Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless – Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones – : the best headphone iv ever bought in my life they are

If, like me, you were unconvinced by the price of these then you really need to listen to them. The simple action of listening to a few tracks through these bowers and wilkins p5 headphones lays any doubt over value for money to rest. Despite owning several high end headphones myself, none have come close to the range and clarity of these. Yes, they are very slightly bass heavy but i do prefer that and it’s not to the detriment of the high end, either. The headphones are designed primarily for apple hardware and have an in-line remote that works with its but the pause works with android as well and they’re fully compatible with all standard phono outputs for headphones. They even come with a separate wire that you open the magnetically attached ear cushion to get to and change. , should you not need the remote, so don’t let the apple logos put you off. These are comfortable to wear and let very little noise in or out, though you can hear a little outside noise. The metal and leather style headpiece is beautiful and the unusual shape of the headphones themselves make them look both eye catching and expensive.

Great sound and comfort but the lead is a bit short and very flimsy. After only a few weeks, it’s starting to crackle where it’s plugged in. A bit disappointing considering the cost of the headphones.

Once run in these headphones are sublime. The sound signature is perfect for my tastes, and ive tried philips, sennheiser, bose, akg and others to find my perfect set. They sit comfortable, they look good, and they sound great – did i say?. My problem now is i cant help wondering if i shouldn’t have spent a bit more and got the bluetooth version.

My review is for the wired version of these headphones. I sound tested the wireless version against the wired ones before buying. I felt there was a difference in sound quality in favour of the wired and as these were going to be used 95% of the time sat at my desk at work i went for the wired. Absolutely fantastic headphones for the money. The quality of the sound produced by these headphones just draws you in, they cope brilliantly with anything you throw at them. Whether that’s the haunting female vocals in hey now by london grammar or the industrial mechanised assault on the senses of scary monsters by skrillex these headphones take it all in their stride.

The sound quality is superb. I had a wired pair of p5s before and i loved them then and i wanted to try a wireless pair. Unfortunately, the bluetooth connection is quite weak on the wireless p5s. The wireless bit on the headphones is the right-hand earphone. If i have my iphone in my left-hand trouser pocket, the signal repeatedly drops. If i have it in my right-hand trouser pocket, it will still sometimes cut out if i move my hand in front of my phone in a certain way. Am getting a new phone shortly so will update this review if this issue turned out to be phone-specific (presently have an iphone se).

Exactly what you would expect from bowers & wilkins,great materials,great build quality & great sound.

Wow – the sound from the headphones is great, much better than i was expecting, they are really light and comfy. I was worried there would be lots of sound leakage as they just sit on top of your ears but there’s hardly any. There’s a little controller on the wire that pauses and goes forward and back on the track that works seamlessly with my iphone and ipad but wouldn’t do track control on my husband android phone. Comes with a soft cases that closes with a pretty strong magnet. I wold have preferred a hard case to keep them safe but i think they are fairly sturdy. Also comes with a spare lead and the ear pads come off so i guess they are replaceable. Really pleased with them, lovely to look at and great to wear.

  • I highly recommended them.
  • Awesome Headphones
  • these are fantastic.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless – Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones – Black

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Sound is maybe little bit better on sennheiser momentum, but b&w are better if you wear glasses – doesn’t press too much on your ears.

I was really disappointed how they compared to gaming headphones, although in their defense they are on the ear instead of over the ear. Very classy, great attention to the build and aesthetics, but the sound quality was surprisingly disappointing, i don’t understand the hype.

Good quality headphones, and the ear pads are very comfortable. They look sleek and stylish, and come with a lovely bag.

Sound quality is great, build fantastic, but the blue tooth connection is pathetic. Connection drops out if the unit being paired to is more than a few feet from the phones. Very disappointed because they are fabulous phones in every other department. Just cannot use them as i was hoping.

Excellent sound whilst listening to both classical and rockvery comfortable on the ear (i wear glasses)lead a little on the short side.

Amazingly deep and intricate sound. Not quite as loud or sound insulating as they could be but for pure quality, these are fantastic.

Great design,not to laud,volume controls doesn’t work with my samsung s6,overall good but not the best.

Really good sound but the lead is too short.

