Breville All-in-One Coffee House : A very good all-in-one option if you want the choice of making different coffee

Overall a great coffee machine. The unit and parts are neatly and securely packaged. The easy to follow instructions recommend an initial ‘clean’ by the unit (in addition to washing the other parts yourself) before use which is very quick and simple. A full “10 cup” brew takes a few minutes start to finish. Once complete the coffee stays warm in the thermos-style pot for literally hours. (i made one early in the morning and poured it several hours later, expecting it to be cold but was still piping hot)we’ve not tried the capsule or espresso options yet, but this is as simple as putting the pod or scoop(s) of ground coffee in the ‘handles’, attaching and pressing ‘brew’. We did have one occasion where the machine wouldn’t start brewing for some reason. However the troubleshooting section advised the old it trick of “switch off and on again” which remedied the problem. Bear in mind this is a rarity only happened once from the many, many times it’s been used.

This is a coffee machine on steroids. It is so versatile, it literally does every single type of coffee you would need. Everything you need is in the box, apart from all the varieties of mugs/cups but that is not a criticism. You are paying for perfection not china. From filter coffee to cappuccino through every other conceivable type of coffee, this machine handles it well. There are a lot of parts and you need to work out which one is for what, but once attached the machine literally tells you what type of coffee you are set up to make. Genius, because i am no barista. The ability to froth milk is fabulous and gives that authentic touch to the drinks. I love the fact you can use coffee pods which means you can literally have any variety of coffee you choose. I believe anyone, with a love of good coffee, could use this machine.

This is an all-singing, all dancing coffee maker, which is surprisingly compact considering what it can do. It’s more versatile than other models on the market, and this is reflected in the price tag. However, if you live alone and drink the occasional cup of coffee, this probably isn’t the coffee maker for you. This is more suited to someone who entertains, has lots of visitors or needs to make coffee in batches. What you have here is one machine which can make authentic, espresso filter coffee or any type from the dolce gusto range of capsules. The machine features a 15-bar pump which extracts flavour with a rich, velvety crema. The steam wand means it’s easy to add cafe-style frothed milk for lattes or flat whites. But this is where a problem arises – if you like your coffee really hot, the ‘optimal brewing temperature’ isn’t really high enough, and this is further reduced if you add milk. If you like your coffee short and black, then this imachine is ideal. I also find that i can’t use it to make one cup of filter.

We love coffee so we love this, because it’s easy to use, easy to clean and keeps coffee nice and hotquite big but luckily we have a big kitchen with space. Frankly the best coffee machine i ownednow i have to find the perfect capsules with this machine, you get coffee’s real taste so differences between strength, grinding etc. Are quite markedthe capsules i got fits and works perfectly in my coffee machine. Decent coffee which helps my tiredness in the mornings.

I would give this ten stars if i could. Having bought these machines before i can say they’ve come along in leaps and bounds and this is the creme de la creme. First, it’s easy to put together and you can have it up and running in five minutes. Second, although the absence of a hot plate seemed like a mistake i soon realised the coffee pot doubles as a flask and it keeps its contents piping hot all day. You could even brew tea in it. But in terms of what it’s intended for it’s dead easy to switch between espresso, filter and pods and it churns out the nicest coffee i’ve ever tasted in a domestic setting. Plus the milk steamer is loud, just like in a coffee shop and takes only a few minutes to froth the milk. Cleaning is easy peasy, the water jug is huge- requiring only occasional refills- and the ergonomics are spot on. It’s swish, smooth and solid but not too heavy.

It was a bit fiddly to use at first but once you master that it is fabulous. The filter coffee stays hot for ages in in the flask type jug which is used instead of a stay hot plate. It works fine with dolce gusto capsules again the coffee is hot actually much hotter than similar machines. Much more expensive than normal coffee machines but it is multifunctional and and of true quality design.

Okay, i admit it – i don’t know how to work a coffee machine, but i am learning. This is a seriously professional looking bit of kit, it’s got all the bells and whistles you could want. It comes in a large box, which contains the machine, and all the assorted gubbins including the coffee jug and several attachments to fit into the machine. Oh, and it comes with the instructions.You start off, firstly, by handwashing the pieces. Sadly it doesn’t work in the dishwasher. You need to fill the water tank up at the back, and then using the instructions you can start brewing your coffee. What drew me to this is that it takes capsules – the dolce gusto ones – which i found was an excellent addition as you can make all different drinks. Bit of an expensive hobby though. But it works brilliantly and the drink i had tasted rather nice.

