Brabantia BBEK1063 Complete Hand Blender System : Brilliant Blender

This is a very comprehensive set of high-quality equipment. 5m of straight flex and is solidly built; with the blender attachment it weighs about 1kg and is a substantial 42cm long, which can make it a little unwieldy. The motor has two speed buttons and also a variable speed control, for me i found the speed buttons more than sufficient. The blender, milk frother and whisk attach securely to the motor and work very well. The motor attaches securely to the chopping bowl and processor bowl, both of which have non-slip bases. The processor has interchangeable blades for slicing and grating. The instruction manual gives guidance on the maximum amount of food that can be chopped; the motor has plenty of power to operate the accessories. This is a useful, well-made set of equipment which comes with a three year guarantee.

Powerful, however fiddly when assembling. I need to pay particular attention to parts alignment, because it would be easy to break/ snap little pieces. No helping marks on the outside. Great for shredding and chopping onions.

The brabantia turbo hand blender set came with more accessories than i expected. There a range of utensils that chop, froth, dice etc. They do take up a lot of cupboard space, but brabantia have also supplied a wall mount should you wish to mount it on the wall. The set includes instructions, the motor unit, blender stick, chopping bowl (with kid), milk frother, whisk, beaker, processing jug (with lid), and grater blade. When you first take the items out of the box, it seems a bit overwhelming at first trying to figure out what does what. However, the instruction pamphlet is clear and concise, and you’ll figure everything out in no time. The blades are sharp (be careful when cleaning), and the motor powerful. I’ve chopped and mashed (using the blender attachment) potatoes with ease. Having a toddler, this set has been perfect for making baby food. The milk frother, whilst not an important utensil, is a fun addition to froth hot chocolate with.

This is supplied, well packaged in a fairly large box where the whole kit is packed protectively and well presented. The kit is based around a hefty mains powered brabantia base unit, into which you can add devices which it powers – namely a superb aluminium hand blender unit, or a whisk unit, or a chopper, a milk frother, a grater or slicer. Basically the one motor unit drives all these devices, and they are all useful and excellent to have around the kitchen, but coming together as one packaged unit they offer more than you can really ask for in one go. There is also a measuring jug included. The kit would suit anyone just setting up their kitchen, or especially someone who wants all of these food processing accessories who doesn’t have room for them all when bought alone. I suppose the only downside would be that when the motor unit goes, so does the rest, but frankly this offers such good value, i just think it would be erroneous to think that way. The hand blender itself it a great tool that you will use over and over again, the other tools are cool and you will find them invaluable. Both the whisk and the milk frother lend themselves to the modern kitchen and the chopper, slicer and grater are brilliant too. The fact is that someone has sat down and really thought about this and come up with a brilliant solution for most modern households. Cleaning is the only problem, but again design helps you with most of it and the overall performance is simply great.

A high quality and versatile hand blender that has 8 speed settings and can copy with chopping hard solid foods all the way through to whisking. The bowl attachments make this more of a food processor than your standard hand blenders allowing grating and slicing. It even has a milk frother for help with making your coffeegreat product, easy to use and robust. Useful addition to any kitchen.

Not as strong as i expected at this wattage but okay.

Excellent hand blender with plenty of attachments.

Tried to do breadcrumbs, had to pass some bread through twice.

  • Awesome piece of kit
  • Four Stars
  • Good attachments. Very powerful

Brabantia BBEK1063 Complete Hand Blender System, 1.25 Litre, 1000 W, Brushed Stainless Steel

Product Description, The Brabantia BBEK1063 Complete Hand Blender System is the perfect appliance to help create a wide range of delicious recipes. This multifunctional hand blender allows you to go beyond making soups and those rushed morning smoothies. This diverse hand blender can help prepare any part of your meal, with chopping, grating, whisking and milk frothing functions all at your disposal. The versatility this Brabantia Hand Blender brings to your cooking makes it a must have appliance for your kitchen.

