Brainwavz S0 Earphones With Remote and Microphone : Five Stars

Great noise-isolating abilities for the price range. The earphones also came in its original package and is very stylish as well. Definitely recommended purchase.

. Sound good, build quality good, looks good and a good selection of earbuds although i have only used the ones already fitted and they seem quite comfortable. . Terrible for use outdoors especially if breezy or if you move about the sound travels up the cord and into the ear making them almost useless. What a shame they have this design fault.

I walk on the road with traffic and i find brainwavz a big improvement for music or podcasts.

 founded in 2006, the aim of brainwavz is to produce affordable products ranging from entry level earphones up to professional ear and headphones. I’ve previously reviewed the s1 & s5 models which are a step or two above this model with regards to pricing and specification but i’m still impressed with what brainwavz deliver. The packaging exudes an air of confidence and is something i am more accustomed to seeing with more expensive models. Included with the earphones are a rigid carry case, a cable clip, 2 pairs each of small, medium & large silicon tips, 1 pair of bi-flange tips, 1 pair of tri-flange tips and a pair of comply foam tips along with a cable tidy when in the case. This is the kind of package that you would be expecting with a much more expensive purchase and i’m frankly amazed that this model still includes so much. The earphones themselves are of the in ear monitor (iem) variety and designed to be worn with the audio cables over and down the back of the ears instead of hanging straight down. This has the benefit of offering more support to keep the earphones in place as well as cutting down on cable phonics. The housings are fashioned from aluminium giving them good strength as well as remaining very light and these are actually a light smaller than the higher end models. The tip canal is angled to sit better in the ear and this helps make the s1 a very comfortable iem once in place. These are connected to your audio source of choice by a flat cable.

When these beautiful earphone arrived i was pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail in the packaging, and the carry case, the earphone come with lots of different ear tips, so there would certainly be a size and style to suit everyone, the ear phones look trendy and are comfortable to wear, the inline remotes works brilliantly with ios devices, unfortunately on some functionality with android and windows, however this is disclosed in the instructions. The earphone have a great sound quality and rival other more expensive brands at a fraction of the price. If you are after a good set of earphones, that come with a built in mic and hand free capabilities then these are the earphones for you. I received this product free/or at a reduced cost in return for an honest review and this in no way influenced the integrity of my review. All opinions are my own and i always review discounted products as if i had paid the full advertised price. If you have any questions then click my profile and drop me an message and i will be happy to help you. If you found this review helpful in deciding whether to buy the product, it would really help me out if you clicked ‘yes, i found this helpful’ below.

Had these for 6 months, no issues with them, good quality and sound, plenty of different fittings for comfort and a nice case for them, i recommend these headphones.

Brainwavz has been making some of the best designed, best built, earphones for both audiophiles and casual users recently. Its new brainwavz s0 earphones offer listeners “…a balanced sound signature with each part off the sound spectrum represented accurate and clear. ” this is no mere advertising copy posted on its packaging for its product, but an accurate assessment. Having been fortunate to receive from the manufacturer, samples for review of these earphones and many of its other audio products, i think the brainwavz s0 represents a new high standard for exceptional audio quality, offering potential purchasers the opportunity to obtain exceptional earphones at relatively inexpensive prices. I’ve tried these earphones on a beaten-up sony walkman miniature radio i have own for years, several laptops and a bose cd player; in each instance, i was delighted by the exceptional clarity and realism of the audio, noting that it performs at a level one would expect from earphones and headphones costing at least twice as much. Brainwavz demonstrates the high regard it has for the s0 by offering a miniature hard carrying case, a shirt clip, and eight sets of eartips which listeners can choose from to ensure maximum enjoyment from these earphones. 5mm jack is compatible for ipods, iphones, ipads, mp3 players, and other audio devices like the bose cd player i own. The brainwavz s0 is definitely one of the firm’s “flagship” models and compares quite favorably with – and, i suspect, may be superior to – similar products from competitors like bose and sony, offering exceptional sound quality that will please discerning audiophiles.

So far, i am very satisfied with these headphones. Good sound for the price range and comes with a small case and a pack of different earbuds.

  • great sound, the wires are a bit heavy overall
  • Perfect
  • Great noise-isolating abilities for the price range

Brainwavz S0 Earphones With Remote and Microphone for Apple iPhone and Android Phones

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Update 2: 09 may 18, about a week ago i posted on twitter about the fault, someone from brainwavz suggested i visit their website to complete a warranty form, long story short, from completing the form to returning my faulty pair, then getting a new replacement took around 1week. Thank youupdate: 06 feb 18, despite looking after them & always using the case provided, the right ear has stopped working (1year after i started using them). I’ve just read a few other reviews complaining about the build quality & worst of all, lack of support from the customer service. Shame because i really like the sound from these buds, but i’m reluctant to buy again with so many people having issues. Initial review: jan 17these are my third pair of brainwavz headphones, whilst the last 2 where decent with nice sound output they where just a little short of what i was looking for. The first had great bass but lacking a little in clarity. The second where extremely clear but fell short a little on the bass. These however are spot on, great vocal quality and a satisfyingly rich bass. In fact they sound better than past earphones i have owned costing twice as much by more recognised brand like beats, sony and sennheiser. The last 2 brainwavz lasted around two & a half years before 1 side died, it’s not ideal but at around £40, for the sound quality and pleasure they brought to my daily commute, i can’t complain too much.

