Breville Foodsaver FFS013 Vacuum Sealing System – Brown : Saudi Arabian experience

I’ve never used a vacuum packing device before, but have a friend who swears by them (she works in catering) so i was intrigued when i was offered this. The device is long and narrow, like a large panini maker. It only has a few buttons which makes it really easy to use. You can either choose seal only, vacuum and seal, or moist food vacuum and seal. The foodsaver comes with 2 rolls of wrap and 2 types of bags. I decided to test it using the rolls, which are sealed down the sides and can be cut to size. You then need to seal the base before putting in the food and vacuum sealing. Sealing the base of the roll was straightforward. The fun comes in when you try to seal the 4th side. I never had any problems with a regular vacuum and seal.

I never really thought about vacuum sealing before, but having tried it using the foodsaver, i’m a convert. It’s so easy to use, and offers such a brilliant way to prevent unnecessary food waste. The foodsaver comes with 10 medium and 10 small bags, which seal in food and vacuum out air. To try it out, i did a little test and i have been amazed how freshly picked blackberries, sealed and refrigerated, have lasted for nearly 10 days – unsealed ones lasted only 2. I’ve gone on to seal and pack my freezer – not only does this system extend food life up to 5x, it makes space saving sense too. I’m really impressed with the variety of uses – bread, cakes, biscuits, fruit and veg, smoothies, soups, meats and cheeses – they all can be vacuum sealed and stored for up to 5x longer. I’ve even used the bags for gentle cooking – simply seal in meat or fish with a pat of butter and some herbs and seasonings, and you can poach gently retaining flavour and goodness. Easy to use even from frozen. I cannot recommend this more highly – a truly revolutionary way to store and preserve food.

I’ve been wanting to try one of these for quite a while, but the cost, while not that prohibitive (the keyboard i’m writing on cost nearly 50%,) i wasn’t sure that the benefits would out weigh the price. Should have bought one earlier. As well as the machine, you get two rolls and some bags to use. The rolls take a bit to get use to (i kept cutting them too short,) but there’s plenty of them to test things with. There is one bad thing about this, and i expect all other vacuum sealing systems are the same: its noisy. Not as loud as an old up-right vacuum cleaner, but it’s not what you’d call unobtrusive. That said, it only takes 30 seconds to a couple of minutes before the pump stops and it starts to seal, depending on how large the item is. One of the first things i tested this on was some cheese. I have a problem with cheese. I hate the smell of strong cheese.

Very very very nice and ansomthnks.


I have been using this product now for awhile for keeping foods from going off, or getting freezer burn. But after a recent incident with a parcel which i sent, with some packets of biscuits and ants, i realised that this would also be perfect for sealing items for posting in a parcel as well. So far i have used it for all maner of items, bars of chocolate, packs of biscuits, even t-shirtsnothing special needs to be done to do this. Just the, cut to length, seal, then put in the item, vacum (make sure that there are the double clicks when closing), then seal the otherside. With the thick plastic it even offers some degree of protection to the item. I think that you might even be able to send the item direct through the post if it was not that everything can be seen inside.

For years i have seen info-commercials extolling the virtues of these type of machines, which seal left-over food, so that it lasts longer or avoids any kind of freezer burn, if stored in the freezer. Nothing i saw propelled me to want to buy one, as mrs c and i both thought they were another one of those gadgets that appear to be a good idea, costs a lot, but once bought, rarely used. When this product came up on the vine programme i thought it was worth testing it, without any risk. Firstly, the machine appears to be very well made and comes with very clear instructions. The box contains 20 storage bags, 10 small and 10 large. It also comes with two rolls of plastic material that can be cut to any size you want, and a hose for taking the air out of food containers which have a vacuum seal. The process of sealing is very easy and the led panel, which is on the top of the unit, shows the progression of the sealing. You have a number of choices as to how this machine seals an item, it can seal, seal and vacuum, and an adjustment for moist food productsthe exact process of sealing depends upon how you want to seal something, but each method requires the bag too be put into the machine, the lid has to be pressed down with some force and the type of seal selected from the buttons on the led panel. So far we have tried each type of seal and every time the machine has sealed perfectly and leaves a perfect sealed edge. Overall this appears to be a well made and easy to use machine. It does exactly what it is supposed to and seals the food bags perfectly. I am happy to highly recommend this product.

