Breville VTT686 2 Slice High Gloss Toaster – Lovely toaster – looks good and works well

Good looking solid product worth a few quid more than cheaper products.

Being able to lift it up without cancelling is really helpful too.

Only toasted on one side so a replacement has ordered so we will see how this one works.

Toasts evenly on both sides even when toasting 1 slice of toast. Great funky look, love the silver/ chrome trim. Easy to find matching kettle.

Great little toaster – works well & looks good on my oak worktop and goes with the white gloss units.

Lovely; toasts brilliantly giving you toast that is crunchy on the outside but with that satisfying moist chewiness inside. The toaster looks amazing in our kitchen too. It’s huge, even for a four slice but the design is so clean that it doesn’t appear bulky. Small point but i love that the large timer knobs are stepped with a nice clicky action; makes the toaster feel even more solid.

I was looking for a white set, kettle and toaster, for some time. I finally decided to order this set (my kettle review is also availavle). I am very happy with my purchase. It fits in well in my white/blue kitchen as it looks very stylishnow. I was sceptical to order this toaster as i’ve read bad reviews here that the sides go very hot when the toaster is on and that it doesnt toast the bread evenly. I really wanted this toaster (for aesthetic reasons) but i was so worried. And then it hit me- i’ve never felt the need to touch, play with or to move my old toaster so why do i even care if it gets warm?. My old toaster probably got hot as well but i never felt the need to inspect it- not once while using my old toaster i thought to myself ‘ hmmm this bread is not brown evenly, it will taste disgusting’.As long the toaster toasts and doesnt burn my toast i simply dont care.

Toasts well, looks great, easy to use, the only negative thing i have, and it actually tickles me when it happens, is that after toasting, it seems to squeek as its cooling down. I dont know if this is meant to happen, but it makes me chuckle every time.

Bought another brand with a strange name and it broke after the first use. This is nice and solid and seems it is built to last.

I love it so much even my daughter can use it independently and create her own sandwich. Great for those days you don’t feel like cooking. Bought the matching kettle to go with it.

Researched lots of toasters. This one is very neat and looks great. The settings are easy to use and each side works independently of the other, which is handy as i like my toast less brown than my boyfriend. The features are handy and it takes a large slice of bread easily when turned on its side and toast it all.

Only had it working for less than a month and it is unevenly toasting the bread.

We wanted one that wasn’t horribly plasticky or “retro” looking like all of the toasters are atm. This one “lift and look” feature is handy too.

Nice wide slots for thick toast or crumpets.

Good looking toaster, bought with matching kettle also very attractive. Toasts very well and has wide slots for tea cakes which i like. Very pleased with purchase – would recommend.

Firstly it’s ever so slightly off white, not the brilliant white i was expecting so it won’t be sitting next the the ‘matching’ kettle as they don’t match. But as toasters go it’s really good. 4 slices evenly toasted and doesn’t take ages. Good for many different sizes of bread but havent tried bagels or muffins yet, i’m sure theyll be just fine.

Sadly toasting is not even on both sides and it’s only a couple of weeks old. Its not too bad though otherwise i would send back. Overall a great toaster and like the ability to have each side toast the bread to differing levels to suit everyone’s individual likes.

Only taking one star off as the sides are not cool touch.

It replaces a previous brevile toaster which broke after about 5 years. The updated model allows you to safely lift the bread to check the browness which is a great feature. It also looks smart and is easy to clean.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love it!
  • Excellent toaster and stylish product
  • Stylish toaster

Bought as a gift and they loved it.

Excellent hassle free toaster – does what it says on the box.

Really happy with our purchase, we wanted to replace our previous 4 slice toaster and this is just as good. The size is more compact that our previous one too which is great.

Quite happy with this toaster, it makes decent toast just the way i like it.

It’s a great little toaster that replaced our trusted delonghi toaster after 3 years, what caught our eye was the sleek design. Only little niggle we have is that it doesn’t brown both sides evenly – one seems slightly darker than the other.

I don’t want to say to much as i have only had the toaster a week but i will say this for now. Buttons etc are much better quality than most others – trust me i went to currys and was shocked at the poor quality on 80% of the wide range of toaster. Toasts both sides well – it has been slightly uneven a couple of times but nothing really to complain about – which was one of my biggest issues4. Value for money – what can i say?. It is pricy but i’d rather purchase a toaster i love and does what it’s supposed to do. However saying that, we should not have to pay such high prices for things that don’t cost a great deal to. Make and are a part of our everyday lifefinally word – i do. I honestly want to make toast all the time lol.

This toaster, which was purchased to replace a morphy richards model, is excellent. It is a quality item, which is quick to use and gives a consistent finish to the toast. The sides do not get as hot as some i’ve tried and the bonus is that it looks good too.

Thought i might encounter the uneven toasting mentioned in other reviews, but haven’t had any issues at all. Took one or two rounds to find my preferred level of browning, but has been solid ever since.

Great looking 4 slice toaster. Variable controls to get your perfect toast.

After some horrific cheap toasters i bought this breville one and couldn’t be more pleased. Great toaster, everything toasted perfectly and many options.

Lovely looking toaster that so far, makes perfect toast. It does get hot on the top, but it’s a toaster. You may want to consider other options if you have young children, but it’s not a problem if you’re aware of this issue. Standard slices of bread fit easily and toast evenly, i’ve tried toasting crumpets, and they come out just as i like them. . The lift function is great for taking out smaller items without burning your fingers.

Very pleased with this toaster. It replaced a loved one & was doubtful it would look as good but it fits very nicely in my mostly white kitchen & works as well as any good toaster, evenly toasts the bread.

Not tall enough to accommodate normal sliced bread – the top half inch remains uncooked.

I really like it – it’s simple and chic and looks great. It also does what a toaster is supposed to do very well indeed.