Breville VCF041 Moments Hot Drinks Maker – : Better than I thought

I wanted a simple coffee maker & multiple drinks maker, no mess no fuss and no extra spending on pods, & it’s so easy clean, (you have to wash it after each use) you can use your own kenco or nescafe, horlicks and hot chocolate. It’s a great no frills machine.

Very fiddly to clean and put back.

I have found my favourite way to make coffee.

Was really put off by the reviews given for this product but got one from amazon warehouse a bit cheaper. Absolutely fab, no burn plastic taste as described.

After using several much more expensive coffee makers this is really the ‘bee’s knees’. Had a cup of latte within 30 minutes after delivery. Cannot believe how easy it is to make all sorts of hot drinks. And no money paid out for pods etc – just the normal instant coffee and chocolate powder depending on which drink you want. Cannot recommend enough and to put another plus on it – it’s on same on the maker’s web page at £87.

Bought this for my mum and she can’t get enough of it. It’s cheap for her to run as it uses instant coffee, froths up brilliantly and makes the drinks piping hot rather than some of the tepid drinks we have had from inferior models.

No more over priced capsules yeahhh.

I am normally very disappointed with home coffee machines – i don’t like the coffee from most of the cartridge machines, the cost of the cartridges is exorbitant too, and the smell of roasted coffee beans is normally much much better than the taste of the end product. This little machine has managed to change my outlook – i have seldom enjoyed coffee and hot chocolate so much – in fact i’m going to drink coffee from this machine in the morning at weekends. . This is quite a surprise as i’m normally a tea drinker, so what changed my outlook?well, this machine has been well thought out. Hot water is used to produce steam which heats up milk and is then dispensed into the cup- via a transparent plastic dispenser into which you put the instant coffee or chocolate. The result is a frothy, milky mix – very much like a capuccino. Full of taste, and quick – about 3 minutes from a cold start to having a full cup. This drinks maker is simple to use, simple to clean too and most of the components are dishwasher safe too which is a bonus. When i looked at the manual i thought it could be difficult to assemble/disassemble the components for cleaning – but i was wrong, it was just that the manual had been confusingly written, in fact once you’ve figured it out, it takes just a couple of moments to disassemble, clean and rinse the components- and it’s straightforward to assemble them again too. Well designed – though i did find that the hot water lid could be put on incorrectly unless care is taken to make sure the threads are lined up. There is a lever on the side of the drinks maker that has three positions – power off, heat, dispense.

  • Better than I thought
  • Slimline design & really easy to clean
  • Fantastic coffee machine.

Breville VCF041 Moments Hot Drinks Maker – Black

Product Description, Breville VCF041 Moments Hot Drinks Maker – Black.

Box Contains, 1 x Breville Moments Hot Drinks Maker1 x Instruction Booklet

From the manufacturer

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Bullet Points:
  • Use your favourite instant coffee or hot chocolate and choice of milk to tailor your drink to your taste.
  • Uses fresh milk for a superior taste.
  • Save on coffee capsules and have the freedom to change your brand of coffee.
  • Easily disassembles to pop in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.
  • Make a variety of hot beverages for all the family: latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, mocha, malted milk drinks, babyccino and more.

Breville VCF041 Moments Hot Drinks Maker

Whether you are a coffee fan or a hot chocolate lover, the Breville Moments Hot Drink Maker is the machine for you. Slim, compact and modern it’s a great fit for your kitchen and cost per serving is cheaper than capsules or your café bought treats without compromising on the taste.

Using your favourite instant coffee and choice of milk, the Breville Moments Hot Drink Maker will make authentic tasting cafe lattes or cappuccino’s in under a minute. It can create a variety of delicious hot milky beverages for the whole family, such as hot chocolate, mocha, babyccino and malted milk drinks. If you fancy treating yourself, add chopped chocolate into your cup or your favourite syrup – Indulgent Moments in an Instant with Breville.

Specification and Features:

  • 500 ml milk capacity makes 2 mugs or 4 small cups.
  • 400 ml water boiler makes approximately 20 cups – depending on cup size.
  • Heats up in approximately 3 mins.
  • Easy to use dial operation with 3 settings (off/heat up/dispense).
  • Power on and ready to use indicator light.
  • Dishwasher safe parts.
  • Easy to clean removable drip tray.

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Indulgent Moments in an Instant

Whatever your favourite instant coffee, this can be teamed with your choice of fresh milk to create a delicious authentic tasting cafe latte or cappuccino. Pop your coffee into the mixing chamber, add your milk of choice into the milk container and hold the lever down to watch the milk froth and swirl around the mixing chamber with the coffee before dispensing the deliciously hot frothy coffee into your cup. Make it according to your taste preferences adding as much or as little as you like – your coffee, your milk, exactly the way you like it.

The Breville Moments Hot Drink Maker can make a variety of deliciously milky drinks for the whole family too. Try adding a spoonful of hot chocolate to the chamber with your coffee to get a tasty mocha; go simple for the kids with frothed milk for a babyccino or make your hot chocolate extra indulgent by using chocolate milk. The choice is yours.

