BT Youview : Great little box.

We were extremely pleased to find out that we could record 2 channels with only one cable in (unlike satellite boxes), although a little confused to find there seems to be some different channels than those we get through our freeview tv. The box being wi-fi would have made it even easier but, luckily, i already had a wi-fi extender/repeater upstairs so could put an ethernet cable out from that.

Neat box easy to use but a few foibles on series record picking up every repeat on some programmes but not all – weird. Connected to internet and updated itself on first connection. Iplayer etc working well even on slow broadband. Can even to hd on less than 3 mbps, sometimes.Fast boot from standby is nice but seems to run a bit warm whilst in standby, maybe could spin disk down?.

I’m pleased i bought this box. I previously had a virgin tivo box and wanted something similar, something that would record programs for me and allow live tv to be paused. The youview box does these things well and had been a great alternative to tivo. The setup was very easy, just plug in the right cables and return the power on. Even connecting to my router was really simple. The user interface is really well designed and intuitive and is the things that really aces it above the tivo. The tivo box had a nifty feature, when fast-forwarding, of rewinding a few seconds. This meant that when i skipped through adverts i didn’t miss the program starting up again, or have to fiddle around rewinding as the box did it for me. The youview box doesn’t have this and it would be a nice addition.

I did initially struggle to control my panasonic viera tv on/off with the remote and had to modify the instructions to turn off the tv by making sure not to hold down the on/offtv button (press it once) and then switching the tv on with the panasonic remote. After this i’ve not had to use the panasonic remote. The box does take 2 mins to boot up first thing in the morning when the mains power is switched on but i can live with that.

Great replacement for failing sky hd box, all the functions but none of the monthly fees. Bought as refurbished but in original packaging and with full warrenties.

We purchased this box to replace a costly monthly subscription for a basic package with virgin media. It’s a much better experience with easy to use controls and an app that allows you to contact with the box to order recordings remotely when out and about. Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s a reconditioned box as everything is provided for you to literally ‘plug and play’. The back bus is that it comes ready with several market-leading applications such as prime video, netflix etc along with a much more in depth catch up service from the big free to air providers. For £79 this goes down as one of our best purchasers for some time and the best part. No costly subscriptions to pause, fast-forward or record your programmes 👍🏻😃.

I had this up and running in under about five minutes and that includes attaching the cables, i didn’t even have to look at the instruction booklet. A quick run through the remote control button list and i was surfing channels and that was all she wrote. I would say to anyone wanting to buy this unit to go for it because you can’t go wrong.

This lives up to its reputation and the positive feedback it has received. The picture quality and free access and pre loaded iplayer is all i hoped. The only negative is the size of the buttons on the remote, it is very easy to miss key and end up having to repeat, definitely not a show stopper but irritating. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who asks me.

  • Excellent
  • Works with no internet
  • Overall very pleased. Easy to set up

BT Youview+ Set Top Box with Twin HD Freeview and 7 Day Catch Up TV, No Subscription

Product Description, What does BT’s YouView+ Box give you?, Everyone loves great TV, and it’s frustrating when you miss a great show. Wouldn’t it be good if you could combine the simplicity and value of Freeview with the choice and convenience of catch-up and on-demand services – all on your own TV? BT’s YouView+ Box does just that – watch the TV you want when you want – in HD. Access all the key catch up TV players, including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD and UK TV. No subscription needed and no satellite dish required.

What are the Key Benefits?,

  • Scroll back and watch TV from the last 7 days
  • Pause and rewind live TV
  • Record up to 300 hours’ worth of TV
  • Intelligent search and Smartphone App for remote recording
  • Access to HD channels
  • No fan for silent operation
  • Scroll back up to 7 days,

    Are you always out and about when your favourite TV show is on? No problem, the unique programme guide goes back in time, so you can watch shows from last night or last week. Not only can you scroll back 7 days and watch the TV you may have missed, you can also scroll forward so you see what will be on. All on your TV – where you want to see it.

    Record your favourite shows,

    You really can record the TV you want, with space for up to 300 hours’ worth of TV. You can record one channel while watching another, or record 2 live TV channels while watching a recording or on-demand programme, and you can pause, rewind and fast forward your recorded TV. Your recordings can be easily sorted by title or date, so you will always know what you have in your library. Forgot to set a record for your favourite programme. ..the YouView Smatrtphone app lets you set your YouView box to record remotely by using your iPhone.

