Breville VKJ954 Vista Polished Stainless Steel Jug Kettle – Good looks and super fast boil

I’m pretty happy with this kettle. It has quite a small footprint on the worktop and looks quite smart but holds a lot of water. You have to open the lid to fill it rather than use the spout but the pop open function works well arm and it’s a good pourer which is one of my main gripes about other kettles. It’s pretty fast to boil, quite noisy but that’s the price you pay for speed. No other bells or whistles really, just a kettle but it gets the job done without any fuss.

This is a very large, sleek kettle, ideal for family use. It comes with an extremely clear instruction book. A lid release button allows you to open the lid for quick filling. I particularly like the easy-to-read level gauge which stops you wasting energy by over filling, and the illuminated on/off button. I also appreciated the clear instructions for descaling and even for changing the plug. The kettle heats up quickly and pours well. The best thing about this kettle is that the cup measuring scale is on the side. I have been using a russell hobbs kettle whose scale is under the handle and thus impossible to read.

After many dodgy kettles over the years, we have a clear set of criteria for judging them. This one’s very good and, at the price, would make a great buy, as long as it proves reliable. There are lots of positives:* looks smart* lightweight* easy to fill* easy to locate on its base* low minimum fill (250 ml or about a mugful – not mentioned anywhere except the instructions)* boils quickly* acceptably quiet* pours well* effective filter that’s easy to remove and clean* boiled water tastes fine to us (compared it with un-boiled water after letting it cool)* cord storage in basea few things we’re less impressed with:* single-skin steel, hence hot to touch* can’t be emptied completely through the spout (have to turn it upside down or re-boil stale water)* gauge on one side only – not so good for left-handers* chrome finish inevitably takes some effort to maintain* gauge starts at 2 cups even though minimum fill is 1we’re not too bothered about the gauge because the lid is easy to open and we prefer to measure water into the kettle using cups or mugs, for 100% accuracy. Inability to empty it through the spout is very annoying, though, as far as we’re concernedall things considered, at less than £25, we’d recommend this kettle.

As other reviewers have stated, this is a good entry level kettle. It boils fast, is easy to locate on its base and looks good. The minimum fill is very low (about 250ml, less than a cup) though frustratingly the scale on the side starts at 2 cups. I had a few minor frustations. I found the spout filter very hard to fit, though i do have large hands, also it’s not insulated, so the metal outside gets hot, not great with the kids around and finally it doesn’t have any form of scale control etc.

Nice looking kettle- easy to see the water level, to fill and open the lid – only downsides are that the cable is long and doesn’t wind into the base very well and the base is too light so it’s lacking stability.

I am vey happy for the item in very good working order.

Feels cheep but works very well.

Good value and quick delivery.

Yes, i like this kettle but it’s not quite as good as my current one. Let’s look at the pros and cons:pros——looks smart, modern, cleanfills easily via the lid (or spout)fairly quiet when boiling but most of kettles start off that way – time will tell whether this continuesvery quick to boil a mug of water (less than the minimum show on the water gauge) as it has a 3kw heating elementcons——-minimum fill not particularly clear – turns out it’s about a (large) mug but it’s difficult to gauge that via the,er, kettle’s water gaugewater level gauge only on one side so as i fill up i can’t tell how much i’m putting in it (looking via the lid tells me little) unlike my current kettlemore expensive than my current kettlefingerprint magnet or what?. Needs regular wiping to keep that shiny finishkettle wall can be very hot after boiling (ironically i use this to test whether it has been recently boiled)conclusion—————-as kettles go it’s above average – and if my current kettle did not have added advantages then i would not be unhappy to use this on a daily basis either. Smart-looking, quiet-ish to boil, boils the minimum quickly, yes i like it.

5 stars*i have a breville vkj142 water dispenser which produces a single cup in about a minute. If i’m making one or two cups that’s fine, but anymore than that and it’s annoying, a kettle is much more efficient. My old cheapo kettle has just died so this so this fills the spot nicely. First, the good points: the overall design is okay, but nothing special. The large handle is common on breville products and is nice, the on/off switch is functional but won’t win any ergonomic awards. The lid opens fine, and the pouring action is uniform. The base works perfectly and doesn’t move around or wobble. A few negatives are present, as you might expect. The kettle is not insulated, so the water is in direct contact with the metal wall.

