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I bought this on the recommendation of a friend. . My husband wasn’t convinced, pessimist that he is said “that’ll be another novelty item that sits doing nothing”wrong. We use it every day, sometimes several times a day. . My 18yr old son is in training and he loves cooking meat in it, cooks in a fraction of the time and keeps the meat moist (no preheating so cuts time and cost of an oven). He also makes his own chips in there, adding flavoured oils and cracked pepper to give a twist to the plain old chip. . We do roasted veg in there, jacket potatoes, fish you name it it all goes in there (we sometimes wrap our meats/fish in foil to lock in moisture and flavour). . It’s great for a cooked breakfast too, pop it all in there go have a shower come back it’s ready for plating. It takes up quite a bit of counter top, but for the use it gets its a worthy sacrifice.

Fantastic cooking gdget u need. Our first one served on daily basis for 7 years. Got his one as the replacement and it’s amazing. I am not yet sold on the design. Prefer the old one but cooking with it is a breeze. Use it on daily basis, multiple times a day, always.

I use this instead of my main oven for cooking children’s meals and it’s great. Far cheaper to run than my electric oven and easier to clean. Waffles, chips, chicken,fish and jacket potatoes all very quick to cook.

Have had a number of these airfryers incuding supposedly top brand one but none of them cooked they way this one does. From humble chips to chicken portions no problems at all & chips are nice & crisp with the right colour. This machine also comes complete with the grilling basket etc not like some makes an chargeable option.

 busy mums time saver and safe while kids under 5’s while they are playing in kitchen. I have read all reviews before i bough this product. And went onto youtube channels too before i bought it. Let’s answer all those negative feedback:noise: i will post a video, but honestly frying breaded chicken on top of a hob is much noisierit might be personal but it is not noisy for me. Not frying evenly, or minutes given in the recipe book isn’t right. : well, how about being a bit more adventures?. Just shall we say put the machine on randomly think of the minutes you would be frying if you deep fry on top of the hob?. For example if you fry potato take one out try and if it still not good enough for your taste just put it back. Is that a big deal?good for mini meals: i make frequently freshly made breaded chicken, fish, pork , anything for my 5 yrs old and 1 yr old. And today i put some potato and chicken together for lunch for the kids. I thought 15 min will be enough and i only added and extra 3 minutes. It was perfectfirst of all i did not have to deep fry it.Oven dries out the breaded chicken or any meat without oil and it is harder to control.

I have owned one of these for quite a while and this was a purchase for another family member who is delighted with it also , you really can make all sorts in this and it makes life so easy.

This has been a fantastic purchase. We have used it to cook chips, pizza and garlic bread so far. The angle it gives allows foods like wedges, chips, onion rings to be tumble so they don’t stick together and thereby ensuring evenness of cooking. The size if pretty large although we’ve made space on the counter in the corner of our kitchen for it. The quality of the bowl inside is very good and cooking effort is minimal, you can literally just wipe it or run it under the tap (once you’ve removed it, of course). All in all this a fantastic little (not so) machine. We’ve not turned out oven on since having this.

Really pleased with this product. It cooks very crsipy roast potatoes.

  • Highly recommended. Dont spend the extra on a Tefal!
  • Busy mums’ extra pair of hand! Fantastic
  • we love it! 👍

Breville VDF105 Halo Plus Health Fryer – White/Green

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Previously we had the tefal air fryer which had to have bits replaced every 8/9 months through warping – poor quality manufacture and lasted less than two years. This however is fantastic, cooks great, quiet (er) in comparison to the previous fryer and gives reliably great results. Really like the design and simple use. Great value and better quality product and food.

I already tried an actifry and have alwys been pleased with it but thought i’d try this out as it’s a lot cheaper. It does the job, no doubt about that, but i didnt give it a 5 rating as the handke is awkward to use whereas on the actifry it’s easy, and the kid doesn’t stay up by itself so i need two hands to load and unload it and at the moment i have one in plaster so i can’t use it.

Love this device, so easy to clean. Cooking chicken wings are easy and add a better crispy coating to the skin.