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Uses fresh milk

The Breville Moments Hot Drink Maker uses fresh milk which offers a lovely taste to alternative drink solutions with milk powders and as the power to choose your milk is with you, your beverage can be tailored to your taste – Ideal for anyone who cannot drink dairy as a variety of milks can be used with this machine, including; almond milk, soya milk, lacto free, coconut milk etc. Any leftover milk can be stored in the milk container in the fridge for your convenience.

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Easy to clean

All parts which come into contact with the milk can be easily disassembled for dishwasher cleaning.

Easy to fill the milk container

The quick fill funnel ensures that you can easily top up the milk without removing the milk container. Any leftover milk can be stored in the milk container in the fridge for your convenience.

Easy to use

With only 3 settings (off/heat up /dispense) the Breville Moments Hot Drinks Maker is simple to use. Power on and ready indicator lights show when the machine is ready to use.

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What’s your indulgent moment?

Breville wants to help you Turn on your Creativity and we all need to take a moment to indulge ourselves sometimes. Tailor that moment with our Breville Moments Hot Drink Maker – choose your favourite instant coffee, add your milk of choice and watch the magic happen. Great tasting latte, cappuccino or hot chocolate in under a minute. Your coffee, your milk – exactly the way you like it. If you’re feeling generous you could even indulge your family with their favourite drinks – but that ones up to you.

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Slimline design & really easy to clean. Able to fit normal size / taller mug underneath dispenser instead of a cup. Better than previous model, takes up less room on the worktop. Great for making any combination of instant or milky drinks quickly, no need to buy pods, which makes this a really economical drinksmaker.

Really pleased with this maker , easy to use and clean , and for a family better than just a coffee machine.

Love this coffee machine and so much cheaper to run than the pods.

Love this product so easy to use and clean.

You can have all sorts of milky drinks and it froth them up.

Makes nice latte mocachino and the likes.

This was bought as present for my wife. After following the instructions for cleaning the machine for first use, the resulting coffee/hot chocolate smelled of a chemical/burnt plastic smell. Several clean cycles later (took some time as i had to let the water tank cool down and de-pressurise) the liquids still smelt of something nasty. Even washed it out with warm soapy water, soaked it over night and then tried to make coffee with it. No matter what i tried just cant get rid of the smell it makes when making coffee. Making the coffee/hot chocolate was easy enough though. Its a shame as i liked the idea of a podless coffee maker.

Best purchase ever, delivery was super fast. I had so many coffee machines before but this one is the simple one and the best, no expensive pods needed. Super happy client here:)will buy again from his seller for sure.

  • Better than I thought
  • Slimline design & really easy to clean
  • Fantastic coffee machine.

Breville VCF041 Moments Hot Drinks Maker – Black

This coffee machine is a novel idea. Make a frothy coffee using instant or hot chocolate, would be a big saving over buying these drinks at a coffee shop or using a pod machine, but you cant use it with ground coffee so it does not compete with expresso machinesthe machine is relatively compact, slim like an expresso machine and tall enough that it fits under the work top cupboards. It comprises a pressurised hot water tank, a milk reservoir and an enclosure to put the coffee or hot chocolate into. There’s a drip tray to stand you mug on- a good height to get a tallish mug under. Set up=====the machine parts fit snugly together, the milk and coffee holder need to be washed before use. The instructions describe how to take it apart. This needs to be done in a certain order, and is simple once you know how, but i didn’t find it obvious without looking at the instructions. Many parts will go in the dishwasher for cleaning. In use====the water chamber is filled and then the milk container. The coffee goes into a transparent holder.

I love this machine, and the different drinks you can make with it, at no extra cost than if you were to boil a kettle, unless you wanted a milky drink and then you use extra milk. It’s simple to use, and easy to clean. It takes instant coffee, hot chocolate, cocoa, malted milk, etc. The negative points i should point out are that you have to do the machine manually, and it’s recommended pressing the dispense button in short bursts as it froths up very quickly, and therefore can take a while to fill a large mug. I suggest keep stirring the cup to disperse some of the froth to allow room for the liquid. There will still be plenty of froth in your drink when it’s full. Another negative is that if you don’t use all the milk / liquid in one drink, although it can be kept in the machine, you rarely ever get to the bottom and almost always end up wasting some. That’s false economymy main concern is where you put the coffee etc at the front. But i would personally it rather be a click fit, because of the amount of pressure that swirls around inside there.

Nice easy to use better than the pod thing.

Exactly what it says very happy. I was looking for milky, frothy, strong, hot as well with costa and starbucks coffee type. So this has all you all thinking what i thought coffee machine should have then go for it.

It’s really good easy to clean amazing price love it.

