Buffalo Heavy Duty Meat Grinder 410X517X328mm Kitchen Mincer Stainless Steel : Very sturdy

I make my own raw dog food for a large gsd and blew up a cheap (£70) chinese mincer just by mincing chicken wings and necks. I wanted something up to the job and this seems to be it. Ordered 26 dec 16 with next day delivery from nisbits uk and comes very well packed and is a very heavy unit. Just finished mincing a months worth of food for the mutt which is now in the freezer. Took me just 30 min whereas other cheap domestic minders overheat and you have to wait 20 min to cool down. It’s well made and clearly intended for the catering industry. Very quiet and fast with no strain on the motor. Cleaning is relatively easy as you remove 90% of the working end to clean but there is some minor cleaning to be done on the machine itself. A quick wipe with some kitchen roll and antibacterial spray sorted it out, it’s no real effort. Overall, very well pleased with the machine and the service.

This is one heavy duty machine that makes minced-meat (pun intended) from tough cuts of meat, including pork belly with small bones. We use this machine to make gluten-free sausages as a family member is celiac and cannot take gluten found in shop-bought sausages. I bought an extra blade, and extra sausage feeder just in case i do not find spares when i need them. High quality and built to last. Cheaper alternatives costing gbp100 or so do not even start to compare.

Absolutely love this work horse. It arrived quickly and was very securely packed. You will need tools to get into the wooden box it comes in. Works like a charm with no overheating, even after it’s been used for an hour solid.

Great purchase, it’s just what i needed. Some bits are hard to clean but i will get use to it i am sure.

It is good item, the seller was so active they change the product for me during two days and they were so polite, i am happy to use this product.

Absolutely brilliant easy to clean, does the job i want with no problems, god’s heavy duty mincer.

Excellent grinder, use for grinding chicken bones and mince turkey/chicken gizzard ,ox heart etc. 00 and it is worth every penny.

Use this for grinding raw meat and bone for our dog. Before i used a chopper and it would take me 2 afternoons. This takes 1/2 to 3/4 hour + half an hour to clean the machine, both getting shorter as i am getting into it as i have only used it twice to date. Worried i might be wasting my money, but as i needed to be able to select what i wanted in the food, as our dog was expecting pups had to find the right machine. This is not the cheapest one on the market but so pleased with my investment. I only use chicken so cannot comment on larger bones, but (excuse the pun) it makes mince meat of chicken. Haven’t tried the sausage maker as i didn’t purchase it for that reason, but who knows i might and the equipment is included. This is only the 2nd review i have posted, but thought the product deserved it.

  • Grinder/Mincer
  • Fantastic.
  • This is one heavy duty machine that makes minced-meat (pun

Heavy Duty Buffalo Meat Grinder 410X517X328mm Kitchen Mincer Stainless Steel

Product Description, The Heavy Duty Buffalo Meat Mincer allows you to safely mince, grind and process a remarkable amount of food quickly. Featuring a stainless steel hopper, precision gear drive and energy efficient motor with a cooling fan, this meat grinder is specifically designed for continuous, professional use. This, along with its reverse function for grinding particularly coarse meats and 6mm and 8mm mincing discs, leaves it clear why the Buffalo electric meat grinder is one of the most popular mincers in the Nisbets range.

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My goodness if you are thinking of making your own burgers, sausages etc this is the machine to do it. I nearly ordered another machine and thank goodness it was out of stock and it was very flimsy and slow compared to the buffalo. It is easy to operate and as the machine is weighty it wont move around on your work surface. It is easy to dismantle and clean. I am over the moon with this and would highly recommend it.

Used to mince raw chicken carcass and wings for dog.

Not quite as powerful as some of the reviews i read would imply ,but does a good job of mincing up ofal.

This is the best meat grinder. Inner of package had wooden box. I have used it 8 times so far. I do chicken carcases which is 60% bone 40% meat for my dogs. I do about 60 chicken carcasses in one go. This machine goes through the carcasses like hit knife through butter. This machine is built for heavy duty use. It puts shame on other meat mincers/ grinders in its class.

  • Grinder/Mincer
  • Fantastic.
  • This is one heavy duty machine that makes minced-meat (pun

Heavy Duty Buffalo Meat Grinder 410X517X328mm Kitchen Mincer Stainless Steel

Features and Spesification

  • Stainless steel hopper, screw cap, pusher and cutting screw
  • Supplied with 6mm and 8mm mincing discs
  • Sausage attachment available separately
  • Overload protection
  • Reverse function for grinding coarse meats

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