Braun automatic coffee maker Aromaster KF 47 plus – : Pricey for a basic machine

Couldn’t buy one of these in the uk anywhere due to everybody following the fashion and buying those new espresso coffee machines. I recommend this coffee filter to anybody who like a proper cup of filter coffee all you need is some good coffee to filter, we get ours from germany but i think you can buy it online of you search, we use jacobs – very tasty. The seller was really good as well, even though they are based in germany it arrived quicker than most things purchased online from the uk.

Does exactly what you need – enough cups, good strong flavour, quickly, without fuss and bother. Came direct from germany with a well engineered converter plug. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is not an expresso addict.

Annoying that eu rules mean it keeps switching off, but it’s great otherwise and makes delicious coffee.

This is my third of these braun coffee makers. The first lasted over 15 years of 2-3 times daily use, the second just 5 years. The second had some improvements but was made of inferior plastic which (being white) became horribly and indelibly brown-stained above the filter-holder, hence the black one this time. Also, the second one, like this one, allows the water to flow through too quickly, resulting in weak coffee if you are just making ‘2 cups’ (one mug) but fine for larger amounts. Best solution for this is to pour the coffee back into the filter (not the water container) and you can then also use less ground coffeecurrent model has the eu-directed auto shut-off after 40 minutes, which is sometimes a little annoying but may result in increased longevity, as well as using a little less electricity over time. Seller (digital2u) was very helpful in rapidly answering questions.

Had one of these in the early 90’s and it lasted for years. Didn’t think they still made them, so really happy to stumble across one whilst looking for an alternative to the espresso machine.

First, the braun arrived broken and took six weeks and a lot of nagging on our part before we received a replacement. Second, the braun itself is quite flimsy. Older versions may have been tougher but not this model. The lid of the water tank arrived broken as it is thin and was clearly ‘squashed’ in transit. Although the braun is low and meant to be able to slip under wall cupboards, it still has to be pulled out into the open in order to fill the water tank. Also, there is no automatic switch-off so you must remember to turn off the appliance. The jug itself is quite good and pours well. The coffee is good and made quickly. Our overall view was that this is a little expensive for what it is but it does make good coffee.

As mentioned in another review the machine is pretty basic and a bit overpriced. Nevertheless i chose it for its simplicity. I was contemplating buying a model with many more features for the same price. At the end i decided to go for the more straightforward option. When you want to make coffee you simply fill the reservoir with water using the coffee jug and place a size 4 filter in the machine, fill it with the coffee required for the amount of water you have placed and how strong you like your coffee, press the two buttons and wait. Coffee comes out in minutes and most importantly nice and hot. Once it has finished making coffee u turn the bottom button off and you can keep the hotplate on for as long as you need. It doesn’t turn off automatically like in other machines. I would also say it’s very easy to clean once you have finished using it. I am very pleased with it and now i have time to learn how to use all the options in my microwave oven instead.

I’m so pleased braun is still producing simple filter coffee makers. This one replaces my ancient one on which the neon light failed and i kept leaving it on by accident. This newer model automatically cuts out after 40 minutes (keeping coffee hot any longer makes it takes burnt so an excellent feature). The new model’s hot plate seems to be hotter than the old one too. Perfect for people who like to use fresh, ground coffee. You do need to by filter papers or a reusable filter though. The product, purchased from sotel-electric, arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

  • Perfect for lovers of fresh, filtre coffee
  • Pricey for a basic machine
  • From Germany to Australia?

Braun automatic coffee maker Aromaster KF 47 plus – Black

Braun automatic coffee maker Aromaster KF 47 plus – Black

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Good for americano (non espresso ) coffee. Pity the glass coffee container is not breakproof, eg polycarbonate as i have broken 2 of the g.

I have used this model for over 30yrs and was relieved to see that braun still makes it. When my old white one finally died i replaced itwith a black one. The coffee is consistently good, the coffee maker is simple to use and clean and doesn’t take over the kitchen counter. I have also bought one for my daughter when she moved to her new home.

This coffee filter machine is really good. It keeps the coffee hot which no other coffee filters seem to do. I have one and i have bought my son one too. I have tried so many different ones but this is the only one that keeps it hot as well as making really good coffee.

Great, simple, and reliable coffee maker. We bought this classic filter machine (rather than one of a more modern design) when our old braun gave up the ghost after more than 20 years service.

Feels a little bit cheap and plastic-y. Disappointed as i’ve always thought of braun products as being good quality.

I like the compact design and the quality is what you can expect from braun.

After much research my husband chose this coffee maker – and he wasn’t wrong. Really good coffee that keeps really hot without burning. Last cup is as good as the first. Only problem is that it comes with a continental plug and the wrong adaptor. I have a proper adaptor so didn’t both contacting the company for the right one.

Match this machine with a good quality, lightly roasted coffee beans and a medium to course coffee grinds and you will be amazed at the taste, the volume and the ease of making. The other big plus is the ease of cleaning. My last machine is over 16 years old and technically still works, it was used twice a day and only needed servicing three times, unfortunately no one imports the braun coffee makers into australia or services them any more. Finding the best suited coffee bean that has been lightly roasted is the biggest challenge.

  • Perfect for lovers of fresh, filtre coffee
  • Pricey for a basic machine
  • From Germany to Australia?

Braun automatic coffee maker Aromaster KF 47 plus – Black

I received the coffee filter with a shaver adaptor so it would not work. However technicspro24 refunded the cost of a proper adaptor. They were very courteous and understanding and i would not hesitate to use them again. Maybe a proper adaptor should be posted in the first place to offset the disappointment of a unit not working.

Replacement for a previous model.

It is satisfactory and produces good coffee which stays hot taste of coffee is as expected and allows for having fresh coffee all day.

Features and Spesification

  • Coffee Type Compatibility:Ground coffee
  • Product Type:Coffee maker
  • Colour:Black
  • Coffee Makers Features:Water level indicator, cord storage, dishwasher safe removable parts, drip stop system
  • Form Factor:Freestanding