    Legal Disclaimer,

    Bought as seen. You’ll have no issues with it. Very easy to set up.

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    I’m a bt broadband customer and through that i have bt tv with a bt sports subscription. Initially, i just had the basic, rubbishy little set-top box that doesn’t allow you to record shows because it lacks a large hard drive. However, i’ve just this week taken a punt on this 500gb box so that i can record the ufc in the middle of the night and avoid spoilers the next day. Set up is exactly the same as the original box that bt provided (as referenced above), so pretty easy just to swap the inputs/outputs from the old device to the new. Upon trying to access bt sport through it, it initially states that you need a subscription, but when clicking through for more info it automatically synchronised with my bt account and allowed access, so it must recognise either my router/home hub and/or my ip address. I would guess that if it doesn’t, you’d simply have to log in with your bt account details. So, all in all, very pleased that it does what i intended it to. It’s saved me paying bt an extra fee each month for the upgrade to this model and all my services work as normal without any faffing. The people saying it’s hard to set up are possibly technophobes, but anyone with a bit of common sense and dexterity should be fine. Needless to say (amazingly people are asking this question), to access all the features you require a broadband connection, and to access bt sport, you need to be subscribed.

    Excellent multi-featured easy to use unit. Could be improved with built in wi-fi.

    I bought this for my son for xmas he dosnt have internet but can still recored of tv its great he loves it great quality.

    Advertised as a youview recorder – note the available channels do not match all available via terrestrial stb/tv and some require a bt subscription. Use the yellow button in channel selector to hide the junk advertising. Beware if you have a panasonic tv – the included instructions to use the remote to control the tv do not work, quick bit of internet research reveals an extra step is required after which normal service is resumed. Otherwise seems ok and has the advantage over sky q that you can use your amazon prime direct via this box.

    I use this daily for everything tv related. A smaller than expected little unit however the build quality is brilliant a good feel to it sits under my tv nicely has good looks to it as well the led’s are also a nice looking feature too. Would buy this again if my one packed up as it works quickly is very easy to use took all of 5 mins to set up including the channel scan and has always performed brilliantly, never had issues with the online stuff always shows in hd on mine although this will be down to good broadband. A large enough hdd for me to store all my favorite films and shows.

    Bought this as a replacement for a tivo box as hardly watch any live tv these days and we don’t watch sport. Went for this unit as it has the option to record programmes (this can also be done via the app on your phone). Overall really impressed with the unit, excellent picture quality, really easy to use. Solid remote control, which tuned to my tv so only need one remote to contol both (never able to do this with the tivo box). We are able to access all the catch up channels (bbc, itv, e4, etc) and also supports the apps for amazon prime and netflix which we have subscrptions for. The only downside it doesnt have wifi, so needs an ethernet connection to connect to the internet to access apps and catch up tv. Having used both satelite and cable services i had my reservations about giving up the set-top boxes but this is a great replacement with all the functionallity without the monthly cost (but will require an direct internet connection). It has the option to add bt tv but we havn’t needed to do this yet. Great picture quality, we had a tv engineer re-tune our tv ariel to get the best signal.

    Does the job as it should do. It’s very easy to install : plug in the power, hdmi, antenna and the broadband and it does everything while you watch a quick video about its features. No need to provide wi-fi passwords, to scan manually for channels or anything like that. Remote is a very good design and feels good in hand. Except for the back button which is a bit to close to the arrow down. I set it up with an lg smart tv and a denon receiver and it works effortless. I can use the bt remote to turn all on and off, control the volume and select hdmi inputs on the tv. Uses royal mail for delivery not the amazon logistics.

    This is the 3rd humax pvr that i have i have owned, the first 2 were good, but marred by a clunky interface and slow response to remote commands. This new machine however is in a different class entirely, great interface, lightning quick response to remote commands and a superb picture quality. I find absolutely excellent in every way.

