Breville VKJ972 BRITA Filter Maxtra Jug Kettle : Four Stars

I bought this kettle to replace an identical one which i have used constantly for several years. I have liked its design, colour and its function as a water filter because i live in a hard water area. My old one lost its ability to open the lid by pressing the button on the lid, which is why i wanted a new one. However, this kettle continues to boil after it has reached boiling point and takes an age to switch itself off. I often switch it off manually.

I bought this to replace my old brita filter kettle which i have had for years. I was so pleased with the old one that i have replaced it with one exactly the same.

Filters the old style with plastic “ring pull” style on top.

I liked the full taste of the coffee , or tea that you get when you use the water boiled in this fantastic kettle, and you will too, when you get yours.

Easy to use and tea and coffee taste better.

This kettle is very easy to hold and use. It boils quickly even when full.

It saves a separate filter jug but as i am old it is a bit heavy but no problem for a young person.

Very pleased with the product, i now fill the kettle after using it so it has time to filter through.

  • I got this kettle recently and i have to say i am really pleased with it

  • Great kettle, other one died and had to replace

  • Nice looking and reasonably priced.

Breville VKJ972 BRITA Filter Maxtra Jug Kettle, 1 Litre, 3000 W, Silver

Style Name:1L  |  Colour:Silver  |  Size:Kettle only
Product Description, With Brita Maxtra technology, this Breville filter kettle reduces limescale and impurities – providing clearer, better tasting hot drinks as well as helping to prolong the life of your kettle. It beautifully illuminates as it boils to give a soft blue glow to your kitchen, while the in-built Memo feature conveniently indicates when to replace the Brita Maxtra cartridge. With a generous one litre capacity and up to 8 cups for every boil, this Breville kettle is essential for your kitchen.

Box Contains, 1 x Breville Brita Filter Kettle1 x Brita Maxtra Catridge1 x Instruction Booklet

From the manufacturer

Breville VKJ932 Brita Maxtra Kettle, 1 Litre, White [Energy Class A+]

Combining Breville’s kitchen appliance expertise and BRITA’s knowledge of water filtration systems, the Breville BRITA Filter 1.5 L Jug Kettle in silver is capable of boiling the freshest, cleanest-tasting cup of water around. Delivering an improved taste, smell and appearance of the water, the kettle removes any impurities by filtering and boiling at the same time.

The kettle boasts a Maxtra cartridge which filters the water as it boils – ensuring your clean and fresh water boils at a good pace. The Maxtra cartridge does require occasional replacements to ensure the filtration system remains effective but the electronic indicator on the kettle will alert you when these are required.

Despite the extra filtration system included in the Breville BRITA Filter 1 L Jug Kettle, it is just as simple to use as a normal kettle.

Capable of boiling water for up to seven cups at a time, the Breville BRITA Filter 1 L Jug Kettle is designed for modern families conscientious about the water they drink. Making it easier for the whole family to enjoy freshly filtered hot drinks. Whether you’re making tea, coffee or instant soup; the Breville BRITA kettle allows you to enjoy the full flavour with no aftertaste.

The simple yet sleek design of the kettle complements the modern kitchen, with smooth curves accentuating the silver body. The kettle illuminates blue in boil mode – an attractive feature that lets you know when your water is ready.

Perfect for modern lives, the kettle is incredibly easy to maintain and clean. With an easy-switch filtration cartridge, cleaning is simple and quick. Every aspect of the kettle offers peace of mind in the modern world – helping you and your family enjoy expertly-filtered water every day.

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Limited amount of water per serving. A little heavy due to the brita filter.

Every household should have one. As described and perfectly designed. I don’t know how i have lived without one of these most excellent kettles.

This made it difficult to use. We had to fill from a jug, and the whole business of filling and refilling the filter reservoir was a right faff.

Had 2 get one as i had a baby worth the price but downside is that i asked asked for silver but got grey and filter quite pricy.

Have used it for about 3 months.

This would be a lovely kettle if it filled quicker. Have had other kettles with similar workings and didn’t have such slow filling.

Good kettle but quite small. Only holds enough water to make 2/3 mugs of coffee/tea. Would prefer if it was a little larger.

Doesn’t hold slot of water for size as filters take up alot of the space. If you don’t use it frequently its expensive per cup for the filters.