As electric kettles go, this is quite an elegant, well designed one, with good ergonomics too. I do like the stainless and black finish, which is actually rather timeless. It looks modern but surprisingly also sits well in the kitchen of my two hundred year old house. I should point out for anyone wondering that the vertical black line in the pictures (near the side window) is not a design feature, it’s just a reflection in the mirror polished metalthe handle is a good shape and allows you to get a firm and comfortable grip when you pick the kettle up. The button at the top of the handle releases the sprung lid, revealing an opening plenty wide enough to make filling easy. Keep an eye on the cup scale printed on the side mounted window you’ll be able to fill with just the right amount of water, saving money by avoiding using electricity to heat extra water you won’t need. To turn it on you depress the switch at the base. Contrary to the images here the switch on the unit i received from amazon is not transparent but black, with a red led on the top. I think mine looks better than the one in the listing actually. The best thing about modern kettles is the base – i can remember my parents old kettle that was tethered to the wall with a flex that you had to pull out and re-attach every time.

Replacement was needed as my previous failed after three years of service. But little nosy but i guess that’s normal.

Thank you fast delivery good product. Here are the specifications for the Breville VKJ954 Vista Polished Stainless Steel Jug Kettle:

  • Red illuminated switch in boil mode, and 3kW heating element for rapid boiling times
  • Push button lid for easy filling, and removable, washable limescale filter
  • Rear water gauge makes accurate filling easy
  • 1.7 Litre capacity allows you to brew 6-8 cups
  • 360 degree base for left and right handed use

Tall, slender and neat, it rotates 360 degrees for ease of use. It’s fast, boiling in a couple of minutes. It’s quiet, so you can hear the dulcet tones of the breakfast crew in the morning. It has a great capacity: one point seven litres, which gives you eight cups.

I would not buy this kettle again. The power cable does not fit very well into the cut out slot in the base which can make it a bit unsteady at times. The water level indicator is also not very clear. Apart from that not too bad.

You can open the lid with a button.

I use water kettle minimum 2 times a day at home. My previous £50-kenwood sjm550 handle broke when i attempted to lift it. But what i was upset is that i used it only for 2. I chose breville model because it is inexpensive, and a round base means i don’t need to angle the jug or my arm when i want to dock back into it’s base. I received this parcel very promptly but the box wasn’t wrap so other people could see my purchase (i prefer wrapped parcel). When i retrieve jug from the box, i don’t have the stench issue like other reviewers mentioned all i did was boil a couple of times and i was able to use the hot water after that. I’m a right-hand user but i use my left hand to hold the jug when filling water which means i’m not able to see the water level but that doesn’t bother me. Let’s see how does this breville perform. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks, so far so good.

Not too big, on the kitchen desk but enough for a family. Heats up things a lot faster than my old one, which is great plus.

This kettle is well worth the money fast boil easy to clean and smart looking.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • very nice to look at
  • Five Stars
  • High quality

The kettle is of a good quality build construction with and modern type design. All functionality and aspects of the kettle are nicely thought out and don’t present any challenges, at the end of the day your using a fairly standard every day kettle. I like the boil switch which illuminates red whilst biking although not essential i think that is more than useful, you can see its on. If the kettle man’s the stainless steel products in your kitchen and this is the level of expenditure you are seeking this is a highly recommended buy.

This kettle looks good with a bright stainless steel finish which seems to be quite resistant to fingerprints. The lid pops up with a button on the handle for easy filling, it fits easily to the cordless base and the cord length can be varied by wrapping it neatly inside the base. There is an led to show you that it has started the boiling process and a fill indicator inside the handle which can be fairly easily viewed when used either left or right handed. If you are heating water for one cup then by the time you have added the coffee and milk you are pretty much ready to go. I took a star off as the spout is quite small, and if you want to use it to fill then it does take a while.