Pretty good machine and quite versatile, this is the only espresso machine i’ve had that will accommodate a 20oz mug, as my go to brew is a black americano this is a useful feature, and to make one the lazy way you either press the brew button four times or press brew then clean to top up the hot water. For the price i would like to have seen more metal and less plastic for the sake of durability, i can’t see this staying intact in a café or office type environment, but for home use with a bit of care it should survive, just train the kids to use it sensibly. The taste of the brews is alright, not first class but adequate the filter and jug arrangement is hardly ever going to be used by me possibly when entertaining. Over all pretty good if you don’t mind the plastic, the heater is powerful enough to supply a constant stream of brews and the warm up time is short, i would recommend this machine for domestic use and is better than the ‘d’l’ machine i returned to amazon as being inadequate.

  • Good enough machine.

  • Great espresso

  • Fabulous Machine

Breville All-in-One Coffee House, Espresso, Filter and Pods Coffee Machine with Milk Frother, Dolce Gusto Compatible [VCF117]

Product Description, Your one-stop shop for in-home coffee, whatever the occasion. Make your choice of authentic espresso, no-nonsense filter coffee or quick & easy capsules with one compact machine. A 15-bar pump extracts maximum flavour with a rich, velvety crema while the steam wand means you can produce café-style Micro-Foam for the perfect latte or flat white. Attachments are easy to fit, and to make life simple, auto-detect shows only the relevant brew options for your chosen attachment. The 1.7 litre water tank is removable for quick and easy filling. An elevated cup stand minimizes splashing for espresso and capsule modes. A removable drip tray catches any stray splashes and spills. Classic black and satin silver design. Dolce Gusto is a trademark of society des products nestle S.A. Society des products. Nestlé S.A. Is not affiliated with jar den consumer solutions (Europe) limited.

From the manufacturer

Breville All-in-One Coffee House. Coffee Machine for Espresso, Filter and Capsule Coffee

Your one-stop shop for in-home coffee, whatever the occasion

Key Features list

All-in-one coffee machine in kitchen, dispensing 2 cups of espresso

All-in-one coffee machine in kitchen, dispensing filter coffee

All-in-one coffee machine in kitchen, dispensing pod coffee

All-in-One Coffee House

For all your coffee needs


Authentic, café-style flavour


Great-tasting, no-nonsense coffee


Quick & easy with over 40 varieties

dispensing 2-cup espresso showing rich cream

Pouring frothed milk into espresso to create delicious latte

Thermal filter jug close-up

Evenly soaked filter coffee grounds close-up

15-bar pump

Gives a full-flavoured espresso with a rich, velvety crema

Integrated steam wand

Produces barista-style micro-foam for the perfect latte, flat white or cappuccino

10-cup stainless steel carafe

1.5L jug for drip filter coffee – thermal to keep coffee hot

Blooming feature

Pre-soaks coffee grounds to give a more balanced flavour. Showerhead ensures grounds are evenly saturated.

Capsule attachment with Dolce Gusto pod close-up

Display panel close-up showing brew options available for each attachment

Elevated cup stand

All-in-one Coffee House with travel cup

Compatible with Dolce Gusto pods

Three brew-size options.

Pods are widely available. Choose from over 40 varieties including: Americano, Macchiato, Mocha, Chococino and Chai Tea Latte.


Senses each attachment and displays the correct drink options. Simple-to-use dial for brewing coffee and steaming milk.

Elevated cup stand

Minimises splashing when using smaller cups

Fits most travel cups or mugs

For your on-the-go caffeine fix

All-in-one Coffee House on kitchen worktop with filter coffee jug plus other attachments

Dolce Gusto is a trade mark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. Société des Produits.

Nestlé S.A. is not affiliated with Jarden Consumer Solutions (Europe) Limited.

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Differentiation in product design is a tough thing to achieve, but here breville have achieved it. This is a filter coffee machine that does capsules and expresso all in one. Not many machines can claim this. The expresso is good and of course reliant on your grounds for a satisfying cup, but in brief you could buy this machine for this alone. However if you are an entertainer type, why have just expresso when you can say yes to any other coffee form. The caps are good and fairly easy to come by (though not the cheapest form of coffee delight), the filter coffee option an everyday type approach. The machine makes this versatile simple to harness, the relevant functions covered by good instructions that you will pick up and master in a couple of sittings. The question for me is a little more about vanity. For the money, i may want to add a little more to it and pay for the stainless option (were there one). This in stainless would look the business and at £50 more would still be good value.

