Breville Aurora 4 Slice Toaster – Three Stars

Looks great, the cream colour has a slight shimmer which is just lush, so far works perfectly, nicely made and i’m happy i purchased.

This seems to work very well. It browns the toast well at low settings. My old, expensive, delonghi toaster had to be turned up to full and even then i had to try my luck by re-toasting the bread which usually burnt. What i would say is that the instruction booklet for my toaster is wrong. It shows in the instructions that the left hand side of the toaster is ‘slot 1’ which you must use if you are just toasting one or two slices of bread. The left hand side of my toaster will not work unless the right hand side is already toasting away. The left hand slots are in fact slot 2. It says so in small wring on the toaster. This is different from every toaster i ever have owned. I was ready to send the toaster back to amazon because i thought it was faulty until i read what was written on the toaster itself.

So far we love this toaster, the design is great very retro, all of the components feel well made and intuitive, the unit itself is not too big and bulky. The fact you can lift half way through the cycle to check on progress is useful and most importantly it makes great toastthe acid test will be reliability, toasters appear to have deliberate obsolescence built in.

Excellent service and quality og goods.

This was a present for someone and they are very happy with it.

Bought this 18 months ago for my daughter. Who is in shared student accommodation at uni. Everyone in the house uses it.

Really good price , fast delivery.

Toasts really well and even all over. Looks great with matching kettle which also performs well.

Its ok, getting settings is a bit hit and miss though.

Very good while it all worked but now frozen button no longer works and breville says this function cannot be repaired.

Makes morning breakfast so much simpler kids toast done in moments. Stylish and wipes down with ease.

Better than the designer toasters in my opinion.

It also looks very nice in my kitchen. Here are the specifications for the Breville Aurora 4 Slice Toaster:

  • Lift & Look feature – view the progress of your toast without cancelling the cycle
  • Illuminated control buttons for easy function identification
  • High lift facility means smaller slices can be removed easily without burning fingers
  • Striking pearlescent cream and polished stainless steel finish
  • Variable browning control, defrost, re-heat and mid cycle cancel functions, and removable crumb tray for easy cleaning

Toasts unevenly but at only £22 i shouldn’t really be surprised.

Great toaster this, can’t believe i picked it up for £19. Looks a lot more expensive, has warm/defrost and toast settings, can adjust the time for toasting as most can i guess.

You can only use two left hand slots at the same time as the right hand ones. This means the right hand ones only get used if you’re making 4 pieces of toast. So one side looks heavily used and one side looks brand new. But stupid really, clearly a design error.

Good price, fast shipping and secure packaging too.

Brought for my daughter she is very happy with it, she likes things that match like the kettle.

Smart and easy to use with clear setting dial. Bread is almost evenly toasted on both sides, one of the best results we have had from several other toasters we have owned.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Misleading about slots 1 and 2. Check it out.
  • A Good Buy
  • Great so far, MAKES GOOD TOAST!!!!

Good, lacks all the bells and whistles of other models, but it is only meant to make toast.

Cooks toast perfect never burns.

This is an excellent toaster, has a nice retro look. I did want it in black but that was about £20. So i got the cream one as i wanted a decent toaster more than a certain colour. It can toast 4 slices well you can make your toast as dark or as light as you want. Easy to empty the crumb tray. I am very happy with my new toaster.

One set of two slice sections does not work unless you use the other side at same time also can’t toast at different settings at same time. I do like the appearance of this toaster and it works well enough but there could be improvements on its functionality.