Braun Multi-Mix 3 Hand Mixer – Good product. Recommend

I had one of those before but it was about 15 years old and the gears had broken. The new multi-mix is different in some ways. It’s got a stronger motor, but it’s also heavier und bulkier. Its balance is also off, most weight is above the mixer attachments. Gone is the one switch which turned the motor on at its slowest speed, then you would work your way through the 3 remaining steps up to the top speed. Now you’ve got to deal with two switches, one on/off and one for the speed. As in most cases you’ll want to start at the slowest setting, this arrangement doesn’t make any sense to me. Apart from the whisks i didn’t have any use for the attachments, so i can’t say anything about their quality but i guess they’ll do the job.

Great product when it worked however broke in no time at all. . Amazon refunded my money though no problem.

If its half as good as my old one i will be thrilled’. 👍thank you for your prompt fast service.

Its just a great product for its price i think – with the combo of 3 things in one and well-designed to be held. Been using it for over 6 months now.

Was difficult to find this type of product with all the components it comes with and i had to search hard to find it as a replacement for a previous one that did something similar.

It is a must have thing in the kitchen.

I purchase this over 2 years ago and i’m still very happy that i’ve got it.

Best hand mixer i’ve owned and the extra bit are a big bonus when buying this. It is very heavy but if you hold it correctly it feels light as afeather.

Light, perfectly whips, crushes.

My over 20year old braun mixer packed up so i sadly had to get rid of it. The new one was the nearest thing to the old one with one extra accessory which will come very handy. The mixer work’s very well and looks good and is less noisy. It was well worth the wait as it had to be imported and was not even in the country when i ordered it. Amazon kept me constantly informed how my order progressed. This is an excellent service.

When space is limited in the kitchen having such a versatile device is so handy. My main reason for buying this was to get something that i could make up dough with, in paricular for cooking chapattis. Having heard most of these type of mixers, dont have a strong enough motor, and can failure due to plastic parts in the motor, this caught my eye. Makig dough has never been easier, i don’t mix it for ages, but up to 5 minues i personally haven’t experienced any issues. Also use the chopped and stick blender regularly. So good i have purchased one for a gift.

Very good quality and delivery. Attachments straight forward to fit. Can’t comment on the working quality as i haven’t used it yet.

My wife is pleased with this product. Here are the specifications for the Braun Multi-Mix 3 Hand Mixer:

  • Smartmix – the motor is directly over the attachments
  • Comfortclick – all the attachments are attached to the front
  • Variable speeds
  • comes with a food processor
  • comes with a hand blender

Had to replace my old one after 15 years. Hope this one lasts as long. Great attachments and easy to use.

So far nothing is too much for it. I’ve used it for whipping cream, mixing cake mixtures,making bread dough and best of all making bread crumbs, so easy.

After 4 months and not used many times there was a flash and now the mixer no longer works. I contacted braun who very quickly replied, and after me providing my proof of purchase sent me a replacement. I am now a very happy user of this wonderful mixer.

Runs quietly and it seems good value.

While happy with the direct drive motor, the dough hooks seem to be too flimsy to make dough. The whisks work very well and create a uniform mixture.

Perfect, i damaged my last braun mixer and had to buy another make because i was in a rush – big mistake – it was no where near as good as the old braun model i had had for years. This new model is even better.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very satisfied with this product.
  • Good product. Recommend
  • Perfect

My wife is delighted with this replacement. It arrived before time and in perfect order.

High quality and light mixer. We use it to prepare stuff for baking.