Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario Hand blender MQ 5035 Sauce – Quality product.

Great product, great versatility. I miss that the vase didn’t had rubber at the bottom in order to avoid any undesired movement, but it do this job.

Had same thing for many years. . When my old one broke i missed it so much. . Finally i got it again and i can use all my old containers) now i have double the stuff.

Had a few different hand blenders all over the years, some from other known brands and some sh** ones, but this one is far the best i ever had. Does not spill, is good for anything, does any job like no other. I’m very happy with the purchase. It’s in use for a few months now, it works and looks as new even with all the hard work done already.

I’ve had this for a day and i love it already. Made delicious pancakes in 15 seconds. Made smoothies from frozen fruit with so much less fuss than my clunky old smoothie maker, and the clean up is so much quicker. I wish i hadn’t waited so long.

Very happy with the product.

Much more useful than i expected. Bought it to use as a liquidiser, whisk but finding the food processor really useful.

Replacement for another brand that worked well for a long time. Its difficult to pick your way through conflicting reviews however this does what it says it will and feels like it will be working for a while. Easy to use and feels robust.

Really good quality and study blender, making soup so easily, other bits like whisk is a bonus on top which also works great.

Works a lot faster than my old braun, very pleased with it.

Very, very pleased with this item, it has many good points but the best plus point is that it never creates splashes.

Love it, easy to use, visible speed, lots of attachments available for it.

Easy to use, assemble and clean.

This is to replace the same model , that i have had for years. It is durable and very good at blending soups ect. The bowl chopper is also very good for chopping things like nuts and some vegetable and making breadcrumbs. Here are the specifications for the Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario Hand blender MQ 5035 Sauce:

  • PowerBell technology: Patented hand blending technology proven to produce finer more even results; SPLASHControl technology: Prevents splashing – to keep you and your kitchen spotless
  • Variable one-hand speed wheel; with 21 different speeds to choose from, precise speed setting guarantees maximum precision
  • 750 W: Powerful silent and compact motor – guaranteed reliability; performance for fastest and finest food processing results
  • EasyClick system: Two buttons, one movement for quick and easy changing of all the EasyClick accessories
  • EasyClick accessories includes: Metal blending shaft, 500 ml chopper, metal whisk; plus 600 ml plastic beaker is BPA free and features ml and fl oz measurement markings

Everything works and fits together so well and it is a very good quality item – highly recommended.

We’ve had braun blenders for decades, they work well and last a long time.

The best blender i ever had.

Great addition to the kitchen. All items work well and easy to clean.

This little appliance stores easily our small home, and takes the place of numerous larger appliances. It is a foot processor, hand blender for soups, whips egg whites and whipped cream. The blade for the foot processor is a bit delicate, but very sharp and removable for cleaning.

Blender is great and multi functional but since ordering in nov 2016 i wanted to use the whisk only last week and found that the mount was missing. So the whisk cannot be attached to the main part which is very disappointing.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A good set, though not as good as the previous equivalent from Braun
  • but this one is far the best I ever had
  • Love

Good purchase, a replacement for an older braun multi quick model that i damaged but had lasted me for years.

Bought this as a birthday present for my son, who is very pleased with it.

Very good blender and good package of attachments. The only thing is that it arrived with eu plug instead of uk plug. Luckily we had an adaptor, so didn’t bother to return. Also very good value for money. My colleague bought as well, but she got it with uk plug. Overall good blender, very easy to use and quick, you take it out, attach the twi together, blend it quickly to smooth texture and clean it easily.

Easy to use and easy to clean.

It makes my cooking so easy😃.

I had one for years and i just wanted a new one.

So powerfuli use this everyday for everything. I can do anything because it’s so powerful. I make fruit ice cream but just freezing fruit and adding a splash of milk and then blending. It blends through the hard frozen fruit so easily. This is a much have for any kitchen.

