Breville Lustra Electric Kettle – Lovely Kettle

Great value for money & looks fab in my new kitchenlooks more like a very light pink rather than cream but lovely colour nonetheless.

This is a nice kettle not as glittery as i expected quite a dull lustre. It is a little noisy when boiling but that doesn’t bother me.

Quite a nice looking kettle, which works well. It isn’t as stylish in real life. I was expecting something more substantial. It almost feels like it is made of plastic.

Perfect much better than my old one.

Noisier than last kettle but works well and hasn’t broken unlike the matching toaster we bought at the same time.

I had done a little research and this kettle was supposed (according to google searches) to be fairly quiet. It actually sounds like a train running through the kitchen.

I rather did things back to front, i chose the kettle on colour and didn’t read the reviews until i had actually ordered it. I then wrestled with the idea of cancelling the order due to the terrible taste it left for other people. So glad i didn’t cancel, it looks great, does what it is supposed to do and it makes a fab cup of tea.

Quick and super cool with a little blue light on the tempeature bar when is on.

Looks great, the toaster makes nice even toast and the kettle boils water to an ideal temperature. Main issue being the plastic tasting water from the kettle and it does take a little long to heat.

Just a good looking, nice to handle, quick kettle.

It has a good spout & is a great colour.

Good designgood solid feeldoes what it should dolike the colour.

Very stylish and works very well. Here are the specifications for the Breville Lustra Electric Kettle:

  • Elegant design in a luxurious pearlescent colour finish with mirror chrome accents
  • 3 KW concealed element for rapid boiling; 1.7 Litre capacity makes 6 to 8 cups
  • Rear water window makes accurate filling easy and illuminates white on boil
  • Removable, cleanable limescale filter; concealed element for easy cleaning
  • 360 Degree rotational base, lift off lid, non-slip feet and cord storage

I’d just moved house and old bosch kettle not fit for purpose. I did a lot of researching and chose this one with good reviews. Colour good and noise level low. Three months later it’s still looking new and working perfectly.

Bought this to replace our old 1. 7l breville, and i carefully checked all the specs inculding the a&q to ensure its stainless steel all over. Very disappointed to receive the new one and found there are loads plastic parts in the inside of the kettle — the bottom layer of the kettle lid, lamscale filter, water indicator, are all plastic. Our old breville has all these parts in stainless steel and lasted for years.

I really like the colour also it is very flush and easy to clean and not to heavy boils quickly.

Great value well constructedeasy to use with one hand.

A lovely set as i bought the toaster to match. Took me a long time to find a set i really liked and not many people now doing four slot toasters. The handle does feel plastic on the kettle but it was good value for money.

This is a classy looking kettle (smokey grey) and one of the reasons why it was bought was because it had a lid that could be taken off. Automatic lid opening with a button seems to be something that can go wrong and is a problem with a lot of kettles.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Elegant kettle, easy to fill with removable lid, nice ergonomics for the handle!
  • Wow love it!
  • Not all steel inside!

Lovely kettle, quite heavy so feels like a qaulity kettle, got fed up with the usual brand which is much more expensive than this so took a chance and am really pleased, boils fast, not too noisy, looks really nice so will now order the toaster and hoping there are canisters also.

Lovely looking kettle, boils fast but a little bit noisy but quieter then some.

Looks very smart and doesn’t look cheap. Surprised with how heavy it is but very happy with it overall.

Really pleased with this purchase. Looks great in the kitchen (also purchased matching toaster). Lid is a little fiddly to get off but probably just needs getting used to/working in.

Perfect decent price kettle. No problem with odour, simply boil three times before first use.

The colour is great, boils quickly and quietly. We have hard water, so i use filtered water and rinse the little spout filter on the kettle regularly which is easy to remove.

The water tastes like hot water in my kettle no funny smells. Just a nice looking kettle that makes water boil.

We bought this with the matching toaster. Very happy with the product. I read all the reviews and was a little concerned when i read it was noisy (in one review) and gave off a bad taste but we haven’t found this at all. In fact this kettle is quieter than previous kettles and we followed the instructions to boil a full kettle a few times to get rid of any residue from manufacturing and it’s perfect. The colour is lighter than it looks on the pictures. I have added a photo in the hope it reflects that it is a lot more pearly white than the pearly grey in the pics but either way it’s very pretty. Pours well and it’s really handy having a lid that comes off totally. It also doesn’t give you a horrible scraping feeling when you do it like some expensive jug kettles i have had in the past. Looks really smart and the buttons and levers are all very sturdy feeling.

Very pleased with this kettle not as quiet as my previous one but its very smart looking and a pleasing shade of grey goes well with my kitchen.

Great kettle – better price on amazon than tesco. Matches my toaster perfectly. Love the way the lid removes completely. Hot water stays hot for a while so no need to always reboil.

A fantastic piece of equipment to have in the kitchen.

Just a little heavier than i was expecting owing to it not being plastic.

Arrived promptly & in excellent condition. Very nice looking, pleased with performance.

Kettle looks great is nicely made. It’s slightly more noisy than my previous one but this isn’t a major issue for me. Doesn’t make the water taste unusual as some people have reported.

Good quality, stylist design and practical kettle.

Such a stylish kettle, fits into our kitchen beautifully.

Beautiful and easy to clean.

Really lovely kettle, quick to heat, pours cleanly, and really looks beautiful sat on the side. I also bought the matching toaster, lovely set.

Came on time, looks lovely, works excellently, i do love it.

Brilliant kettle, easy to use, easy to clean. Lid comes off, easy to pour water.

Works very well quick and stylish design.

Fast boiling, lightweight but sturdy, looks classy. I boiled it a few times as per the instructions before using and there was no strange taste.

Looks amazing, and great valuepurchased a a set with the toaster.

Not really happy with this kettle-it arrived with a chip in the coating. Scratches to the metallic parts. It’s lightweight and looks good if you ignore the cosmetic defects and it does what it says on the tin. If i had known that what i was paying for would arrive like this, i probably would have bought a different kettle.

The kettle is well made and a fast boiler. The colour is lovely and just matches my kitchen.

Had this kettle a few weeks now and its perfect in every way. Pours really well, lid comes off easily for filling and boils quickly. Now got the matching toaster which is brilliant too.

Great kettle looks good and works a treat.

It seems quieter when boiling than my last russell hobbs one. The colour co-ordinates well with my kitchen and i like the snug top lid filling. At last a kettle which doesn’t ‘dribble’ when pouring.The side water panel is easy to see behind the handle and even the on/off switch works well.

Decent but does take a good few weeks to get rid of the new kettle taste.

3 cleaning boils, then an initial cup of tea. Clear water and clean taste. I live in kent, hard water and wanted a kettle with a removable lid for cleaning. Large hole for male hands too to get inside. Nicely made with some chrome style strips for a little style. Didn’t want 3kw boil, but they all seem to be that now. Nice to hold, handle not textured, but not found it slippery with dry hands. Handle allows multiple pouring angles. Spout – the spout, at last, a wide spout. This means you can pour fairly quickly without water leaking from around the lid. My only complaint, the 360 degree base is a bit on the light side and the power cable can push it about a bit. It would be nice to kettle makers fit a weighted base, a heavy metal, as when the kettle boils it does wobble a lot and also there is a little resonance in the structure, a buzz, as it comes to the boils; so not the quietest kettle, but appears well made.

Good looking kettle, that does not look cheap considering the price. No issues with it aside from the fact that the lead is quite short.