It’s easy to use and works well in all the functions 👍.

I adore my coffee and whilst i like coffee shops, they are an unaffordable luxury at times so making coffee at home is a huge bonus. This machine is quite compact for what it is capable of doing so for a person with a tiddly kitchen i was chuffed before even plugging it in. The machine is simple to use but i did have to resort the instructions which were well laid out and very easy to follow. The machine can make filter coffee with the included thermal jug and it stays warm for long enough to enjoy a couple of cups each. You can also make espresso coffee and make frothy milk to make a cappucino which is my personal favourite. I also like how this accepts dolce gusto pods and whilst the quantity of the water going through the pods is not a perfect match (different pods require a different amount of water, however this machine only has 3 settings so you have to select the closest), it does make a nice change from just coffee. Cleaning wise, this is dishwasher safe but is easy to hand wash if needed. I love this machine and it looks posh too.

 this came in a huge box and was very well packaged. The accessories all wrapped individually and placed into the foam supports. The machine is good and really easy to use. It gives many options for different styles of coffee and hot chocolate which is my favthere is a steam wand that is perfect for cappuccino’s and latte’s which is my partners fav and it can be turned towards the inside back of the machine out of the way. There is a stand for smaller cups too. We yet to use other ways only used dolce capsules. I like how tidy it looks and well made all accesorys are nothing looks cheap all strong and very durable. Id really recommend the coffee taste great.

This coffee machine is supplied in a large branded box containing; the coffee machine, an expresso temper and instructions. This machine will supply expresso or filter coffee from ground beans or via dolce gusto capsules but not the more readily available nespresso capsules. It is fairly compact considering its versatility but it still looks rather imposing on the kitchen worktop. A lighter colour such as silver or white may help reduce this impression rather than the black in which it is currently offered. The machine a simple and logical to set up and has a 1. 6-litre water tank which needs to be filled. When used as a filter coffee machine it can be used with the insulated jug supplied which holds 1. 5 litres or it can be used to fill travel or cups which is a good feature and helps justify it. It uses a permanent, washable filter basket which eliminates paper filter cost and waste. One compromise over a dedicated machine is they tend to use a glass jug with a heating element below while this machine relies on the thermal jug to keep coffee hot and while it works well it does not stay hot quite as long.

I really like the simplicity of this coffee machine. Breville have given a little bit of thought to the style, sure (but not a lot), but they seem to have mainly concentrated on building a strong, versatile and reliable coffee maker that gets you the cup you’re after with the minimum possible fuss. You don’t really need to read the instructions (i did just in case, obviously), you just set the settings and press ‘go’- which is lovely, especially when it’s first thing in the morning and you haven’t had your coffee yet. The three-in-one approach is all good, especially since it has quite a small footprint and doesn’t take up as much space on your kitchen surface as other coffee makers i’ve seen. The carafe is suitable not just for coffeeholic families, but also makes it a neat choice for small offices, where the thermal properties will keep it warm for a whole cycle of coffee drinker’s next cups. (although don’t you find there’s always somebody in the office who insists on chucking it away and starting a new pot, even though the existing pot was perfectly good and it’s just a waste of coffee?. )this was my first meeting with dolce gusto capsules, having used nespresso up to now, and the principle is pretty much the same. I haven’t dissected one but the dolce gusto mechanism seems a little more complex and smart, and seems to allow for more diverse drinks styles possibly rather than just being aimed purely at coffee- but ultimately with something like a nescafe cafe au lait capsule i’d say the finished product is pretty similar. The only one criticism i’d have about the dolce gusto set-up is that this machine only has “small” (50ml), “medium” (100ml) and “large” (200ml) settings.

Bought this machine as a replacement for one which one used pods. Can still use my pods yet does good filter coffee eliminating the need for a cafetière. Not used the espresso or steamed milk option yet but don’t anticipate any problems. Overall am very pleased with the machine.

I received this item through the amazon vine programme. This is a very nice all-in-one coffee machine from breville: it’s compact, well made, sturdy and well thought out in its features. I was impressed as soon as i unpacked it. All the attachments appear to be of good quality, fitting together as they should. The instructions are clear and suitably illustrated. Other than buying the coffee/coffee pods there’s nothing extra that you need (ie filter papers), you are ready to go as soon as you have completed the initial cleaning cycle. 7 litres and the coffee pot will hold 1. Note that this machine will only use dolce gusto pods.

