Bowers & Wilkins PX Bluetooth Wireless Headphones : It’s the one for me

Fantastic sound signature from these, for closed back there is still some sound stage and the music doesn’t sound like its in your head, more like your in front of the music. Testing these with the aptx-hd codec on an lg g6 and the sound quality is brilliant, almost on par with really good wired headphones. The functionality where you can just take it off and it auto sleeps and when you pick it up hours later and put it on your head and the music just starts playing – is brilliant, very convenient at work (means the battery lasts ages as well). The noise cancelling is also great at work, i have it at the office (lowest) setting, it doesn’t sound compressed like on my old bose qc15. Its more like the sony noise cancelling. Also love the fact it has usb c charging. The only real negative i can give is i wish they offered some alternative pads, but i have only had these ones a few days and they are still fairly rigid, so time will tell how i get used to them. Oh and the app isn’t the most feature rich, but not the end of the world.

Without doubt the best headphones i have ever owned. I still am, but these blow their headphones out of the water. Very comfortable, and noise cancellation is superb. Quality of sound; well, it feels like i’ve just regained my hearing.

Just wish i could pair them with a few more listening devices. So have to get out lead provided which is not long enough. Studied reviews for ages and it was these or the bose.

I prefer these over my bose qc25s. Some important adjustments can only be made using a app and bluetooth. Both wireless and wired sound is very involving. Remarkable clarity and detail. I now know what they mean by ‘timing’. Excellent timing and precision in the sound. I am hearing depths and details that i have not heard before. They really make the music more enjoyable.

Definitely worth buying if sound quality is important to you. It can only be worn for two hours at most because it gets uncomfortable around the ears where the leather starts to dig into your flesh. Otherwise looks great and the battery life is phenomenal. The noise cancellation isn’t that effective but not too bad.

The best ever delivery in sound, comfort and quality. No regrets spending my extra earned savings.

After owning bose earphones some years back and been disappointed in the sound quality, particularly the bass i’d converted to yamaha in ear wired earphones which have served me well. I then bought my wife some bose qc35’s which were ok but still lacked real sonic brilliance. So i set my sights on the new sony’s but was put off by warnings over build quality and breaking headbands, after trying a pair i could see why. So when i saw the px’s i had to give them a try. The build quality was unbelievably good, quality materials, solid metal architecture and wonderful design. Then i put them on, loaded up some tracks and everything from acoustic lumineers through to holy thursday jazz just sounded outstanding. Throw in some heavy guitar tracks from free or solo vocals from hem , all are crystal clear; highs, lows and everything in between. Noise cancelling is good, slightly behind the bose but in terms of pure sound, streets ahead. Sat in the back of a noisy car or a plane all becomes bliss.

I would like to be able to adjust bass and treble but still sounds great.

  • Heavier than expected, but sound quality is worth the price.
  • Headphones to beat in 2018 in regards to sound quality
  • Excellent sound quality. Very pleased.

Bowers & Wilkins PX Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling – Soft Gold

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Before i go off and slam these headphones, i’ll start off with the positives:1. Battery life – i used my b&w px headphones while travelling to and from work (about an hour per day) and then probably another 6 hours a day playing video games and watching stuff on youtube (yes, my lifestyle leaves something to be desired. This isn’t a review of my lifestyle. ) and i only really charge my headphones 1-2 times a week. That’s pretty great considering how many hours i use them per day. Noise cancellation – i get the bus to and from work and these headphones really were great at drowning out the sound of the bus engine and the other paupers chattering amongst themselves on the peasant wagon. I even used these on a couple of flights and they completely nullified the sound of the jet engines. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Sound quality – if you’ve never bought a pair of expensive headphones before and you’re looking at the b&w px headphones thinking “this is going to be revolutionary.

