Buffalo Coffee Machine 465X205X385mm Espresso Drinks Maker Restaurant : Perfect for Us!

Received yesterday, so first impressions at this stage. The tiny spot welds in the metal work can be seen. However, we think it looks fine in our kitchen. The initial preparation steps were straightforward, and it appears to be easy to keep clean. For a couple of years we have been looking for a simple filter machine to make 1. 8 litres of coffee in one go, to satisfy our need for three large mugs of coffee each, in the morning. No frills, just mains on, coffee making on, top plate on if required, and that is it. The water reservoir will hold 2. 2 litres, so a bit of care in filling is needed, in order to not have the jug overflowing.

These are a good serviceable machine when they are working and are easy to use. This, however, is our third machine in four and a half years and it is only in use for two hours , one day a week. After expiry of the guarantee period they are prone to developing a dead short and tripping the electrical supply. The problem is located in the boiler. If you are using the machine in a hard water area it is essential to descale it regularly – the frequency depending on intensity of use.

The top hot plate is super hot and you can see the steam coming out of the pot as it stays warm. You will need to buy an extra pot for the top as it only comes with one. And you will need large filters. The case doesn’t get hot in places it shouldn’t and there is no crazy sounds. This is a perfect office or store coffee pot.

Brilliant, straight forward coffee machine that makes the best coffee i’ve enjoyed at home for years.

Very pleased with this excellent coffee maker great price.

Added bonus of a jug which didn’t state was included when purchasedwhich would probably get more people to buy if it was stated.

Finally we have a coffee machine that makes enough coffee for a family of four coffee drinkersmakes over 1. 5l of coffee in less than 5 minutes. Solidly built and easy to use and clean.

  • Good workhorse, but not the most elegant machine.
  • The Top hot plate is super hot and you can see the steam coming out
  • excellent product

Buffalo Coffee Machine 465X205X385mm Espresso Drinks Maker Restaurant,Silver

Product Description, The Buffalo Pour on coffee machine is supplied with shatter-proof 1.8 litre glass jug which is manually filled. Independently controlled upper hotplate allows coffee to be kept warm whilst another jug dispenses for a constant supply. This coffee machine will fill the 1.8 litre capacity jug within 5 minutes, with a capacity to make upto 120 cups per hour making this coffee machine ideal for busy cafes, restaurants, bars and bistros. Spare jugs are available to buy separately and all are dishwasher safe.

Box Contains, 1 x Buffalo Coffee Machine

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I have had them before and i believe they are the best for what they do, including all day use.

Excellent service and works well.

Bought it for a small coffee shop, and it has been in continuous use for about a month and it seems very good. I bought an extra jug which is a good idea. Liked the little touch of the decaf clips that fit onto the handles. Simple and apparently well made.

After buying loads of filter machines, and repairing them, i said enough is enough. This a professional machine, very fast, easy to clean. ( order filters at same time ). Very pleased and my coffee needs met. May seem expensive but compared to all the ones i have bought, and could not get parts for, it works out much cheaper, and faster. If like me you love coffee, buy it and you wont be disappointed.

I’ve been using a buffalo machine for nearly two years now, mainly to make two cups of coffee per day for myself + husband. It’s a good workhorse, no-nonsense sort of machine, which can cope with larger volumes of coffee when i have more people to serve. It’s simple and reliable to use and i can imagine it would be a good choice for a club, or small cafe. When it arrived it was bigger than i had imagined, and if you want to use the top hotplate it has to be freestanding. Not a problem for me, as it will slide under a kitchen cupboard, but i could have done without this extra feature. I really didn’t like the large yellow label on the front, which clashed with my kitchen decor and looked cheap. I eventually managed to remove it, as it’s only glued on, though this was difficult and it took a lot of effort with sticky stuff remover to get the glue off the steel front. Another ongoing problem for me is that the light indicating that the machine is still switched on is situated round the right hand side of the machine, and as mine has to be placed with this side against a side wall, the light isn’t visible when you remove the jug of coffee. Consequently i sometimes forget to switch it off, and come back an hour or so later to a nasty burning smell in the kitchen. I think it’s supposed to switch off automatically after keeping the coffee warm for an hour, but it has never done this.

  • Good workhorse, but not the most elegant machine.
  • The Top hot plate is super hot and you can see the steam coming out
  • excellent product

Buffalo Coffee Machine 465X205X385mm Espresso Drinks Maker Restaurant,Silver

Features and Spesification

  • Upper and lower hotplates with Manual water fill
  • 1.8 litre jug dispensed in 5 minutes.
  • Up to 120 cups per hour.
  • 1 x shatterproof 1.8 litre coffee jug.
  • Power Type 220-240V, 9.1 Amp, single phase.

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