Breville VST071 Dura Ceramic Sandwich Press : Tops non toxic !

Been looking for non toxic nonstick , fits the bill perfectly – gets super hot on high setting& toasts filled rolls/ paninis to perfection on moderate setting. Bread does tend to slide forward but that is because of the lovely smooth ceramic surface rather than teflon non stick -not a problem as far as i’m concerned – a wooden skewer will keep them in place until top plate begins to cook & seal. Very satisfied & best price from amazonvery speedy delivery toothankyou.

I had slight reservations when replacing my old sandwich toaster with this slightly different version, but here proved to be unfounded when i got to use this panini toaster. It toasts paninis really well but it also does good old fashioned toast sandwiches perfectly. The only difference is they are done without the sealed edges, but you do get a more even finish on the sandwich than with my old toastie maker. Also it is easier to clean as both cooking surfaces are flat. They only minor down side is that the handle does make it a bit bigger than my old machine but that is really a minor negative. Overall i would highly recommend this product.

But like other reviews it only lasted 12 weeks before going kaputt. Breville support said “yes go order a replacement from amazon. No need to return broken item. ” not wanting to throw away the broken one, i got out my multi-meter, dismantled it and checked the wiring. Problem was a thermal fuse that had blown. Item is a 10a 240c thermal fuse. Simple to replace if you have a soldering iron.

So easy to clean, just a wipe with kitchen roll. Love the hinged lid, you just have to keep the sandwich pushed towards the rear with the help of a spatula/wooden spoon as you lower the lid. Comes out looking like a proper toasted sandwich, not something resembling a filled pancake. I use thick sliced olde english, or hand cut crusty tin.

I love a toasted sandwich but have tried several sub-optimal methods, including traditional breville machines. All have had drawbacks (brevilles are the devil to clean and fillings limited)this machine is fantastic. It’s toasted everything i have thrown at it in a variety of breads and every one has come out perfect. It can be a little difficult to get it to close on a very thick sandwich but it’s worth the effort for the end result.

The second one was for my parents because they were so impressed by my one. Very pleased with this item which is a dream to clean just requiring a quick wipe – so much less hassle than picking filling out of our previous sandwich toasters.

We can get 3 panini’s on it at once and it heats up fast. Takes a little playing around with the heat setting as we found having it on full can toast the bread before melting the cheese. To clean is a joy, a bit of tissue while hot and the fat from cheese sticks to that and the crumbs collected.

I really love this sandwich maker. Perfect for cheese on toast, although if toasting panini or thick rolls, squash it first as too thick.

  • Lasts 12 weeks but can be fixed for 30p

  • Slippy ceramic toasting press with more than one utility – thumbs up! Just don’t burn them

  • Almost perfect

Breville VST071 Dura Ceramic Sandwich Press,Light Grey

Product Description, Create quick and delicious cafe-style toasted snacks at home with this Breville VST071 DuraCeramic Sandwich Press. Holding 2-3 sandwiches, this versatile model is ideal for Panini and Ciabatta, plus wraps, crumpets, pittas, croissants and more.

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Box Contains, 1 x Breville Sandwich Toaster1 x Instruction Booklet

From the manufacturer

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At a Glance
  • Makes 3 sandwiches
  • Perfect for panini, ciabatta, sandwiches, tea cakes & more
  • Warms pittas, flour tortillas & naan
  • DuraCeramic plates are fast, durable, safe & easy to clean
  • Hinged lid for different bread thicknesses
  • Variable temperature control
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Locks for compact storage

Breville DuraCeramic Sandwich Toaster & Panini Press, 3 Slice

Enjoy cafe-style paninis, toasted sandwiches and more at home with this Breville Sandwich Press featuring exclusive DuraCeramic coated plates for the best performance and ease of use. Perfect for three paninis or sandwiches, this sandwich press features a variable temperature control and a locking top plate – ideal for a variety of snacks at breakfast, lunch, dinner or whenever the mood takes you. Try out paninis, ciabatta, wraps, focaccia, fruit bread and more – this sandwich press is designed to make versatile easy.

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Floating Lid Toasts Any Sized Bread

A floating hinged lid fits sandwiches of all sizes for mouth-watering melts, paninis, ciabatta, tea cakes and crumpets. It’s also great for warming delicate treats like croissants and heating up tortillas, pittas and other flat breads.