Matters considered before i bought these headphones were sound quality, noise reduction, battery life, bluetooth and bulk. My research showed that these phones were expensive, but the reviews put them streets ahead on sound quality and battery life, very good at noise reduction. The downside was that they are rather bulkier than my ideal (i would have preferred ear-buds). However, weighing up the compromises, these headphones were clearly the only buy to get anywhere near my requirements. They are by any reading expensive (though not bad value for money), but i made a good saving by purchasing a damaged box “as new” set from amazon warehouse. I have since found that similar savings can be made on the b&w website too. From first use, it was clear that these px ‘phones well exceeded my expectations – they were even slightly smaller than i had feared. As a bonus, the bluetooth system worked incredibly well, and the ‘phones would connect rapidly and tenaciously to my devices. It was even pretty good at deciding which device i wanted it to connect to when both were available. Particularly impressive to me was the noise reduction (which i am told is not quite the best available, but it works very well for me) when in “flight” mode (full noise reduction) i find that i can listen to stuff on my phone with less background noise than using ear-buds under a pair of ear-defenders.

After reading lots of reviews and comments from various sources (both positive & negative ones), i finally decided to have a try by myself. Sound – after ‘burning in’ during my sleep, the sound is already good enough for me. I don’t want to describe it. You’d better hear it by yourself. I use both sony wm1a and iphone 7. On iphone 7 i only have normal quality music and px sounds absolutely acceptable, same as the other bluetooth headphones who support apple aac codec. It really depends on what kind of look, sound style, functionality etc you prefer. The music played from sony wm1a is all hi-res and flac files, px is much better than some other headphones i tried, because both support aptx hd, very close to sony’s exclusive ldac. Comfort – so many people complained about it.

This is still getting me chilled out. I’ve read so many reviews over this headphones over the past few days that i was decided not to buy themalthough i’m planning a long trip next week and i had bw (my hi-fi election brand) p7 wireless without anc, and i was getting annoyed that i would fly with plane noise, so over the heat of the moment i decided to sell p7 wireless and buy px. First thing first, i much prefer p7 wireless sound is such a harmony of silence. Second don’t read 2 much reviews over the internet, specially from previous owners of p7w or bose qc35. Sound is good, crisp and has a lower bass than p7w. Anc is awesome in the office, i don’t have to hear ghost noise and voices over the sound pads. Material is not so premium as p7w, those really look exquisite and expensive, this are more urban style. I’ve read a comment for someone who used px over an eames and ottoman chair, and i really can picture this. So at this point, my only deception is that i would prefer to have both, p7w for home px for the rest, if you can only afford one pair, just check what is most important, quietly enjoying music or day2day anc. Update: i’ve reviewed this for 4* the first time, after using them for 2weeks i must say that the sound is stunning and i’m changing my review to 5*.

Bought for my partners christmas and they haven’t been off her head since :d.

Build quality, sound quality, noise cancelling. These headphones got all in highest level, i am big music fan and listen everywhere, bought these for gym and general listening and they are brilliant. Not cheap but worth every pennyvery useful app too.

If sound matters then these are truly immersive and endlessly entertaining headphones. Quality materials, quality feel; they are bowers & wilkins after all. I read some reviewers who complain about other headsets being more comfortable; personally the sound is more important and like a good saddle you need to wear these in over time, you will not be disappointed. Updating the app software forced me to do a factory reset, easy process and straight back to incredible performance (mostly don’t touch the app). So by all means choose comfort, go sony, go sennheiser, but if you ever see someone wearing these you’ll know for certain that their headphones sound better than yours and it is just just possible you were born with a wonky head.

First off – these things are very impressive, in pretty much all aspects. Materials and build quality are light years ahead of the closest (wireless/noise cancelling) competition at the same price point. I came from a pair of bose qc35s (loved them too) but it’s really no contest. Steel, leather and gorgeous textured/woven nylon. Usability wise these things win too, the sensors that pause and resume music when you take the headphones or an earcup off are magical, and the fact that b&w themselves recommend using that function instead of ever turning the headphones off (meaning instant pairing and resumption of music playback the moment you put them back on) really adds to the experience of using these headphones. The buttons on the right earcup are easy to find your way around, and the addition of a button to toggle noise cancelling on and off is a godsend coming from my old qc35s, which needed to use the bose app. Sound wise very impressed, much wider and clearer sounding than i’ve listened to before. Sounded great out of the box – rather different from the qc35s or hyperx cloud 2s that are my ‘normal’ over-ears for different uses but certainly better to my taste. Not sure whether burn-in improving the sound noticeably is a thing or if it’s just getting used to the sound profile of new headphones but either way the sound on these is nothing short of stellar in my opinion. Some people have complaints about comfort – they do have a slightly firmer than usual grip on the sides of your head and to a lesser extent the top, but i can’t describe them as anything but ‘very comfortable’.

