Speaker, USB Flash Drive, Hard Disk etc. 【Outdoor, Office, Home, KTV, Garden, etc.】 * You can use it during the day. But recommend using in a dark environment to ensure a perfect viewing experience *
  • Other features and warranty – Inverted image system and can hang upside down on the ceiling or on the wall. 2-year warranty, 30-day refund at no cost to you, online support 24 hours a day.

Ive had this for a couple of days and it is brilliant. The picture clarity is great and the brightness is perfect. It is small and compact and we’ll be taking anywhere and everywhere we go. I can’t wait for warmer weather wheen we can set this up outside and play movies in the yard. My sister ordered one of these when she saw how nice the picture was. If anyone is thinking of getting this projector, think on it no more, place the order and start having fun with it, there is nothing like watching a movie on the ‘big screen’, while chilling in a hot tub.

I bought this projector not for watching movies as most people here, but for my presentations and workshops. My powerpoint presentation is saved on a usb stick and plugged into my laptop and there is a lead provided which is connected to this projector. The picture looks good, the noise level of the projector is ok, not too noisy at all. I put a few books under the projector to adjust the hight and it works. I have used it a few times so far and happy with it. It also comes with its own bag which is handy.

A great projector for the price. Not amazingly sharp across the whole picture, and not the brightest, but it cost less than £70, so perfect for occasional use. Delivered within 12 hours of ordering, supplied with hdmi cable, and comes in a handy storage bag. For someone not particularly teck savy, plug and play straight out of the box, brilliant.

My rented apartment doesn’t have a tv and i could not be bothered to buy one–it takes up a lot of space after all. Using a projector to watch movies on a white wall seemed like a better solution. Plus i must admit it adds an extra cinematic feeling to the viewing experience. I bought this vankyo projector and hooked it up to my surface pro 4 via a mini displayport cable. Placed it on the windowsill, fiddled with the adjustments, and voila. Works like a dream and the price can’t be beat for the quality. Looks like i’m binging on shows a bit more this year :).

For the price this is an amazing piece of equipment. Easy to set up and simple remote. Steam movies via a fire stick from amazon and netflix, bbc i player and others. Projector sit on telescopic stand or table top with the huge picture displayed on the room wall. Wired sound output to sonos 5 through simple stereo jack. Only limitation is that the room must be dark but just like going to the cinema. Also potable so can be used outside in garden.

I’ve just bought this as a backup for the rare occasions the projector fails during workshops. It’s fine for this although if it was more than a backup i would have invested in a higher spec model from vankyo. For leisure purposes it’s fantastic though. I’ve been using it to watch films and cartoons with the children. It really ups the enjoyment levels of our friday family film nights. Compact, quiet and great picture for the cost.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It looks awesome when projecting on the ceiling
  • Excellent Value
  • Great price great product

I bought this as a gift for my son who is at university. He was a bit fed up of watching tv and films on his laptop especially when he has friends round. The vankyo projector is proving to be a brilliant way of allowing a group of his friends to all watch films and tv where everyone gets a great view. The quality of the projector has exceeded expectations with a very large screen thrown onto a white wall from only a couple of metres. Connectivity is good and so far we have no negatives. Overall a great buy for student film nights.

I was looking for a projector to fit on top of my bed frame as i don’t have a tv. I could adjust the image to the wall just in front of my bed, so it has become an invaluable feature in my bedroom. It is bright enough to have the blinds open and the quality of the image is not bad at all. I would definitely recommend this if you want to watch a movie every once in a while. The only thing is that the fan is not as silent as i’d like it to be, but i believe most projectors have the same issue. If you’re thinking to buy one, definitely consider this one.

Excellent quality of picture, good sound quality. Looks and design are perfect. It is quick to set up and user friendly. Highly recommend this seller and of course this vankyo projector. Will be ordering another one soon as a gift for a friend, as i am sure it makes a great gift too.

Set up today fabulous bit of kit. Used it on my wall and the quality was still brilliant. Would definitely highly recommend. We purchased this due to reviews on it as we did not have money to buy an expensive on. Top bit of kit and extremely easy to use.