    • Excellent
    • Works with no internet
    • Overall very pleased. Easy to set up

    BT Youview+ Set Top Box with Twin HD Freeview and 7 Day Catch Up TV, No Subscription

    This is the reply i gave to the reviewer of one star on june 2019 i also got this box 8 months ago and it was ok for a while ( apart from the crammed buttons on remote as other reviewers have said ) but it did start to have problems like missing channels and worst of all, – regular poor signal notifications. Because i had several recordings that i wanted to keep, i did not return the box to amazon although they were very cooperative with me, instead i wanted to find solutions to the problems and keep the box. After fitting the simple variable attenuator then repositioning the loft aerial direction, all channels are now listed and more importantly, receiving 100% signal strength and 100% signal quality. I am delighted to have persevered, and my wife is no longer nagging me about not getting her special food channel and keep it country channel. Regarding the double recording, i found that problem too, but discovered that the recording was repeated because the first recording had mostly failed due to the signal problem. That could be a ‘smart box ‘ feature and a benefit. One other thing, i do have a bt account but amazon are the seller to me just as they are to you. Amazon would have taken the box back from you just as they offered to me ( twice). Although it’s a box with bt’s name on it, it was made by humax ( great products ) but the seller is initially responsible during a period as stated in the ‘consumer rights act 2015’ as is the manufacturer during a warranty period.

    Bought this after having to return our other recorder as it was unreliable and too noisy. Made by the alsame company this model is quiet, smaller,has more features and is reliable.

    Very happy with my new freeview box. Everything works as advertised and response is fast. This small box does indeed take a long 2 minutes to start up from cold but a compromise is available by configuration. I can receive all channels in my area without interference so the box clearly has the required sensitivity. The only criticism i can make is that the metal used on the aerial socket is rather soft which means that the central pin socket spreads out if the aerial is plugged and unplugged a lot leading to complete loss of reception unless the socket is closed up again. I used two small screwdrivers at the same time to gently push the two sides of the central pin socket together.

    Easy to set up it’s just connect all the leads and let it do the rest. Really pleased with the quality and already enjoying netflix and find the catch up channels really handy if i have missed something. Recording something is also easy so i would definitely recommend.

    Must be one of the best user interface experiences for ondemand, and more. Very smooth ux, intuitive, fast (including switch-on), and reliable streaming (even on our sub-4mb broadband). Not much point buying an expensive ‘smart’ tv (except see below) – just get a good monitor.Interface far superior to clunky tvs, which may not have all the ondemand apps (eg sony lacks itv, chan4 etc etc – and pathetic; hugely clunky and hopelessly unreliable iplayer streaming; + very slow switch-on for example). Even better than panasonic, that has similar capability (to youview’ continuous tv guide), but still not a smooth ux – even slow to set up the epg (programme guide). Only things missing are being a dlna client (or, better, server), and being able to record ondemand stuff. Other wise recording is great and simple – even for series etc, once you’ve caught up with them. First one i bought was for kitchen – this second one is for main living room tv. It controls the tv on/off etc (switches it all on when you fire up the youview box) – almost instant set-up), so you can hide the tv’s remote controller.

    Arrived promptly, in fact before i got the email alerting me to the delivery. Initially could not get it to work – connected ok but would not start youview. Although the instructions suggest a freephone call to bt to sort out problems in fact they would not help without a subscription which i did not have. I initiated a return but then read one of the reviews suggesting that problems with sony tvs. I then repeated the process but using a scart cable and it worked. Once i had set it up with scart i then found i could use the hdmi cable with no problems. Now seems to work well and i cancelled my return request.

    This is a great freeview box. Does exactly what is says on the box. Small, compact yet well made. Power up is fast once the quick startup mode is set.

    The bad: the worst signal discrimination of any tv box or tv i have ever had since digital began. The remote control designer should be punished harshly also. One of the most frustrating arrow setups in existence. The good: way quicker than the previous bt box, which had started hanging and missing recordings. Same excellent interface, good picture (when it is happy with the aerial) and netflix works well too.

    This product is far better than the tivo box it replaces. The setup was the easiest i have experienced. The user interface is very straightforward and the other services are easy to access and very intuitive, even though i don’t have a bt subscription. The free view guide works well, even over the pitiful internet connection from the post office. Would definitely recommend this as a dvr as the recording process is simple and a series link easy to establish. As a refurbished item, it was half the price of a comparable unit.

    Nb you will need to connect to your wifi router with th supplied cable to complete the initial setup or it won’t follow through. After setup the router connection is not needed. Otherwise seems a good hd recorder. The sound is very quiet/low,way lower than tv.