  • I got this kettle recently and i have to say i am really pleased with it

  • Great kettle, other one died and had to replace

  • Nice looking and reasonably priced.

Breville VKJ972 BRITA Filter Maxtra Jug Kettle, 1 Litre, 3000 W, Silver

Bought this kettle for elderly parents. They can’t over fill this kettle so it is safer. The marker tells you when you need a new filter. It doesn’t hold a lot of water so you only boil what you need.

The filter cartridge slots in really easily, it filters quickly and boils quickly. Really good product and you can get the filter cartridges on amazon too. You can actually taste the difference.

With this kettle not only do you secure crystal clear filtered water, you can see just judge precisely what you need. Ideal for energy conservation. The capacity is not extravagant, but why boil more than required?.

I gave it a 3* because even though the description says silver, i received a dark grey kettle. It looks very cheap, i think silver would have been much better. I was really disappointed when i opened the boxit works well, doesn’t make too much noise, it’s fairly fast boiling water. Only issue is that the tank where you put the water is small, you have to wait for a bit to fill up the kettle to the max (as it takes a while to filter the water). Other than that water and anything you make using the water taste much better.

This is my second breville filter jug kettle, had th replace my last one which i had for 5yrs and would still be working if i had not melted it on my job which i forgot was on, it’s a excellent keller.

One of the best kettles i’ve ever had. Holds a large capacity of water.

Always use breville well made sturdy easy to fill.

Normally i don’t write reviews but i thought i’ll give this a go. I got this kettle recently and i have to say i am really pleased with it. It currently serves two purposed for me:1. Hot filtered water: until i got this kettle i never really gave thought to the difference it makes to make a cup of tea with filtered water. It tastes so much different and better, and i haven’t noticed a strange film in my cup of tea since i started using this kettle, this was something that was constant with the old non-filter kettle i had. Cold filtered water: basically, i filter my drinking water with the kettle and fill my water bottles and refrigerate. This is great because it means i don’t have to buy bottled water any more (saving me money) and my water is always filtered (reassurance of clean water). There have been some comments about it being plastic, this is true but it was not a problem for me. Interestingly, one time the kettle had just come to a boil and i mistakenly touched the plastic bit, however, i did not get a burn because of the material of the kettle.

Bit disappointed with this kettle. But hold much less water thank my previous model, hence the low rating.

I have not had this kettle very long but i love it. My previous kettle was a breville but more kettle shape, this one is jug shaped. First of all it is so much quieter and my previous one which was in stainless steel. I bought this jug one because of the brita filter element, i live in a very hard water area. Up to just it is meeting all my requirements.

Nice blue light, makes a lovely cuppa, very happy with it. The downside maybe it’s a little heavy. But that’s just me being picky.

This is my second breville brita kettle which i chose because the first one lasted so long. The water runs through the filter very quickly so no need to wait to switch it on and the filter container is not so big that it limits the amount of water you can boil at one time. Kettle looks good and i like the blue light.

Works fine and boils quickly but top needs refilling if you need enough water for more than 2 drinks.

Excellent kettle, it filters the water quickly and isn’t too noisey when boiling which only seems to take a minute or less.

The first one leaked but i got a replacement really quickly. You have to wait for the water to filter, but that is to be expected it’s filtering. So nice not having to descale the kettle so much 👍.

An excellent kettle with the brita water filter built in. No faults and extremely quick to boil.

Filters water, boils it, and entertains you at the same time.

We’ve always used breville kettles, and also the filters, and our extremely attractive, and had a bit of glamour to the kitchen, also they eat the water to boiling in less than three minutes.

Features and Spesification

  • The Breville kettle combines a modern, silver Plastic finish with Brita filter technology for the clearest, cleanest, best water possible.
  • Ideal for hard water areas, The Brita Mantra technology reduces lime scale and impurities while prolonging the life of your kettle.
  • Measuring 28.6 x 21.6 x 21.2 cm, the 1 litre kettle has an attractive extra large water window which illuminates blue on boil.
  • The kettle filters and boils simultaneously; with a push button lid release and 360 base for wonderfully easy filling and pouring.
  • Designed for your convenience, it has a recyclable cartridge with a Brita memory feature which indicates when to replace the cartridge.