This is an interesting concept in making hot drinks: makes great hot chocolate and as-good-as-possible instant coffee with frothy milk. It’s a large appliance, though, for the number of uses it has, and not necessarily much better than microwaving the milk and swizzling it with a frother stick. As a piece of engineering, this is quite fun. Water goes into the boiler, which has to be closed tight and can’t be opened until the device is cool. Milk, possibly mixed with water, or even just water, goes into a second compartment. I had to read the instructions six times to get my mind round this, but in use it’s actually really simple. The steam that comes out of the boiler is used to draw up the milk (etc), froth it, and mix it with the instant coffee or hot chocolate (pure only — not with milk powder included), which then comes down into the cup as nicely frothed. In frothing terms, it’s as good as any good cappuccino machine, so you could employ this as a dedicated frother if you were doing cappuccinos for an entire dinner party. Naturally, you have to wash everything afterwards, otherwise it will smell of sour milk. This is easily done in the dishwasher, for the washable parts, which pull out nicely and easily.

Very easy to use great safety features well worth the price.

Or possibly not ‘niche’ given the popularity of hot drinks with frothy milk these days. If that describes you, then this may be of interest. If it doesn’t, i’d forget it and look at something else. Essentially this is a machine specifically designed to make hot drinks from instant powder with frothed milk. ‘ if you want a more flexible coffee machine, it’s not ideal, although you can vary the quantity of milk used, so there are ‘workarounds’, even if that’s not quite what it was intended for. Personally, i think it’s a bit of a gimmick and a solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist, but it does what it is designed to do well, which is fair enough, hence the 4 stars. It is sleekly styled and in functional terms straightforward and clearly well designed, as you’d usually expect from breville products. The tanks are easy to fill, and the entire thing is easy to clean -always a good thing. The removable parts can go in a dishwasher -personally i just give them a clean in the sink, since it isn’t exactly a hardship. I also think that this is a sight better than machines that use pods, which are an utter waste of resources in terms of their inefficient packaging and the fact that they are a swine to recycle. It is also more flexible than a pod, at least in terms of more flexibility of selecting your preferred powdered coffee, hot chocolate / cocoa etc. Just avoid anything with powdered milk & you’ll be fine on that front. In terms of usability, it is perfectly straightforward -there aren’t many controls, because there don’t need to be. You open it up, pour in water & required quantity of milk, close it, use the handy & nicely weighted dial to switch it on, let it boil (which it does quite quickly, the length of time varying a bit with the amount of water of course) and then dispense.

Not bought it yet but will do, i have the older model which makes lovely frothy coffee, much better tasting than coffee pods from my pod machine, and most importantly for me you can make it as you like it, your own favourite coffee, your own choice of milk, weak, strong etc, but alas it’s now in the shed for misbehaving on the cleaning cycle, it was a nightmare, just steaming and not taking up the water to clean it out, i’ve been so much looking forward to it being upgraded, and here it is, shall be buying it when i’ve used up all my coffee pods, and saving a small fortune, so well done to breville on the upgrade ,( had to star it or it wouldn’t let me post it).

This is amazing little machine i am lactose intolerant and can now have a latte with my milk it beets all the expencive machines hands down xx.

I read other reviews and thought twice about buying. I saw one in amazon warehouse deals and thought i would give it a go. I had a few miss haps to start with but after reading the instructions and using my brain i had success. Its great for a number of reasons. First it uses simple instant coffee no expensive pods or filters. Second it makes a boiling drink not just warm like most others. Lastly it comes apart to clean easy.

Precision is key here , long taking it out to use, use right amount, i teaspoon coofee , liitle milk , water unlimited. Sugar dont use in machine only after.

Very good machine, after use needs careful cleaning every time you use it, parts can be fiddly to wash properly i use a long fine bristle brushi am getting better (faster) putting it all back together now. Can use all sorts of instant coffee and chocolate powder.

It’s fine for what it does, but really quite fiddly for what you end up with. The whole process of adding water to a kettle that isn’t easy to empty if it hasn’t been used for a bit, milk into a thing which isn’t easy to clean and then the process of making the coffee feels like a rigmarole in comparison to something like a tassimo which makes the process effortless and with produces something akin to actual coffee rather than instant in a nice dress.

Great machine does the job perfectly makes the pefect hot choclate, the only down fall is that the machine requires alot of milk but great otherwise.

Great product works well and reasonable price.

Brilliant for coffees quickly without loads of messing definitely recommend.

First time i did it, i did it wrong, it’s an easy mistake to make. On the clear cup/bowl that you put your coffee in, make sure that the line on the front and the line on the lid meet up exactly. It is a tight fit the last couple of millimetres. If they’re not lined up, it won’t work properly and it might spit and leak from the bowl because you’ve not sealed it correctly. Get it right and it works a treat. This machine is making frothy milk in exactly the same way as the expensive (£300+) machines do. . I know because i’ve owned a couple in the past. So it’s a good deal, if you read the manual. The milk section can be removed and stored in the fridge to keep the milk fresh, but don’t keep it too long and clean it regularly. If your not getting a full cup, let the froth settle a little and then add more.

Features and Spesification

  • Make a variety of hot beverages: Latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, mocha, malted milk drinks, babyccino and more
  • Easily disassembles to pop in the dishwasher for easy cleaning
  • Use your favourite instant coffee or hot chocolate, and choice of milk to tailor your drink to your taste
  • Save on coffee capsules and have the freedom to change your brand of coffee