They look good, and there are many tips so you definitely find a right one for you. You also get a case where you can keep them, so they won’t break so easily.

Update:i’m on my second pair as the first ones topped working within a year. Now the volume controls have stopped working on these. All in all i like them but they are way to delicate. I’ve tried treating them carefully but they are just not built to last. For this price i expect better—————————————————they seem well made earphones, they give you a lot o features for your money: non tangle wires, mic, volume and track/call buttons, lots of different ear-pieces you can change (including foam noise isolating ones). I’ve only had them a few weeks, but they seem well made. I wish the sound was better, nothing bad but just a bit flat. I bought them specifically because they were reviewed as best-sounding in this price range. Also they are not very comfortable in the ear. I think the ear-buds are a bit hard, so never really comfortable.

Quick delivery, great sound, the wires are a bit heavy overall a great buy.

The item was very well packaged and arrived 2 days before the predicted date.

Good quality, comfortable, reliable, good sound quality. Amazing value for the price.

These s0 earphones were sent to me by brainwavz for review. I have tried quite a few of their earphones now and all of them, including these, sound very good and far better than i might expect for the price. These come with a very nice compact carrying case, including a little velcro strap inside to keep the cable neat, which i like very much. There is a good range of silicone tips for a good fit, plus a set of comply memory-foam tips so you will be able to find the tips which best suit your ears. The build quality is very good; they have a good quality, oxygen-free, flat connecting cable which doesn’t tangle and makes very little friction noise on clothes. The jack is gold-plated and the strain relief is very solid. This is plainly a well-made product. I find them very comfortable in use and they are stylish and unobtrusive. The sound is excellent, especially for earphones at this price. They have good clarity of articulation, genuine richness and very good balance.

Though unfortunately the mic is rubbish. I can’t use it at all say for a conf.

  • great sound, the wires are a bit heavy overall
  • Perfect
  • Great noise-isolating abilities for the price range

Brainwavz S0 Earphones With Remote and Microphone for Apple iPhone and Android Phones

Brainwavz s0 quick review by mark2410brief: the s5 has a baby brotherprice: us$50 or £31specification: transducers/drivers: dynamic, 9mm, rated impedance: 16ohms closed dynamic, sensitivity: 100db at 1mw, frequency range: 18hz ~ 18khz, distortion:. 3% @ 100db, channel balance: =< 1db (at 1000hz), rated input power: 10mw, maximum input power: 40mw, plug: 3. 3 meters y cord, copped ofc, 1 year warranty, dimensions (packaging): 160 x 135 x 38mm, net weight: 10g, gross weight: 140gaccessories: 1 x comply foam s-400 tips, 6 x silicone tips, 1 x bi-flange tips, 1 x tri-flange tips, 1 x shirt clip, 1 x earphone carrying case, 1 x instruction manualbuild quality: rather nice. Look and feels well put together. Isolation: yeah it’s pretty reasonable. Sufficient for day to day stuff, but not what i’d pick for a flight or tube commute. As always more than enough to get you run over. Even wearing these up there was no issues and were comfy to use for hours. Like the s5 they are just black and i’ll confess, if they are all metal then why paint them black, i’d much rather see the metal. Mostly they are uneventful visually. Sound: these are little versions of the s5.

A slight problem with the earphones that i bought but brainwavz replaced them veey efficiently and quickly.

The following review can be found here:http://www. Org/products/brainwavz-s0-in-ear-headphones/reviews/12095a video review can also be found here:https://www. Com/watch?v=gj5wbfs68n0the brainwavz s0s were nicknamed as the “little brothers” of the brainwavz s5. I had previously reviewed the brainwavz s5s, while i did like how well they performed as a v shaped earphone. In the end the sound was not exactly my cup of tea. With the release of the s0s, brainwavz attempts to take many of the features that made the s5s great, but channel that into a more affordable, consumer friendly package (especially now since you can easily wear the s0s cable down). I think brainwavz have succeeded with the s0s. Now on with the reviewaccessories:the s0s comes with a nice set of accessories given their price range.

Ive had my earphones for just under a month. They are brilliant sound quality. Yes i would recommend them to a friend. But after having them for a under a month mine have already broken, where you plug it into your phone. As one doesn’t work and the other you can hardly hear.

Brainwavz are a really excellent company that really are making a name for themselves with a range of high quality and brilliantly designed headsets that although premium you do not pay a premium price. The common factor running through the range is quality and attention to detail. So far i reviewed five other brainwavz headphones so i am getting to know what i am talking about. As i say i have reviewed a budget, a middle value and a high value set. I should use the adjective high cost rather than high value for all the brainwavz are great value. Good construction, a good to great sound and attention to detail. This attention to detail just makes getting a set of brainwavz a choice for headphones. These are a top quality all metal set in the middle range.

Very good value for the money, fast shipment.

So far i’ve found these brainwavz exceptional value for money. They are well balanced and appear to be built to last. Sound quality is comparable to the sound magic e10 or rock jaw alpha genus v2 but they seem that little bit better constructed. I rarely get more than 6 months out of a pair of earphones due to constant use so time will tell if these stand the rest of time as well as quality.

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