I had a braun multiquick blender for years, but unfortunately it has ceased to work. I ordered the new, updated version, and am extremely pleased with it on the whole, apart from one feature, which has been altered from the old version. My right hand has become somewhat arthritic, and whereas the older version had a simple twist off function, this new one requires one to press two buttons simultaneously to remove whichever tool is being used. I cannot use my right hand to do this, and my left hand isn’t strong enough, so i have to call for help each time, which is a bit frustrating. Apart from that, i’m just glad to have another blender that i like.

Great product this replaces the braun we have used for 25 years.

Extremely disappointed that i cannot use the whisk due to its missing mount, which is one of the greatest reasons why i purchased this product to begin with.

Our 3rd set in 18 years, others have all failed due to ‘user errors’ – invaluable kitchen gadget, use it nearly every day.

Very powerful motor for the money. Use them for my work as a chef. The little choping bowl is handy for small amounts.

Compact ,excellent quality , easy to use and clean. Wouldn’t want to be without it now .

The bowl is a bit too big for my tastes (500ml is quite big) and, unlike the previous braun set, they don’t have the excellent ‘bottom rubber stabiliser’ which can be taken off and used as a lid. In fact, neither the bowl nor the jug have a lid for when in the fridge. So not as good as once braun was, but still good.

I got it half price at 40 and it’s been brilliant. The whisk attachment is a little flimsy but to be expected with such a small machine. I just use it for finishing off pancake batter or mashed potatoes. The dial on the top is very solid which means that unlike others i’ve had this doesn’t move/adjust itself from the vibrations of being in use. Stainless steel head is very easy to keep clean. Important if you like to make curries.

Really good and powerfull for its size. It is one of the most powerfull ones i have used.

Really useful in any kitchen. I like the accessories , makes my job in the kitchen so much easier. Foods like hummus can be made in a couple of minutes. Overall really pleased with it, worth the money.

It’s the brand that i personally rely when it comes to hand blenders. All the gadgets are very handy and it does the job perfectly.

I got this hand blender to replace a previous one which wasn’t that good at all. You can instantly feel the difference in quality and performancei use it every day to mix smoothies and all sort of foods like meat, soups, nuts.

Replaced an identical one that imhad for years.

Excellent device for simple cooking.

Using it for making hummus, spinach sauce and to chop cheese. Also great for lentils soup. Didn’t expect such a great quality for such low price. My little help at the kitchen.

I was very surprised that this blender has been such a boon to my wife. Very rarely does she rave about a product.

It is a good hand blender and i like it a lot.

Very happy with it, after one year of usage. Noteworthy that this blender is more *quiet* than other brands. The analogue variable speed dial is the main feature that makes it stand out: you can get the right setting from a powerful motor. Build quality looks top and rigid (unlike cheaper blenders). Range of bundled accessories is decent. I’ve seen other brands with better blades (multiple ones), but this one still does the job.

Just what i was looking for to liquidise the babies food but it has so many more uses too .

Mainly use it for blitzing my sons food and the different tools that come with it are very useful. Would highly recommend this hand blender.

Delighted with this purchase. Makes great soup and isn’t too noisy.

We had one of these in 2000 and as it wore out we missed it and bought the new version. Its top notch and has a bigger bowl mixing unit. No holder , but we kept the old one and its fits nicely. Easier to detach thhan the old one and variable speeds.

My wife is over the moon with this product.

Very good quality material for the price. The stick blends smoothies just like you would in a smoothie maker and chopper is really good too. Have used another braun hand blender and chopper but this wins my heart. Would recommend, you get what you pay.

Sturdy, solid, quality product. The plug is european and it does not come with an adapted so make sure you buy one.

I ordered this to replace the same product which i had used for many years, with total success, so when it came to updating the old blender i didnt have to think twice. Thank you and i look forward to using my new shiny braun multiquick for many years to come.

Easy to use and clean, especially useful to prepare bases for sauces and soups. Yet, power is not strong enough for smoothies which however was clear from the product description.