  • I highly recommended them.
  • Awesome Headphones
  • these are fantastic.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless – Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones – Black

I have always used b&w headphones and i have had most of the lower to mid range that they have produces, p3, p3 series 2, original p5, p5 series 2 and now these. Sound is what you expect from the brand, exemplary but the thing that makes these stand out is the design and more importantly, the comfort. Easily able to wear for long periods of time. Work well with various types of music.

The best headphone iv ever bought in my lifethey are so comfy i fell asleep in mine in my bed i couldst feel theythey are so stylishworth every pennythe rang is mental for wireless its went from my loft to my second floor. My house has 3 floors not including the loft. The durability is good just needs a carry case tho :(bass is 8/10clarity 11/10treble 9/10lows 10/10hi’s 10/10thats my review of the geeky specswould highly recommend thisthing of thus little price as a investment to last you years to come.

Two things to know about bowers & wilkins headphones (and speakers): 1. They must be allowed to run in for 24-48hrs before they sound their best; 2. There is a b&w house sound that is what i call a traditional british hi-fi company sound. The latter isn’t surprising if you consider companies like b&w, naim, linn and cyrus are bringing their trademark front room sounds to the portable and wireless markets. The p5 series 2 looks almost identical to the original version. The only obvious difference is the bowers & wilkins logos on each side, which are in chrome on a dark background – the opposite of the originals. The black leather and chrome design looks every bit as classy as the original but i think the new style logo is better. The original p5 were the first b&w product i’ve owned and i’ve had a love/hate relationship with them. When i first bought them i hated them, but at that stage i didn’t know about the need to run them in. They were also the company’s first attempt at headphones and they erred on the side of warmth and smoothness to the sound.

I love both the look and sound of these. I upgraded from the same headphones but with a cord. Going cordless is fantastic: you no longer get stuck on things, or have to consider in what order to put on your headphones and camera strap. The max volume is lower than on the ones with a cord, which i initially found frustrating. But once i’ve gotten used to these, i usually don’t feel a need to go beyond that lower max volume. So it’s probably a good thing. They work fantastically well with my iphone 6 – no issues connecting except that the audio sometimes cuts off for a second or so, usually when i turn my body in a certain way. They don’t work well at all with my mac. I thought i could use them as a headset for work, but i had issues with them disconnecting randomly, and the audio would get tinny when i used an app that used the mic.

I bought these after a listen in a store, so i knew what to expect. They are expensive, but well designed and beautifully constructed with quality materials. They feel like they are made to last. The sound output is quite stunning, across a wide range of different musical genres. They come with a cleverly designed replacement cord and an automatic three month subscription to the society of sound service if you register with bowers and wilkins, where you can download high quality albums for free. If you are after small, portable and unobtrusive headphones, these are probably not the ones for you. They could be considered bulky. However, they are comfortable and fit beautifully, with little movement when you are walking around. My only quibble would be a cheap looking carry case. Perhaps, given the price, a nice faux, or even real, leather case would have preferable.

Superb piece of kit, i highly recommended them.

Perfect; lovely sound, quality build, comfortable to wear, prompt delivery.

I had the original p5 they are excellent this upgrade improves the headphone in every department. Looks exactly same as the original but don’t be fooled bowers have kept the excellent cosmetic design but the p5 s2 feels lot more comfortable around the ear. Pads seem a lot more softer. And the sound well where do i start i’ve tested all the headphones at this price range including the new bose qc25 doesn’t come close to the sound quality of these p5s absolutely fabulous crisp sound whatever you’re playing. And we’ll the build quality there’s no headphone out there comes close to these. Simply put just buy these ill give your money back if you don’t like them.

I was hesitant to get these after seeing so many reviews about bluetooth connectivity issues, however after a good week of use i’ve been out with these several times and had no issues whatsoever, not even any 1 second dropouts as previously mentioned. These were an upgrade from my p3 headphones, as i was getting sick of having to replace the cables for them all the time. But as i enjoyed their sound quality, i still wanted to stick with a b&w product. The p5 hasn’t disappointed at all. One thing i have noticed is the sound does seem to leak a lot from the headphones, so you’re likely to annoy people on the bus or public in general. But if you’re like me, you won’t care.