  • Good enough machine.

  • Great espresso

  • Fabulous Machine

Breville All-in-One Coffee House, Espresso, Filter and Pods Coffee Machine with Milk Frother, Dolce Gusto Compatible [VCF117]

The idea of a 3 in 1 coffee maker is great, but makes it a bit complicated to use, a bit of a faff. First thing i do whenever i get a new piece of kitchen gadget is to give all the bits a wash in soapy water, and for my carelessness, i didn’t read the instructions properly, managed to scratch myself quite badly with the needle that’s on the underside of the pod holder. So be wary of thatwe used a tassimo machine before now, which is fully automatic, and truly one touch operation, however the pods cost more. This machine takes the slightly cheaper dolce gusto pods, and the reason is you have to manually select the amount of water to use for each type of pod, between small, medium and large. Eg, espresso is a small shot, whereas the milk for a latte would be a large. This isn’t a big deal in theory but for some reason the machine sometimes just wouldn’t let me select the size, and i had to power it off and back on to try again. Using the machine for old fashion espresso using ground beans is more straight forward, and the built in milk steamer is great and fairly easy to clean as the outer plastic nozzle comes off easily for washing. The machine comes with a thermal insulated coffee pot for filtered coffee, which makes it easy to make several cups of coffee without faff. The water tank is a good size so doesn’t need constant topping up. All in all, fairly happy with the bean coffee features, but less impressed by the pod facilities.

Over the last thirty years it seems like my wife and i have owned every kind of coffee maker known to man. Four different ‘pod’ machines, a glass drip filter, espresso maker, at least three cafetieres, the same number of moka pots, an electric percolator, and an aeropress. Most recently those last two have been in regular rotation, with a pod machine on the side largely going unused for weeks at a time. When we were offered the chance to receive and review this new breville “all in one” monster, we jumped at it. The first problem we had: where do you put it?. An electric percolator has a fairly small footprint, and an aeropress can be popped away in a cupboard until it’s needed, but this requires a substantial area of the worktop to be set aside. In the end we simply removed the percolator and the pod machine altogether, stuck them in the spare bedroom, moved everything around, and plonked the breville down in the resulting gap. And it only took us four days to get round to it. First thing to do after all that is remove the various bits of tape and plastic plugs/bungs which are in place to keep everything together during transit. There’s one in particular which you don’t want to miss, although to be fair they’re all indicated quite clearly.

This is a fine piece of kit, it has quite a professional feel to it but is practical and fairly easy to use with just a little practice. As with most coffee makers it has quite a large footprint so does need some counter space (approx 12×10 inches in old money). Additionally there are the components required for the range of uses available ie, 10 cup carafe, wand etc. So this machine will make filter, espresso and capsule (dulce gusto) coffee – the question is will you really use all 3 methods?.I have so far as the filter coffee requires quite a large amount to be made in one go (minimum of 4 cups) so not ideal if you’re on your own, while you might not wish to make individual cups from capsules if you have a number of guests. However you might like to make the espresso on more special occasions rather than for daily use. I love the flexibility that the machine offers. The machine is quite dynamic and prompts the specific instructions for the style of coffee you have chosen, lovely to add the steamed milk when you wish ( mind your fingers). The components are quality and easy enough to clean, ensure you use espresso grade coffee for the wand. The instructions say that the water tank when full will make 10 cups but remember this refers to espresso size cups -approx 5 longer drinks.

This machine works well in all three potential modes. The filter coffee works well into an insulated jug which keeps it reasonably warm for up to about an hour and with no stewing that you get from a heated base, common in most other machines. The espresso attachment has inserts for both a single and a double shot of coffee to be brewed at a single time; this allows you to use your own favourite blend of coffee; the only issue here is knocking out the waste plug of coffee often means that you have to fish the insert out of the bin. It also can use the dolca gusta coffee capsules. This is ok if you like them, however i am far more included to use nespresso pods (as they won’t fit in this machine, a different machine is required). But this is all down to personal taste as to what you use. If you want frothy milk, then the steamer wand works well, although you will need to buy a separate jug for this as one isn’t provided (amazon does sell a selection at very reasonable prices). So, overall a good general purpose machine that can easily make a single cup of espresso, through to a jug for 4 – 6 people depending on cup size.

Keeps coffee fery hot and variety of pods makes interesting drinking.