Mrs d writes: i use my freezer a lot to minimise food waste and to take advantage of mark-down bargains at the supermarket, but i have never used a foodsaver or the other similar products. My early impression: wowhere’s what i like about it:- very easy to use and seals properly every time- small and light enough to use vertically, allowing me to vacuum seal soupsi’m using this as much for the fridge as i am for the freezer – vacuum sealed leftovers stay edible for longer. It will take a long term test to compare vacuum-sealer food with the normal ziplock items in my freezer, and i’ll update this review after a couple of months. The novelty value of this device was not lost on children, who have been vacuum sealing their toys all weekendverdict: it won’t save 87% of my leftovers as i am already pretty sensible, but it is very quick and easy to operate and a lot less faff than i was expecting. This is one kitchen gadget that will see a lot of use.

  • Saudi Arabian experience
  • Five Stars

Foodsaver FFS013 Vacuum Sealing System – Brown

Product Description, Foodsaver FFS013 Vacuum Sealing System – Brown.

Box Contains, 1 x Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing Unit 10 x 0.94L bags 10 x 3.78l bags 2 x roll 28cm x 3cm 1 x Accesory Hose for use with Foodsaver accessories

From the manufacturer

Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine

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FoodSaver FFS013 Vacuum Sealing System

The FoodSaver FFS013 Vacuum Sealing System is a stylish space-saving unit suitable for all sized kitchens. With one touch vacuum and seal operation the FoodSaver FFS013 Vacuum Sealing System is so simple to use. Simply feed your bag of food into the drip tray inside your FoodSaver unit and close using the simple lock and latch mechanism. At the touch of a button the machine will automatically remove the air from your bag – progress lights inform you once a vacuum has been created. The machine will then automatically heat seal the bag, locking in freshness. Use the accessory port with the included hose to vacuum seal FoodSaver accessories. The ‘seal only’ function allows you to simply heat seal FoodSaver bags and rolls. There is also a moist/dry food setting that changes the seal level for different types of food. The dishwasher safe drip tray will collect any excess liquid when you vacuum seal your food.

  • Seal only mode
  • Simple lock and latch mechanism.
  • Compact design with vertical storage.
  • Automatic vacuum and seal operation with Progress indicator lights.
  • Accessory port and hose.
  • Dishwasher safe drip tray.
  • Bags and rolls included.

Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine

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Why Vacuum Seal

By vacuum sealing food bought on sale and reducing household waste by up to 87 per cent, the average UK family could save up to Β£600 per year using the FoodSaver System. Using the FoodSaver bags and accessories at home, the appliance removes the air from the food’s storage meaning ingredients can be kept for up to five times longer. Once vacuum sealed, the food can be frozen, marinated or put in the microwave; staying as tasty and flavoursome as the day you seal it. Then, when you’re ready to eat, the health and nutritional benefits are captured, ensuring you have a nutritious and well-balanced meal..

All FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Systems come equipped with an Accessory Hose, which can in turn be used with the accessories and Fresh Containers (see list below) to extract all the air from the containers before creating an airtight seal that keeps the air out and the freshness in.

Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine
FFS001 FFS012 FFS013 FFS005 V2860 FSFSSL3840
Discover The Full FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Range With its slim and compact design and handy vertical storage option, the FoodSaver FFS001X takes up little space making it an ideal choice for kitchens of all sizes. The FoodSaver FFS012X has a sleek, compact design and with vertical storage, it is a space-saving unit suitable for all sized kitchens Sleek and stylish, this FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System has been specifically designed to save space on the kitchen worktop, fitting in the heart of the family home The automatic vacuum and seal operation makes this vacuum sealer easy to operate, and with the seal only function you can seal the most delicate of foods; from cake decorations to crisps. The V2860 offers easy, intuitive operation and offers great features which include an extra-wide sealing strip and vacuum pulse for maximum control. Great extras like the integrated marinator mode, the automatic bag recognition and the retractable accessory hose make this the ultimate vacuum sealing machine
Starter Pack βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Integrated Roll Storage and Cutter βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Wet/Dry Function βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Variable Speed βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Container Mode βœ“ βœ“
Automatic Bag Recognition βœ“
Marinator Mode βœ“
Integrated Accessory Hose βœ“

Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine Vacuum sealer,domesetic sealing,sealer,foodsaver,sous vide,sous-vide,fishing machine
FSC003 FoodSaver Canisters T020-00024-I FoodSaver 3 Vacuum Seal Lunch Boxes FSFSMA0050 Foodsaver Quick Marinator FSB3202-I Vacuum Sealing Bags FSR2802-IUK FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Rolls FFC003 FoodSaver Fresh Containers
Discover The Full FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Range BPA-free. The multi-purpose containers are ideal for the storage of dry and pressure-sensitive food as well as liquids. Food stays fresh up to five times longer. BPA-free light containers with matching, tight-closing lid, space-saving stackable design, microwave and dishwasher safe BPA-free Marinator for fast and effective marinating of food in minutes instead of hours BPA-free vacuum bags with embossed air channels for food storage. Washable and reusable. Package with 38 pieces in size 28 x 35.6 cm. BPA-free premium tear-proof rolls keep your food packaged and fresh. Double pack in size 20 cm x 670 cm BPA free, safe for the whole family and suitable for refrigerator, freezer and storage cabinet. For storing liquids or dry food with a leak-proof lid and sealing
BPA FREE βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“

FoodSaver – Taste the Benefits

Food Lasts up to 5 X Longer

Vacuum sealing your food not only saves your food but could also save you money. Food stays fresh up to five times longer with Foodsaver so buying your food in bulk when it’s in season and costs less means you don’t have to pay a premium when it’s in demand. So seal in the savings and enjoy fresh berries and vegetables in the winter.

Time Saving – Quick Marinating

The foodsaver quick marinator is perfect for those spur of the moment BBQs. Deep marinade your food and be ready to cook in minutes not hours

Waste Reducing – Love The Leftovers

Use the foodsaver lunch and leftover containers to seal in the full flavour of your dinnertime leftovers for an extra tasty quick lunch. Perfect for delicate items, dry goods and cooking staples, the FoodSaver lunch and leftover containers create airtight storage for sandwiches, snacks, baked goods and so much more

Fishing and Bait

Going fishing this summer? Save your catch using your FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System. The best part about vacuum sealing your fish is that it makes them last much longer than they would otherwise and they still taste as great as they did on the day you pulled them from the water. Ideal for sealing in the freshness of your fishing bait too. Our Foodsaver Rolls mean you can cut to accommodate even the biggest fish.

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Very nice machine and excellent food keeper.

After some initial set-up issues – mostly due to not reading the manual carefully this was easily set up. And then you just put what you want to freeze in the provided bags and use the machine to seal them. Simple, no faffing about, no hassle, it’s just sorted. Brilliant to be honest, i’ve never used anything like it before, but the amount of space you can save with meat and fish is fantastic. Also tried doing some ground walnuts – didn’t work so well but that wasn’t a surprise. I like the fact that this also caters for moist food which allows you to freeze slightly more delicate items with the same system. I was very impressed with this, not too many buttons, looks good in the kitchen and doesn’t take up too much space. Well thought out and definitely going to be used more and more in our kitchen.

I usually freeze most of the meat however now with the foodsaver i don’t have to do that anymore. If you wish to still freeze your meat however the foodsaver will also prevent freezer burn. It’s very well made and has a stylish design. It comes with 10 small and 10 large bags to start with. The process takes just under a minute. The led on the top of the unit indicates the progress. It sealed everything first time. It saves a lot of space in the fridge and the freezer as you don’t need to worry about the massive boxes meat etc comes in. It is slightly expensive however it’s worth every penny.

After years of failing to get enough air out of freezer bags and as a result having food tainted by freezer burn, the foodsaver has changed all that. The foodsaver is a well-made and designed item. The instructions are very clear and easy to understand. It comes with 20 bags, 10 of each size, small and large. There are also 2 rolls that can be cut to size, you seal one end of the bag, measure the amount of bag you need with a bit of excess, and cut. It is well covered in the manual. There is an accessory hose for use with other containers that foodsaver sell. The top panel has led’s to indicate power on, and progress. There are buttons to seal only, to seal and vacuum, and to adjust for moist food. To seal, the bag is located in the unit, the lid pressed fully down until indicators are visible this requires a fair bit of pressure.

This is an attractive product that looks good on your worktop if you want to keep it out. I’ve used it for re-packing some raw meat after splitting packs that i had purchased. It worked very well and makes me much happier about how long the meat will last. I’ve also re-packed some cheese which already seems to be keeping far better.

  • Saudi Arabian experience
  • Five Stars

Foodsaver FFS013 Vacuum Sealing System – Brown

Features and Spesification

  • Reduce the amount of food waste thrown away
  • Compact design with vertical storage
  • Automatic vacuum and seal operation with progress indicator lights
  • Simple lock and latch mechanism
  • 2 year guarantee, bags and rolls included