Variable Temperature Control

The variable temperature control opens up a world of sweet and speciality breads that you can toast to perfection. And a ready-to-cook light lets you know when it’s time to start cooking.

Compact Storage & Stylish Design

Perfect for tight spaces and small kitchens, the sandwich press has a lock and cord storage allowing you to easily store away in virtually any cabinet. And the textured stainless steel design adds style to every kitchen.

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– make’s great sandwiches and paninis- no stick surfaces are doing what they are supposed to and make this thing easy to clean.

Heats up quickly, is easy to clean with smooth plates. Can adjust the height for different types of bread.

Works well and easy to clean. Failed after a year due to thermal fuse going. If you’re replacing see pictures posted in another review, but note thermal fuse is in the top plate, so just need to undo the two hex drive screws going through the handle into the top plate.

Really good for toasted sandwiches, especially useful is the variable temperature control. Also very good for toasting crumpets as, if spread with butter before toasting, makes them turn the most wonderful golden brown in colour. A bonus is the ability to use normal sized sandwich bread.

Cooking surface to small, measurments were missleading because they include the handle.

Great product great service thanks.

The cable connecting the bottom plate and the top place is a bit too short. It is made of a extendable metal but once you release the handle it makes the top plate to tilt, and push the panini forward and out of the press. Also, it should have a way to remove the plates to wash.

Great looking item in my kitchen. Very high quality, i bet it will last long time.

  • Lasts 12 weeks but can be fixed for 30p

  • Slippy ceramic toasting press with more than one utility – thumbs up! Just don’t burn them

  • Almost perfect

Breville VST071 Dura Ceramic Sandwich Press,Light Grey

Great appliance but the temperature fuse blew after a few weeks use. Another chap has uploaded photos of the temperature fuse you need to replace if this happens to you: sf240e. Get one, replace it, don’t buy another press – the fuse is a couple of quid for 10 of them.

Very pleased with this product, works well and easy to clean.

Great quality sandwich grill; its non stick plates work perfectly and it’s a good size to be used for 2 or 3 sandwich. It’s easy to use and to store.

The ceramic plates cook a normal toastie in 3-5 mins. Surprisingly the lid squashes down the bread just enough to stop the contents leaking out and the non-stick coating makes cleaning up a breeze.

So much better and more versatile than all the others. Thoroughly recommend this item.

Excellent ceramic toastereasy to clean with tissue paper with ease. Apart from a cheese sandwich, i also make slices of roasted eggplant. I am very pleased with the excellent quality device.

Best sandwich press/toaster i ever owned and i tried a few.

The product, while functional, was perfect. The ceramic plates are worth the extra cost, imo, since it would make for a longer lasting product without safety concerns. The heating is powerful enough for occasional grilling and the height setting of the plates is useful to suit various items, which would otherwise be squished by the heavy plates. But then, after 3 months of frequent use, it stopped working. We got immediate responses and support, no complaints, and a refund for the product. But, well, we would have liked it to be more reliable.

Excellent quality nothing so far has stuck to the plates. Whilst toasting panini or toasted sandwichesnote plates are smooth no ribsgood varied temp controlheats up very quickly.

I haven’t used it that often but whenever i used it, it made a nice panini/sandwich/or croissant pizza. The edges are raised which prevents the sandwich/panini from slipping off. It’s super easy to clean and put away.

We use it for toasties of all sorts. It is very efficient and produces wonderful toasties with excellent temperature control. The beauty is how easy it is to clean.

This is new material for the plates and i am glad i’ve upgraded.

This is so quick and easy to use, heats up in no time, toast sandwiches quickly (all i have done so far) and really easy to wipe clean afterwards.

Previous reviews are correct in saying that a single sarnie moves too much. Sometimes forcing the sandwich to stay at the back with a wooden implement fixes the food, but not always. Cookering capability is beautiful. Hopefully previous overheating issues have been resolved.

Veryy good tostereasy to use and after use – only wipe it with cleaning paper and its ready for next time to use.

Makes perfect toasties, easy to clean and heats up fast.

Warm quickly and make amazingtoasts.

Features and Spesification

  • Perfect for Panini, Ciabatta, wraps & crumpets, as well as warming pittas, naan bread and croissants
  • Unique natural Dura Ceramic coating for superior results compared to a standard non-stick coating
  • Locking hinged lid for toasting different sandwich thicknesses and open melts
  • Plate lock allows convenient upright storage
  • Variable temperature with low, medium & high settings