Used this a fair bit since purchased though so far only for cooking potatoes in varied forms. Works well with cooking oil though i found results weren’t so clever with fry light spray. 45 minutes and still hard in the middle though starting to burn on the outside, though i have a feeling i may have overloaded with too heavy a weight of chips. When used with rapeseed oil the results were great. 1kg chips, 37 minutes and half a (supplied) spoonful of oil and they were perfect. Not quite deep fryed but far nicer to oven chips. Very easy to use and very easy to clean with everything being non stick. Having seen the tefal actifry in use, this is much quieter in use, takes the same amount of time and gives the same end result for less than half of the price. Bargain and highly recommended.

It is so easy to cook a whole meal for one or two people. I bought this as a replacement for my earlier model halo fryer when it’s inner dish lost a lot of the coating on the outside. It was also impossible to clean the inner surface properly. The metal cover for the element was also impossible to get clean. However, i am hoping that this later model will wear better, as replacement parts are also available. It also helps that the clear lid is removable for cleaning.

Love it, cook nearly everything in it. Love the fact it turns everything whilst cooking making it much easier to just put it in and leave it without having to turn it over.

I adore homemade chips made in thehalo. The potatoes we like the best are creamy buttery ones, such as marabella and t. I cut them thickly, soak for at least 30 minutes to remove some starch, microwave them for 6-10 minutes without water, or parboil, then a small amount of oil, a sprinkle of pink salt and cook until golden and crispy. They do take quite a while to cook, but it’s worth the wait, i just have to remember to do them in time for tea as they take ages. We all love them here, and the best thing for me is i’m on slimming world and they are much better than done in the oven.

It does salmon or chips perfectly with just a pinch of oil. About as loud as a hairdryer. Looks sweet in the kitchen too, stands out from all the usual white goods.

  • Highly recommended. Dont spend the extra on a Tefal!
  • Busy mums’ extra pair of hand! Fantastic
  • we love it! 👍

Breville VDF105 Halo Plus Health Fryer – White/Green

This is brilliant, don’t waist your money on the expensive tefal one, they both do the same.

I wasn’t so pleased with this, i actually gave it away. The chips didn’t cook very evenly even with the tumble motion. It took up a lot of room on a work surface and had an open top lidwhich prevented it being used where there was kitchen wall cupboards.

This does take longer than a fryer and you need to make sure your chips are dry and if the bowl isn’t full i have to give them a stir (they get stuck on an angle) but that said they come out crisp and i’d rather give chips a stir half way through than have chip fat splattering about making everything sticky and smelly. It’s like having an extra oven really but doesn’t need pre heating. Comes with a few recipes to try in the instruction book. Put some mccain french fries in it and they came out perfect, took 22mins so it’s same as an oven but if i’d waited for a fryer to heat up and then cooked it’s only 5 mins slower.

This breville halo is amazing you can cook so much more in this than the actifry, it was a replacement for the actifry.

I found that on tilt flat chips were not cooked well but crinkle cut fresh chips worked out fine. Comments about lid not staying open are right when on tilt but i find that without tilt it stays open fine. It does not break the chips up like the actifry one it replaced did.

This replaced my tefal, which had finally expired. This is quieter and seems to cook more evenly, possibly because it has elements both top and bottom. I’m very pleased with it so far.

Using only very small amount of oil. I use sesame oil which gives them a lovely taste. It does roasted vegetables perfectly. Easy to clean and the handle works fine if you read the instructions properly – i really don’t understand reviews saying it doesn’t work. I’ve tried salmon fillets in it and cooks them perfectly – without drying out.

The plastic lid is starting to crack and the non stick is wearing away, although i have used it a lot i have only had it for 9 months.

Wife likes it, but i’m not sure i’d exactly call it a fryer – it’s more like an oven that rotates. Food comes out decent enough.

I have upgraded to the new halo and i love it more than my previous one. The absence of the paddle means you have no pulverised chips and the tipping mechanism ensures that everything is cooked to perfection. I love the fact that it looks like a space aged crash helmet and the fact it takes up less space than the previous version. I have put mine on top of the microwave so it frees up worktop space in my tiny kitchen, so it’s accessible.

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