The first thing that struck me on opening this was how compact the machine actually is, my old nespresso machine which just does the capsules takes up at least 50% more surface top space. The whole machine is very well thought out with lots of simple yet useful features. One example is that there is a flip down cup tray so you can actually use different size cups and not have it splash every where. The three main modes for this are that you can make simple filter coffee using the well made jug, espresso coffee or use the usual capsules. The only negative i would have is that the dolce gusto capsules aren’t as widely available as other brands.

Have always wanted a coffee machine and i love this one. Makes great filtered coffee and the pods are easy to use. Bonus is it makes hot chocolate too. Its very noisy but small price to pay for good coffee.

The breville all in one ‘coffee house’ – offers espresso coffee, capsule coffee (dulso gusto), or filter coffee, with an insulated filter coffee jug, and there’s a milk steamer. It’s very easy to use, it’s also very quick, i’m used to coffee machines taking time to warm up, as well as there being a delay while you wait for the milk steamer to become ready, however this is pretty much instant. Or at least it is when you go to steam milk after making some espressos. The espresso made with lavazza rossa coffee had a huge amount of crema (the froth on top of espressos), more like the head on a pint of lager/ale. Illy espresso coffee is also recommended, anything for making espressos. For filter coffee you’ll want to use a coarser coffee for filter machines. The filter coffee is not as strong (as you’d expect), and the insulated jug helps keep it hot/warmer for longer, with the coffee still hot after 2 hours. The filter coffee holder (filter) is made of a fine metal mesh, and you don’t have to use paper filters, as you can simply empty and clean the filter. There is support for dulso gusto coffee pods (from nescafe), however, none are provided in the box, which feels like a missed opportunity. The coffee machine is quite large, quite plastic feeling (but solid), and it’s almost like unboxing a printer with tape holding things in place, for safe storage while in delivery.

The first thing you notice with this is the coffee is kept warm with the insulated carafe jug opposed to using a traditional solo coffee carafe jug. Which given the amount of coffee consumed makes all the difference. Used capsules for the first time and wasn’t overly impressed with the amount of coffee dispensed even with a double shot but this might be due to drinking from a mug opposed to cup. Also, there is a lot of waste so next it will be compostable capsules next otherwise it would be an awful lot of single use waste all the time. Same again with jug and filter, not getting as many mugs of coffee as expected but the stated amount is in cups. The espresso feature and milk foaming is next on the list of things to try (both firsts). But overall very happy with this machine compared to previous coffee making method. Some learning curves with this machine but thats a bonus, trying out new ways to enjoy coffee and overall a very versatile machine.

After playing about all afternoon i have got the hang of it. It doesn’t take up as much room as i thought and sits on top of my coffee drawer nicely. Makes an excellent espresso. Take time to get to know this machine and you’ll be happy once you do.

This coffee house is a real perk and making coffee is enjoyable during the process. The 2 ground coffee attachments and leveller work really well especially as there are options to have a smaller cup or larger depending on the platform you use to rest the cup. The instant coffee pods are really easy to use too and the detachable attachment is much better than the built in ones with the original pod machines which cause the water to leak everywhere. Cleaning the machine is easy and filling the water tank is too as it is detachable and holds a fair amount of water. Attaching the different attachments automatically selects the right setting on the machine and you only have to change the cup size which makes the whole process really quick. Cons:steamer : i have had no issues with the steamer and after many uses it still works fine. Because of the heat the milk dries on the nozzle really quickly and requires a warm cloth to remove but takes a bit of work. Due to the fragile nature of the nozzle im not sure how long it will hold out. Also you are required to run a cleaning cycle every time after use which takes a fair bit of time and uses half the water tank resulting and refilling every 2 uses. You also have to have a large container to catch the water from the clean which adds to the little annoyancefilter coffee pot : the filter coffee insulated pot is great for keeping the coffee warm but the design of the pour means that you have to really tilt the flask to get the coffee out and you cannot fully empty it.

There’s nothing better than the smell and taste of a good cup of coffee. I don’t like filter or cafetiere coffee as it’s always too bitter but i love the taste of ‘capsule’ coffee. The breville is a bit of an all in one as it can produce filter, espresso or capsule coffee. I don’t like filter coffee so that’s not something i would use. Espresso i like if we have friends round. But for day to day coffee i just use the capsules. I’ve built up quite a selection of different flavours so can vary it from cup to cup. You can of course use ground coffee for a more authentic taste but that just seems like a lot of messing around to me. The only downside is that it takes the dolce gusto pods rather than the more popular nespresso.