  • Heavier than expected, but sound quality is worth the price.
  • Headphones to beat in 2018 in regards to sound quality
  • Excellent sound quality. Very pleased.

Bowers & Wilkins PX Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling – Soft Gold

Great sound after few days of listening.

I’ll keep it as brief as i can and also try to address some of the points raised in other reviews:sound – is fantastic, i owned a pair of p3s and these have a bigger soundscape (due to the larer drivers i think?) warm and natural with plenty of texture and precision. Acoustic/rock/classical music sound incredible. Active isolation – as good as my wired bose quiet comforts, it does affect the overall sound quality, so use the active isolation only when you need to. The additional environment ‘pass-through’ settings are very useful. Office – allows you to hear nearby conversations etc. City – you can hear nearby traffic and crowds. Plane – knocks out everything. One additional note is that i found the pxs have a natural amount of passthrough when making calls – minimising the yeah, i’m just on my way now. Build – oozes quality, leather ear pads will soften nicely a little after wearing for a few days. Hinges and headband look and feel very well made. Would’ve liked a hard case included, but the soft one looks pretty classy. Fit/ weight – some reviewers complained about the the fit after a few hours, i had a little ache on the top of my head (i have a little ridge at the top of my skull), i just loosened the fit and not had the problem since. Would’ve like the headband cushion to be a little bigger and softer – i have a pair of beyerdynamic dt770 pros which have a better headband imho.

I have never in my days spent so much on a pair of head phones and initially never entertained anything by bowers & wilkins. I was happily looking about the £150 mark until my wife, who is serious about getting all she can out of listening to her music, suggested that we chuck in half each and get a really decent pair. That opened the research doors wider and having looked at the comparable bose and sony head phones the bowers & wilkins px just stood out on paper like the “daddy”. At £329 i was a little bit apprehensive that they would match the expense. Once they arrived that worry was blown out of the water. These are quite simple stunning. The build is solid, it just feels quality. But it is when you put them on that you can hear why they command such a hefty price tag, (that said they are by no means the dearest headphones out there, not by a long shot). They sound absolutely fantastic. I have a new sony telly running through a dedicated sound system and these headphones leave it for dead.

Spent many sleepless nights procrastinating and scouring youtube and the internet for reviews of the apple, bose, sony and other specialist offerings. The single poor pc mag review of the b&w was putting me off but i decided to risk it as amazon has such a good returns process. Delivery was prompt from the sevenoaks retailer that hadn’t ran out of stock like most other places. On unboxing the px i was greeted with an exquisitely engineered set of headphones, the materials are similar to those found on a dashboard of a luxury vehicle or aircraft. Although i loved the look of the gold and navy set i plumped for the discreet looking space grey in the hope that the average hoody / mugger wouldn’t recognise the brand. Pairing with my iphone 7 and ipad were seamless and the headset arrived already charged. The app was straightforward to use and i had no issues with dropped connections. Everything rock solid so far. Then i was concerned when the headset paused at every adjustment made to the fitting.

Any issues that the headset had before have been fixed, very good quality headphones deserving of all its rewards.

Way,way better than my last pair of noise-cancelling headphones (some old audiio technica’s that went berserk anywhere near a mobile phone). Out of the box i let them have a few hours charge, installed the b&w app on my phone, and then updated to the latest firmware. That firmware update seems to be quite important, i have had none of the issues with cutting out or very low sound levels that others have reported. And then on to a few hours of listening. The sound quality is excellent, both with and without the noise cancelling active, there is a tight and well defined bass – these are not for bass heads, they give you what bass is there on the recording, no more, no less – the mid range and treble are clear and natural, and the sound staging is good for a pair of closed back headphones. Overall a very well balanced and natural sound (and neutral, if what you are listening to is badly recorded or low quality, these headphones will do nothing at all to hide it or improve it), the quality does vary according to how they are connected and a direct usb connection seems to be the best. Probably the only issue i have with them is that the ear pads need to be a little larger, my ears are not huge but the pads don’t quite fit round them to make a good seal. So far, for what i want them for – travelling, trains, planes – they are very very good. No, not as good as my audio-gd & hifiman home setup, but i reckon it would be very hard to find anything better for use on the move.