Great price £129 for these tells me the p5 series 3 are on the way however for the price you can’t beat these cans.

I’ve been looking for some decent on ear headphones for a while as i’ve been without a pair since my last ones died. In the past i’ve never spent more than £50 on headphones, but when i got the chance to try these i was blown away, and also convinced that i had to up my game. My last headphones were a pair of urbanears plattan’s. I was aware when i bought them that were hardly going to be exceptional, but i was still disappointed by the sound quality. My previous pair before that were panasonic htx7a headphones, and they were much better, but the p5’s are better than both of those in every way. I’m not an audiophile by any means, but i recognise that they sound awesome. I listen to everything from rock and indie records to more electronic stuff, all the way to hip-hop and r&b and all these genres so far sound great through the p5’s. Some people have commented on their comfort, but so far this hasn’t been much of an issue for me. I tend to only use them for around an hour at a time, so perhaps thats why but. My wife did say she thought they were too heavy for her, and she also said she found them uncomfortable, but she normally uses the standard iphone headphones, so this might be why.

I have b&w monitor speakers in my domestic hi-fi which i love, but i was a bit sceptical about buying some of their expensive headphones to listen to an i-pod touch on the move but believe me these headphones are superb. The tonal balance is just right for pretty much all music genres – there is plenty of bass but it doesn’t swamp the mix as, to my taste, say bose products tend to – so you still hear all that lovely open mid-range. And as another reviewer has pointed out, that enables you to hear layers you had never before noticed. They are also well insulated so there is little external leakage to trouble the person next to you on the 7. Insulation from external noise is good but not total – personally i rather like that and what little gets in is not distracting. In summary, these are very comfortable, beautifully built headphones that produce a beguilingly open and transparent sound across virtually all music types – they are great communicators. They also fold flat so you can easily keep them in your case. One very minor gripe is that they don’t come come supplied with a larger jack adapter for use on domestic hi-fi systems which seems a pity since they would grace even a high end hi-fi system. I would certainly use them on mine. Expensive but worth every penny.

Great headphone with a decent sound for bluetooth.

Very light, very comfortable. Wonderful sound – i wasn’t sure what to expect from bluetooth but it’s certainly up to scratch. I’m running them with an iphone & am thrilled with the sound. I upgraded from b&w p3 (wired) after realising it was going to cost me considerably in replacement cables. Although i had enjoyed the p3s there’s no going back in terms of comfort and sound quality. The leather on the ear pads and headband is very soft. The headband grips comfortably without excessive pressure. The design is utterly gorgeous. The battery lasts all day – i wear them morning to night, around 12 hours a day.

General======i fully admit to being obsessed with buying headphones. I have wired pairs and a number of bluetooth pairs. I have in ear, on ear and over ear headphones. I am not an audiophile but i can tell the difference between poor sounding headphones and good quality ones. I previously have bought b&w p7s and liked them until i got some plantronics beatbeat pro over-ear noise cancelling headphones which have the best battery life of any electronic device i have ever owned – don’t think i ever managed to run them flat. I bought the p5 wireless from apple in the us (slightly cheaper than uk) and wasn’t at all sure i was going to like them but i really love the construction quality and style of b&w headphones so took the plunge. Fit & comfort==========they do feel quite tight (like a vice round your head) at first but within a few hours of soon became completely comfortable. I can wear them for hours with any discomfort. They are a perfect balance of study build with pretty light weight and excellent balance. I recommend anyone to try bluetooth headphones as not having the cable is very liberating – no more getting up and dragging your phone along behind you.

These are not the most neutral headphones i have ever had but i keep returning to them. The reason: stunning midrange with vocals shining in particular. Never heard so much emotion conveyed before. Can make other headphones appear cold and sterile. While the sound impresses the ear pads leaked glue which was sorted out by b&w free of charge. My other niggle that the headband was poor finished was ignored – the inner stuffing pokes through at both ends of the leather which is too short. Doesn’t affect sound or comfort but looks scruffy. Not the bespoke look b&w sell. The local agent in ireland is v mediocre in service. V much get the impression they don’t care about a customer unless they rush to drop a few grand.

These headphones are simply amazing. Sound clarity is amazing, bass is solid punchy. Simply a must buy for any music lover.

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