There is very little to complain about here. This is not the cheapest coffee machine ever made, but it’s worth the money. With the usual well-judged breville styling, it’s straightforward to use and provides options for filter, espresso and pod / capsules. A fairly substantial piece of kit, the build quality is good -not hewn from granite, but with decent quality, easy-clean plastics & metal where it’s needed. There is a nice positive action to fastening lids and clipping the jug in place, and while i’d prefer a bit more aluminium / stainless steel in some places, it’s not bad at all. Filling with water is straightforward, operation clean and simple, with automatic fail-safe that prevents start without the appropriate jug &c. In position, an effective digital display and neat push-button controls. I’d like a little more flexibility in terms of quantities for filter coffee in particular, but it’s functional. The instructions are generally clear, other than fastening the jug to the main machine (perhaps i was having an off-day & over-thinking: it just slides straight on), and the cleaning facility is very effective, as is the milk-frother, which is more than can be said for some of these machines. I haven’t used the pod / capsule option given their problematic environmental effects (many are a pain to recycle), but the espresso & filter options are excellent.

Omg, i love this coffee machine. It’s like having a branch of a well known coffee house in my kitchen all the time. This coffee machine is a 3 in 1, but i like to see it as a 4 in 1. It does filter coffee (from ground coffee beans), espresso (using ground espresso powder) and uses dolce gusto pods. I also class the milk frother as an extra way of making drinks, and have been using this to make hot chocolates with steamed milk. It is quite a big machine, and i did need to reorganise my work surfaces to find the perfect place for it. It does however, look good on the worksurface and is very easy to use. There is a 2 height drip tray so if you prefer to use smaller cups you can have it on the higher setting to prevent ‘splashback’. Using the lower setting means you can use tall refillable mugs as they fit underneath easily. However, the attachments which you use for the espresso and pods are quite difficult to attach and are really stiff to turn, worrying that i’m either going to break it or i’ve not put it in right in the first place.

Great coffee machine for coffee lovers. Makes the perfect coffee every time at home. Use ground coffee of the pods. Can make a 10 pot coffee or 1 shot of expresso – this is really versatile. The milk froffer is a great however the end of the wand does seem to be loose and fall off so be aware of that. I make sure to run the machine through on the clean cycle at the end of each day it takes about 3 minutes and you can leave it going whilst washing up dinner things. It does require some reading at the beginning but you will have coffee shop coffee every time.

The breville all in one coffee machine arrived promptly and in pristine condition. The machine comes with a filter unit and insulated jug for filter coffee and a couple of other attachments – one for espresso coffee and one for dolce gusto capsules. Currently i have a filter coffee machine and separate dolce gusto coffee pod machine in my kitchen, so this certainly saves space. The machine appeared a bit daunting at first, but to be fair the instructions are relatively clear. Once you get the knack of putting in the attachment into the machine and follow the straightforward process, things are fairly easy. The filter coffee jug is stainless steel and insulated, so coffee in the jug is still hot for a good length of time – saving having to have the filter hot plate on. You can set the machine to make 4, 6 up to 10 cups. The machine also auto switches off. The filter house comes with a reusable filter – or you can use paper ones. Coffee wise, we are very pleased.

I used to work in a coffee shop and i miss my coffee made on a bean to cup machine. While this breville is not a bean to cup and uses ground coffee it does give the same flavour styles and crema. This is a good-sized machine that uses espresso grade ground coffee and it also uses dolce gusto pods. So essentially you can have espresso, filter or coffee pod drinks. Filter coffee – this has a reusable filter basket that fits into a holder. The coffee jug is great for keeping coffee warm, my stayed hot in the jug for 2 hours though did not taste so nice after sitting that long. The jug looks good but i do find that to get the coffee out you have to tip the jug up quite a way as there is an inner lip. This inner lip helps to keep the coffee hot but is a little bit of a nuisance. Coffee pods – i have a dolce gusto machine so this was really good for comparing both the machines. The breville has a higher pressure and it gives a much better taste and cream to the coffee.

Features and Spesification

  • All-in-one system for authentic espresso, filter coffee and capsules
  • Easy to use: Auto-detect senses your chosen attachment and provides the appropriate brewing options
  • 15-Bar pump for quality espresso with a rich crema. Steam wand for milk with the perfect foam
  • 10-Cup / 1. 5 litre thermal carafe to keep coffee hot
  • Compatible with Dolce Gusto capsules: quick and easy coffee with over 40 varieties to choose from