These are expensive, so i was very demanding and ending up returning them. Firstly, they sound much better than any other bluetooth headphones i’ve tried, so no complaints about audio quality. I didn’t find them uncomfortable, as some people have, but i didn’t find them particularly *comfortable* either. They sometimes experienced packet loss and dropped their connection or sounded weird for a couple of seconds. All bluetooth headphones do this it seems, even these super expensive ones. The noise cancellation was fine, i compared them side-by-side on a train with my friend’s bose qcs and there didn’t seem to be any difference, both did a fine job. However, there were two deal-breakers for me: the audio quality in calls, and the inability to use them via the usb-c cable as a wired headset for calls. B&w claim to use multiple microphones for calls and do some clever processing to better pick up your voice. No one i spoke to could tell the difference, there was just as much background room noise and i sounded exactly the same as i did with my older cheap bluetooth set (i. Nowhere near as good as if you use a proper headset with a boom mic). You also can’t make calls in ‘wired’ mode via the usb-c cable, you can only listen to music. I was buying these to be the only set of headphones i owned, but tragically they’re just not up to it for calls and you’re *much* better off with a proper headset.

Nice fit, very good sound quality, a few interesting features. One of the best ( if not the best ) pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones.

I’ve tried these, the new bose qc 35 ii and the sony wh-1000 mk2 and the most uncomfortable out of all 3 for a person that has to wear glasses as part of normal day to day life are the bowers and wilkins px. Whilst the natural sound and build quality of them is great the other 2 headphones both have equal and other advantages, but one huge advantage in that the pressure exerted on the ears and the comfortable earpads provided with both of them outweighs the px’s by leaps and bounds. Bowers need to ask themselves what’s the point of providing an great natural sound if users can’t wear the headphones for more than 30 mins before developing aches and pains especially when exerted on glass frames around the ear areas?my go to pair and advice to others is go with the sony’s, you’ll get an app which is intergrated and reliable with ios and android and the headphones themselves have comfort and sound which you can tailor to tastes and the anc doesn’t distract or limit the sound lush most important you can wear them for long periods of time enjoying whatever you’re listening to in your own world.

Bluetooth connection is rock solid. I mainly use these at home to drown at kids, and at work (open plan office) to drown out colleagues. I am fussy with audio quality. I have been mainly using audio technica msr7 cans for the past year, which are superb. I had always dismissed wireless but thought i’d give it a go. These have changed my opinion. The sound is incredibly detailed and broad. I would say the sound is slightly v shaped and as a result very pleasant and enjoyable. Whilst the msr7 are more accurate, these are more fun to listen to.

If you are looking for a pair of headphones which can accurately sustain a dynamic soundscape with authority and total emersion. Not cheap, but awesome for audiophiles. Ignore the comments about comfort, the px are plenty comfortable. No they are not exactly discreet, but i don’t care how they look, because they sound great. (which is why for the price they are worth every penny. Supported by a great app, these headphones are a must have for anyone serious about sound rather than fashion.

Bowers are the best when it comes to design quality. I loved the small details such as music mutes if you remove headphones and plays from where you left however the sound quality compared to sony and bose was way off. Headphones rumbled when faced with low frequency. If only they could get that right the noise cancellation doesn’t matter.

Functionality is very good with these headphones and easily connect with blue tooth devices ( except ipad with latest upgrade???). B&w were hopeless at givibg support. I prefer to link them with a cable when using my hifi as the sound is better.

Worth every penny,let it play for over 300-350 hours to get maximum of the headphone sound. I use it on a daily basis for over 6-8 hours and they can hold up to 3 days depending if your gaming or listening to music. Arrived on time without any issues. In the price range in my opinion there is no better sound quality headphones.

I like many others was undecided for weeks. Fortunately amazon have a good returns policy. These sound crystal clear – every detail is sharp. The likes of which i have never heard. But, and it is a big but, they were uncomfortable – for me. I developed a hot spot on my head where they rested. The ear padding is not as soft as the seinheisser momentum (which are not nearly worth the price imo) but it was still comfortable after a few hours. I think the padding was adequate around the ears.

Best head phones i have ever owned well worth the money.

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