    This review is based on 2 days use, vs 2 years of sky q and 5 years humax pvr ownership, 2010-15. Form – 4/5, comparable footprint to mini skyq box, slightly thicker; box has ethernet only to ensure fast on demand and eps loading times. Functionality 5/5 – good remote with the exception of down and back button as others have commented. All menus and functions respond well, no delay compared to older humax pvrs. (this is also made by humax). No frames dropped on ff live tv or recordings. No fan, no noise from 500gb hdd. Eps planner intuitive, loads quickly. Youview app is a pleasant surprisepicture and audio quality 3. 5/5 – audio very clear, picture is not as good as sky, but this is mainly down to the limited number of hd channels on freeview rather than the box, on hd channels the picture is 4.

    After some initial problems which turned out to be a problem with the tv the box was easy to set up and did every thing i required. Subscription to use the set top box but to use the catch up tv or some of the other functions like netflix you do need an internet connection. The menus are easy and clear to use and for catch up tv it is easy to select the day and the program form all the channels supplying catch up tvas for recording it is easy to skip through the days and to the program you wish to record, on selecting the program you have the option to record the whole series or just the program. The initial problem i had was when the you view box was in stand by mode i could not change free view channels on the tv with the remote control, to over come this i had to change the setting for the hdmi input.

    Had one when i was a bt customer, so i knew it worked pretty well. (kicked out bt for lousy broadband service, so now with plusnet and getting 75mbps)youview is a very user-friendly interface for programme guides, recording and other features, plus there’s a handy app for your phone / tablet if you’re hooked up to the internet with this box. With the app you can set recordings remotely, away from home, as long as you have internet access. I believe this unit is made by humax, who have a lot of experience in pvr boxes, and whose other products are usually more expensive. The only thing i would change about this product is the ‘bt’ badge on it.

    Not a bad user guide on screen. I have a couple of negative comments but it doesn’t make me want to return it. This is actually a humax made machine, so that caused a few issues as i already have a humax freesat box. Managed to get over those and now each box responds as and when i want it to. The bt box doesn’t play feedback from amazon prime in 5. In conjunction with the seller we think it’s naff software in the box but as my tv will play prime that isn’t an issue for me. There is a schedule of things you’ve set to record, like on my now old humax, although bizarrely some people don’t think there is. All in all, i am really pleased with how quickly i have got used to using this.

    Mine is a refurbished box but is effectively a new one with all bagged accessories. The epg is fast and intuitive. The skip and ff functions are superior to the eetv box and humax. The 7 day catch up, integrated into all the main catchup players is seamless and well designed – a real plus. The cross player/epg universal search is also good. Better than iplayers own search. The range of apps is basic (netflix, nowtv, iplayer, all5, itvhub, 5, amazon prime video) but having amazon prime video means i don’t need my firetv anymore. The tv / av control button allowing you to switch on and off your tv and control volume is a plus too.

    Very disappointed with this box. It is slow to turn on, frequently turns itself off which is very frustrating and there doesn’t appear to be an override for this ‘eco’ function. Catch up is not as good as my previous sky box but has the benefit of no contract to pay for. No i would be looking for a better box.

    The bt youview box arrived on time. The only item not in the package was the user manual, just a sheet of paper showing how to connect everything, but the manual was easy enough to download and print off. For me, the manual was a great help, as i had never set up anything like this before, (i was on virgin cable). After a couple of hours, , i had the box up and running. You have to completely ignore the ‘load this to your bt package’ messages. Just conect to your router, tune in the free channels, and bingo. I now have 170 channels, as against 86 with the aerial just plugged in the tv, including 14 hd channels. Picture quality is excellent. So for a re-con box, at over half the price of a new one, i am a happy bunny.

    Very pleased with this purchase, so much better than the old bt box it replaced. Lots more features like easy connection to amazon prone, netflix etc. I bought mainly to record but nice to have other options. I was a bit worried that it might not work with plusnet but need not have been concerned.

    Features and Spesification

    • Make sure this fits
      by entering your model number.
    • Scroll back the last 7 days of TV and watch straight from your TV guide
    • Pause and rewind live TV, HD TV for sharper brighter viewing
    • Suitable On Demand library of TV and films.Extra quiet operation
    • Record up to 300 hours of TV (500 GB)
    • NOTE: Requires internet access to setup. WiFi NOT supported, Network Cable is included for connection to a router.