Brabantia BBEK1025-W 2-Slice Toaster – A good Toaster – with some caveats

In our house, we do not have much success with toasters. The model needs to be accurately adjustable because each of us prefers a different setting. We want toast that is evenly toasted all over (whatever the setting) and on both sides. This provides a reasonably even toasting on both sides and is easily adjustable to suit your taste. So far, so good, however, as usual, this toaster is only designed for the really square loaves. If you buy from a baker, the slices are normally more rectangular than square, so one edge of each slice is still underdone. Maybe this is a minor criticism, but i can’t help thinking that surely this should be a consideration of design. I still can’t seem to find a toaster that toasts the whole slice, even one that is slightly taller than wide. If i put it on its side, it doesn’t fit.

So far so good, however, we have bought several very cheap toasters where the mechanism that keeps the bread down has broken very quickly. This toaster seems much more substantial and has good build quality. The design and choice of colour give the potential user a fairly neutral piece of kit, which should go with different kitchen schemes. The serviceable crumb tray ensures quick and easy access to discard waste and keeps the unit clean. Most of the functions that you would expect in this mid-range device are there, including a browning function and auto function switch off for a safer toasting experience. This unit, by design and function, is probably intended for a smaller household, then for a larger family where there would be a queue of people, wanting different types of cooked toast. Its form factor lends itself to a smaller kitchen operation. As for the various toasting settings, well we were a bit befuddled here. On using the unit on the higher settings, we received toast that was more “black carbon”. Therefore, as other reviewers have commented, we are going to the lowest toasting settings.

This is an unknown brand to me and over all view of this toaster is that it is slightly above average in functionality but good in terms of build quality. The core functions which are pretty standard now are here of course:- browning knob- crumb tray- cool wall touch sidesthe slots are a little short in my view for larger farmhouse bread and the browning knob is a bit sensitive. I found medium setting was too dark and high was burnt so as always with browning controls, it take a few goes to get it right for you.

I can’t say i’m totally sold on this toaster. Admittedly it looks nice and smart and slightly smaller than my previous toaster so there is a bit more room on the kitchen worktop. It’s easy to clean – just wipe a damp cloth round the outside and there are no smudges. But the toasting element is not anything special for the price of the toaster. The crumb tray too is easy to removethere are 7 settings on the variable browning control and brabantia recommend using no3 setting when using it for the first time – which we did – and the toast came out burnt. We have set ours at no 2 but that still makes the toast quite brown for our liking – especially on one side – so i have no idea what would happen if we set it on the top setting. Secondly we have put a white mark on the control button so that we can see exactly where the dial is set as otherwise it would be very difficult to see what setting it is on. This toaster is good for smaller sliced bread, if it is larger sliced then the top part won’t brown – you could obviously turn it over but you would need to keep a close eye on the toaster to check it hasn’t burnt the already toasted bread. I have yet to use the defrost or reheat button but so far, just for toasting i’m not overly impressed. For the price, i think i expected better.

A very attractive looking toaster and ideal for the small home. It toasts quickly and evenly. While it comes built in with a sensor for even cooking i was fooled to believe this would make it impossible to burn your toast. One criticism is it does seem to have been designed for the common sliced bread you pick up from the supermarket. If you make your own bread or buy fresh loads you cut yourself you may get frustrated with it unless you have a precision bread cutter. I wouldn’t describe it as a particularly ‘roomy’ toaster. What i did like was the crumb tray which was easy to remove and thus keep your toaster relatively clean and crumb free. If you’re a family or there are more than two of you i’d tend to opt for a 4-slice toaster.

It’s not the best looking toaster. The white plastic look and light weight of toaster makes you think cheaply made. Has much the same controls as most toaster. Dial to choose how toasted you want things, stop button and reheat. On first turning on i checked how hot the sides were and they only got warm so safety wise it was good but there was a burning plastic type smell. This disappeared but bit off putting when using for first time. Like most toasters it’s only deep enough for square slices. So you have to turn bread half way through to toast more evenly. The slots are quite wide so easy for think slices of bread, brioche & muffins etc.

On the plus side this toaster looks good in our kitchen with its stylish design. But on functionality it fails a bit. As with many toasters it is set up to fit your standard ‘warburtons’ sized bread. It won’t take something like a scottish mother’s pride slice of bread. You’ll have to put that in vertically and either have an untoasted end or turn it around and toast the other end leaving you with a well done middle section. However, our previous toaster was the same so this is not a problem unique to this particular brand/model. Overall it does work well and hasn’t been a decent product over the months we have been using it. The darkness setting is pretty generous so if you like your toast light then go very low. It’s easy to clean with crumb tray and is solidly built.

A really simple and stylish toaster. The dimpled black finish will look at home in just about any kitchen setting. The plastic sidewalls remain cool to touch during operation. I also found this to be a fairly quick toaster being quite a bit faster than my previous oneit has the usual multiple browning settings and a really useful illuminated stop button to quickly eject the toast if you think it is getting a but overdonea really nice product from a well respected company.

I like this toaster for the following reasons:1) styling: although i would normally go for a metal look, the white plastic casing looks fresh and clean, and is easier to keep that way. 2) insulated: the heat stays inside, rather than surfaces getting hot to the touch like some. 4) reheat and defrost buttons. 5) the bread stays in the middle of the slot and is prevented from leaning (which would mean uneven toasting)i was slightly disappointed by:1) the size of the slots: no home made bread – only the square sandwich bread fits. Most other types will stick out of the top unless you cute them down. 2) no warming rack: it’s an inefficient but convenient way to heat muffins and irregularly shaped things. 3) the number settings: it goes from 1 to 5, but even two is a dark toast. Good if you like well-done crumpets, but all the higher numbers might as will not be there as they go off the top of the scale. Overall though, this feels well built and substantial enough to last for a while, which gives me a bit of confidence in it – some really do feel cheap when you get them in your hands.

As toasters go, this is a nice looking machine. Easy to use and largely toasts well. When i suggest that it foesnt toast everything well i mean crumpets. Try as i might i could find a setting that consistently produce a toasted crumpet like i like them. However, toasting bread worked a real treat. In summary, there’s very little not to like about the toaster if mine is anything to go by.

This is a relatively basic toaster but with th looks and build quality you’d expect from a brabantia product. It’s pretty compact but can take even the chunky slices we cut from our homemade bread. Much like most toasters nowadays the element is pretty strong so for our preference of lightly toasted you really do need to stick to the lower numbers on the dial and sometimes need to engage the stop button. The toaster has a defrost and reheat function which essentially means the heat is turned down a bit- again fairly standard. It’s easy to clean and has a removable crumb tray. I do recommend with most of these types of toasters investing in a pair of wooden toast tongs which definitely make life easier.

Here are the specifications for the Brabantia BBEK1025-W 2-Slice Toaster:

  • Easily carried and installed
  • Great design for your Kitchen and Home
  • Easy to Clean and easy storage

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A good Toaster – with some caveats
  • Not bad
  • Good build, nice styling – no rack, small slice slots