Box Contains, 1 x BBEK1063 Hand Blender1 x Grater/Slicer attachment1 x Chopper attachment1 x Whisk attachment1 x 500ml Beaker1 x Milk Frother attachment1 x User Manual

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It feels very rigid due to relatively thick plastic, looks great thanks to the black & metal finish and (most importantly) does the jobs it’s supposed to do with ease.

Just listing all the attachments for this amazing hand blender would fill a review and i only wanted a replacement for a much used stick blender. Brabantia have covered all the bases with this kit including in it a whisk and milk frother as well as three bowls to use it as a liquidiser and food processor with the 1000w power unit providing all the muscle with none of the bulk of a conventional food processor. The main too, comes with a wall mount for convenient storage in your kitchen. My old one used to rattle around inside a kitchen draw taking knocks and scratches. My old one only used to have two speeds as well whereas the brabantia has eight speed settings and a turbo button and easily powers through the combination of water, powder and ice cubes my wife uses for her cambridge diet. Nah, no challengethis is a very well made piece of kitchen equipment and brabantia put their money where there mouth is and offer a three year guarantee.

In addition to using the main unit for hand blending soups, sauces, milk-shakes etc. With any appropriate bowl and with the 500ml beaker for frothing, it is also a more traditional food mixer with the 1. 25ml processing jug or 600ml chopping bowl provided. This brilliant blender is accompanied by a simplistic and straightforward instruction leaflet, and if safeguards are followed this must be the easiest to use of blenders on the market. It is also one of the best performers with its powerful 1000w motor incorporating 8 speed settings and a boost button. Attachments for the main stainless steel blender is a chopper, grater, slicer, whisk and frother. After describing these the illustrated instruction leaflet then gives step by step guidance on operation. The chopper is suitable for hard foods as carrots, onions, meat etc. , the grater is for hard cheeses, celery etc. , the slicer for cucumbers, fruit etc.

So far i haven’t managed to break this one. All the others i’ve had get destroyed by my hoummous making attempts. This one breezes through it and asks for more. Easy to take the base off the hand blender unlike some other branded models.

If you buy this bad boy then you will need to buy nothing else. You can blend, chop, whisk etc. All through attachments you can add to the main hand blender unit. The hand blender has a power engine so you are guaranteed enough power to undertake any task. The blender can be used to whizz soup etc straight in the pan. Please ensure the hand blender is deeply submerged. Otherwise you may be scrubbing stuff off the top of your kitchen units. With a three year brabantia are sure that their product is going to be a long-lasting quality kitchen essential.

Most of the budget for this package has been spent on the hand-blender which is solid and well-built. All of the other attachments and the chopping bowl are fairly flimsy in comparison which makes the package as a whole pretty average. The chopper attachment isn’t particularly sharp, and when attached to the bowl, it never feels as if it’s securely attached. The bowl will need to be pretty full to be of much use, it’s no good for small volumes of food as the blade isn’t very flush with the edges of the bowl which creates a ‘no-chop’ area. The lid doesn’t provide a proper seal, so when processing with a decent amount of food and liquid, you may find a bit of dribble from the seal. The small rubber feet on the bowl will easily come away when washing as they aren’t glued/secured. The milk frother and the whisk do a decent job, but again feel flimsy and don’t feel as if they will last. The grater and slicer work quite well, but i’d prefer to use a mandolin for more control. I’d ask whether you need all of the attachments that come with this package, if they’ll likely to sit in a cupboard and never be used then i’d say you need to be looking at a different option. Whilst the hand blender will last, i’d question the quality of the other pieces and whether you’ll ever use them all.

I think this is an excellent piece of kit. I found it easy to use and all the parts were of a solid , good quality. The instructions were clear on how it fits together and its just adjusting to having something to do it properly , rather than making dois it essential ?. Obviously don’t know about long term usage (how robust it is. ) but i think the hand blender will get a lot of use.

  • Awesome piece of kit
  • Four Stars
  • Good attachments. Very powerful

Brabantia BBEK1063 Complete Hand Blender System, 1.25 Litre, 1000 W, Brushed Stainless Steel

Features and Spesification

  • Easily carried and installed
  • Great design for your Kitchen and Home
  • Easy to Clean and easy storage