Braun MPZ 9 Juice Extractor : Great juicer

I am very pleased with the braun juicer. It is easy to use, easy to wash and extracts every drop of juice from citrus fruit.

I juice approximately 15 liters every 4 days. I have developed some pros and cons on the product and an overall review. Excellent juicer, efficient and quick2. Does not stop juicing, even when pressure is applied to the fruit on the machine3. Can juice endlessly without fear of cutting off4. Stores up to a liter and a bit, excellent for large amounts5. Unbelievably easy to clean, seriouslycons1. Watch out for the wire of the product, especially when you are cutting large amounts of fruits, you do not want to cut the wire.

My new breakfast regime begins with three oranges and the braun citromatic juicer which is so simple to use. It is a really good design and is washed up in half a minute.

Assembles quickly and easily and has a very useful feature whereby the extractor changes direction when you lighten and reapply pressure on the fruit – extracting the maximum juice out of it (2 average sized oranges give about 200mls of juice). The amount of pulp in the juice can be varied and just a simple rinse (straight after juicing or the pulp hardens to concrete) under the tap cleans it. Fresh juice has never been so easy.

Does the job well enough but feels a bit flimsy and lightweight and i’m not sure how long it will last. Not that easy to clean but adjustment for how many ‘bits’ you want is useful. Large capacity jug is good if you want to have a mammoth juicing session.

My ancient braun juicer finally died after many years of faithful service, and to my dismay most of the replacements i could find here in sydney were far too complicated: what i wanted was a juicer for our breakfast orange-juice, not a machine for extracting juice and pulp from all the fruits in existence. Eventually i bought one from ‘australia’s leading brand’, but it was hopeless. The container held the juice of two oranges maximum, and the cone was always clogging up, so i had to wash up half-way through the process. In despair i ordered this one from amazon, and have not regretted having to cart it 12000 miles in a suitcase. It performs perfectly, the jug contains enough juice for three or four, and the pulpy bits don’t get wasted. My only quibble is that the machine arrived wired with a continental plug, not a uk three-pin one. I am looking forward to many years of happy juicing.

Simple and very functional, it does what it has to do, juice oranges and filter the pulp as much as you wish. I also juiced some limes and it worked perfectly. There’s one slight ‘problem’, when you assemble the 3 parts again after washing them: you have to put the upper part carefully back on, since it sometimes feels like it’s going to brake (and maybe it won’t, but better to be careful). But i’m very happy with the product and feel that i paid a good price for it.

Sturdy built, solid mechanism, quality plastic, very easily washed parts. Smart design with transparent pieces it allows you various gradations of no to some bits in the juice.

  • What a relief
  • Years of service
  • Braun Citromatic Juicer MPZ9

Braun MPZ 9 White Juice Extractor

Product description, Exterior Features:Removable lid, Max Power Consumption:20 W, Timer Settings Features:Stop and Go

Manufacturer’s Description, BRAUN MultiPress Z9 Citromatic Juicer – Enjoy the excitingly fresh taste of refreshing orange, grapefruit, tangerine, mandarin along with other citrus juices and enjoy the full range of complex vitamin C, as nature intended. You can even make your own refreshing lemonade, this juicer has a quick and efficient method of extracting the refreshing juices from citrus fruits with a 16-ounce capacity bowl.
Not only takes the hard work out of juicing but allows you to adjust just how much pulp you want added.

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Excellent – you can measure exactly how much one would want without getting out a measuring jug and saves on the washing up. Easy to clean and conveniently sits in the corner of the kitchen.

After years of service my heavy duty magimix juicer finally got tired and died. Around £150 to replace with the current model. I looked on amazon and found this quite highly rated – and much, much cheaper – juicer. Since i only ever use it to make orange juice for my wife each morning i decided to take the risk. Well, been using it for three weeks – and for what i use it for it is better than the magimix it replaced. – gets more juice and pulp out- easier to assemble (although some of the parts have a slightly flimsy feel to them)- quicker than the magimix if a little more fiddly- much, much easier to clean. It probably doesn’t have anything like the range of tasks that the other does – but i don’t use it in that way. So – if it is a simple, fast, efficient citrus juicer you are after – go for this. I don’t think you will regret it.

