Brabantia Favourite Stainless Steel Stove Top Whistling Kettle : Delighted with this purchase

Burn my hands every time i use it. Looks good, whistle loud enough to hear from other room it would have been nice to have insulation on the handle and whistle.

Quality stainless steel from brabantia. On a 3900kw induction plate is still slower than an 3kw electric boiler but it will do the job with no problem. Ease of use, easy cleaning / descaling compared to an electric kettle.

Lovely kettle but one big problem the handle gets really hot and impossible to hold the whistle is the same.

I love my kitchen gadgets and tools and exclusively use a gas hob. I needed a kettle, this one seemed to fit my needs. Cons: lid seals well, but you need to make sure to push it all the way. Handle conducts too much heat. Buy it: mehoverview:simple stainless steel kettle targeted at gas hob owners. The kettle is quite light, and suitable for use by the more fragile among us as well. The kettle looks & feels as advertised with great workmanshipthe handle does however heat up quite a bit and you have to use a tea-towel/cast-iron pot handle to manage it. The lid ‘clips’ in, and you need to make sure that it does. It doesn’t fall lightly into place like most kettles, but the advantage is you don’t have to hold the lid down during pouring. Who should buy it:buy it if you need a simple kettle and don’t mind double-checking the lid as it uses a clipping mechanism.

This is the sort of kettle i wanted for ages and i’m over the moon with this one. It looks fantastic and there’s nothing i love more than the whistling noise it makes when its ready. Its very high quality and feels very sturdy and the stainless steel finish means its really easy to clean and looks brand new still.

Delighted with this purchase. Kettle looks lovely and i haven’t noticed a huge difference between using this one and an electric one in terms of cost of electricity.

Good weight with a wonderful ear piercing whistle. But why oh why would anyone design a kettle with a handle that gets got when you boil it???. I should have sent it back as not fit for purpose but loved the design and decided to use it with an oven glove.Must remember to use it thoughgood design/.

  • Good, but not perfect
  • Well made great price
  • Looks good, whistle loud enough to hear from other room

Brabantia Favourite Stainless Steel Stove Top Whistling Kettle, 2.3 L (Suitable for All Hob Types)

Product Description, The favourite cookware for the experienced cook. This Brabantia range brings specialist pans into your home. The Favourite stove top kettle is made from high-grade scratch-resistant stainless steel to ensure years of reliable service. The thick encapsulated base ensures even heat distribution. Professional stainless steel handle. Suitable for use on all hob types including induction and AGA type range cookers. Dishwasher safe. 20 year guarantee. Capacity: 2.3 litres.

Manufacturer’s Description, Brabantia stands for quality and reliability all brought together in a aesthetically pleasing and ultimately practical package. The brand represents what we stand for and distinguishes us from competitors all over the world. Brabantia stands as a company that typifies durable solutions and lasting values. A reputation such as this is a valuable asset. So we take good care of it. As we do of all our products, which is why all Brabantia products carry a long-term guarantee.

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I’ve been using this kettle for approximately a month now and on the whole, i’m very pleased with it. It’s a sturdy, but by no means heavy, kettle; easy to fill by either the spout (if you’re lazy like me)or by removing the lid. It comes to the boil quickly whether it’s a quarter, half or filled with water. It also polishes up nicely with a soft teatowel because unlike most stainless steels, it doesn’t water stain/smear so it always looks shiny and sits rather nicely on the stovetop, conjuring up long forgotton memories of nostalgic childhood trips to visit ‘grandma. ‘the one drawback for me is the rather loud whistling – not the gentle melodic whistle i remember from my childhood, but more of a banshee howl of anguish which rises in volume the longer you leave it to boil and prompts you to sprint into the kitchen and remove it from the stove, having first remembered to pick up the pot holder so you don’t burn your hand (as i unwittingly did the first time i set it to boil). However, a very good kettle in all and a must-buy if you want a return to the ‘nostalgic kitchens of yesteryear.

This kettle is sleek and contemporary sitting on my induction hob – and i think it heats up as quickly as an electric kettle. The only thing i would improve is the whistling valve – i wish it flipped up as once boiled you need a cloth to remove to pour.

Nice kettleworks well on induction hob without the handle getting hot.

Very nice piece and works beautifully, whistles like mad in my little flat.

I absolutely love this kettle. I started to get a bit apprehensive about the whistle, reading all the reviews. However, i did not need to worry as its totally fine. I live in a small apartment and so far it hasn’t produced any shrill that i can’t live with ;)i’m really happy with it – i won’t be returning to an electric kettle.

I don’t find the handle gets hot (using an induction hob), but the whistle does. I made a little string leash for the whistle so i can pull it off without having to find a cloth (and since there is hot steam around, a cloth isn’t really the best thing). Speaking of the whistle, yes, its loud. You probably don’t want this if your neighbours are easily disturbed.

I need at least 3 cups of coffee in a morning before i can function, i have this kettle bubbling away on my gas hob so i never need to waitit seems really well made definitely has a quality feel to it and looks really nice, highly recommended.

Great quality kettle that looks good and works very well on an induction hob.

  • Good, but not perfect
  • Well made great price
  • Looks good, whistle loud enough to hear from other room

Brabantia Favourite Stainless Steel Stove Top Whistling Kettle, 2.3 L (Suitable for All Hob Types)

Immediately impressed by the quality of this kettle, polished stainless steel inside and out. The lid and whistle fit perfectly. It looks the part and makes a lovely clear whistling sound. Comes with a 20 year guarantee too. This is built to lastunlike several other whistling kettles there are no silicone or resin parts, it’s 100% stainless steel. Glad there are no unnecessary water level gimmicks. Another plus is that the spout is big enough to allow easy filling from a tap, so many electric kettles described as being suitable for filling from a tap have fiddly smaller spouts. I purchased this after two new electric kettles, one plastic and one stainless steel imparted a foul chemical taste to the water, which seems to be a common problem as can be found by a quick internet search and amazon customer reviews. Not clear what causes this but definitely don’t want to drink tainted water. The taste and smell of water from the brabantia kettle is perfect.

Features and Spesification

  • High quality Martensitic 18/10 stainless steel will not stain or corrode
  • Matt finish stainless steel wire handles
  • Extra strong encapsulated sandwich base transmits heat evenly
  • suitable for all heat sources, incl. induction
  • 15 year guarantee (3 year on non-stick layer)