BUGATTI Volo – 2 Slice Electronic Toaster Chromeplated – Stylish Toaster

It’s looks fantastic, it’s nice to use, and is a really good toaster – fast and evenly browning the bread, as opposed to the tefal one i had for years that was well and robustly made and a rubbish toaster. I had given it 5 stars out of 5 as it feels fragile but to be fair its going well, and the fascinating but slow motorised lowering and raising mechanism is fine to live with. It does a good job, but it is style over substance and unnecessarily complex – digital timers can’t possibly be needed on a toaster, it’s a bit like using linux or windows on your radio, the job just ain’t that complicated. But it works well, to be fair. And i know my toast needs to be on number 5 light – yeah very sad, i know. But to quote jonfrombrighton -‘i really wanted to like this toaster – having paid what turned out to be about £25. 00 per slice of toast produced. Alfa romeo owners will be familiar with the concept- seductive aesthetics, pleasing design flourishes- but unreliable, flimsy and ultimately a regrettable purchase. ‘it cost me £100 ish, i estimate i’m down to about 10p a slice i’m (stupidly) happy with that. I’ve had 4 alfa romeos, they all went wrong, and i still want a 5th.

I have been using this toaster for three weeks now. I think it is fabulous, love the orange colour and so easy to use. Great conversation piece, everyone who visit also love it.

I recently purchased the bugatti toaster in chrome and have had the same problems as those already described. The toaster slots go endlessly up and down and the lights go on and off. This is an appalling state of affairs given the price i paid. Given these sorts of complaints – why is amazon still selling these, or is that a silly question?.

This toaster was an extravagant purchase for our new kitchen and we love it, it is a little pricey but worth it for looks and the speed at which the bread cooks, we are saving up for the juicer and the scales now as they are so classy you can leave them out on show. Would recommend bugatti products they are a real talking point.

This toaster is a great product and the toast is fantastic, the bread goes crunchy on the outside whilst remaining soft and fluffy in the inside, it is very stylish and easy to clean. The cooking time is very fast to , my only wish is that it would come in a four slot as well as the two. Great product would recommend it, i am now saving for the juicer and the scales.

Looks great in my new kitchen and has lots of features that work well. Bit on the pricey side though.

Here are the specifications for the BUGATTI Volo – 2 Slice Electronic Toaster Chromeplated:

  • Motorised toast lifting system for easy toast removal
  • Electronic browning selector with six options
  • Generous sized bun warmer accommodates thick slices including bagels
  • Integrated tray to catch crumbs
  • 4 pre-set cooking options including toast, reheat, bagel and defrost functions

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I really like it! It makes other toasters look really pants! And an update, had it nearly 18 months and all still working OK!
  • Superb Toast
  • Rubbish