Too big, but great, obviously. However, being sold by a german seller, it seemed difficult and expensive to send back, so it stayed and was used successfully.

We have fresh-pressed juice every morning and have tried several different citrus presses and found this one to be the best. After years of service the cone has broken and i’m ordering another complete press (as well as a spare cone). The citromatic has a larger than average cone which means that you can press grapefruits as well as oranges and the reversing of the direction of rotation when you stop pushing down on the fruit facilitates maximum juice extraction. The jug has a bigger volume than many and the jug handle makes it easier to put on and off as well as allowing one to steady the machine with your free hand.

This orange juicer is very practical, easy to use and clean. I would have prefer for the material to be stronger but with care it will last and also at a good price.

We used an earlier model from braun for many years. When it failed through age and use we ordered the updated model and it will do just what we want. Fresh orange juice with juicy bits.

I have now had this for 6 weeks but am unable to use it as it had a european plug on it.

I snd my darling wife have fresh juice every day and this is the stuff which is easy ti use and cheap and you get just the juice.

  • What a relief
  • Years of service
  • Braun Citromatic Juicer MPZ9

Braun MPZ 9 White Juice Extractor

Easy to use and wash up every day. My criticism is that the bit you press the oranges onto to get the juice is too fragile. I would still buy another one however.

Very quiet and extremely efficient, also takes apart and is very easy to clean, dishwasher friendly too.

This juicer is a quality made product. It comes apart easily for washing. It adjusts easily for the amount of pulp you like in your juice. It comes with a good sized jug and lid. The cord tidy is a bonus and it comes with both a 2 pin plug and 3 pin adapter. I would highly recommend this juicer it much more reliable and efficient than the llynton juicer i previously bought which i through away.

Just like its predecessor it does the job with no fuss. My last one lasted 12 years.

Arthritic hands meant i did not get the best out of squeezing fresh oranges, but this excellent gadget, with its 1ltr jug means i squeeze enough juice for 3 days – getting max output from my produce, with ease. This easy to clean and operate juicer does just exactly what it says it will and with personalised adjustments to please any user, a great buy and i love it.

This is a replacement product for the same model that stopped working after using daily for around 4 years. I could not find a better product within this price range so ended up with the same one again.

Works well a bit flimsy but gets more juice out of the oranges. Juice is now thickeri like the clockwise anticlockwise motion.

Robust and easy to use and clean. It juices grapefruit as well as oranges.

I am happy with my purchase which replaced a more expensive machine. Easy to assemble, user friendly and quickly extracts juice.

This item was bought for a 99 yesr-old lady who enjoys fresh orange juice but who has found increasing difficulty in managing a manual juicer. It wasn’t entirely clear from amazon’s web-page that the item was to be sourced from germany thus it was a surprise when it was delivered within five days. A nice touch was that the box contained a gratis 13 amp adaptor to convert the german mains plug to suit a british socket. It does exactly what it says on the box and its new owner is wholly delighted with its performance.

It was sent as a present for someone so i was disappointed about the plug, but the recipient likes it despite this.

Excellent bit of kitchen kit. Quietly makes juicing oranges, grapefruit, limes and lemons easy. The reverse motor ensures there is almost nothing left to squeeze.

Braun mpz 9 white juice extractorexcellent delivery from provider. Juicer itself is very ease to use and extracts all the juice from the fruit (oranges)including all the bits which we love with our juice. Recommend this product for fresh organge juice lovers. Product itself is also very sturdy.

Features and Spesification

  • 1000ml capacity
  • Transparent bowl with scale
  • Unique open handle
  • Adjustable fruit extract – for ‘juicy bits’
  • Removable juicer top
  • Left and right rotation for optimum juice extraction
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Cover lid
  • Cable storage
  • Separate sieve/cone
  • 20 watts