Bush B500DTRN Freeview – Four Stars

It’s a good little freeview tv recorder. It’s small and has all the functionality you need including hd channels, electronic programme guide and recording. When the original package went missing they dispatched another one with no fuss. The recorder was properly packaged and in very good condition. I have only given it 4 stars though because in the epg (guide) hd channels are highlighted in dark blue but the cursor (or highlight) is in light blue. I can just about make it out, light blue on dark blue but my elderly mother can’t really make it out at all and i bought it for her. Whoever thought that light blue on dark blue was a good idea when there are thousands of colours to choose from?. And there seems to be no option to change the colours. My elderly mum finds it hard to use because of this one flaw.

Absolutely fantastic, just plugged it in and virtually set itself up , nice surprise to have a hdmi lead included. Never even looked at the instructions.

Bouht two boxes two years agoon amazon,one for £140 and one on offer for £ 40 easy to set up. Lasted 2 years then corrupted. Now starting with second box which has minor fault. Second box now freezing regularly.

Very impressed with quality and intuitive controls. It would probably help if i hadn’t mislaid the instructions, but it does everything i want it to do. One deficiency is that it won’t receive bbc 4 hd and probably other stations on that frequency/channel set up. From the bbc website you learn this is a software problem affecting a number of receivers. It could be fixed, but if bush haven’t done it by now they’re probably never going to sort it. A plus point is it operates off 12 volts, so you can use it in a caravan/boat.

The best thing i ever bought love it.

This freeview recorder is easy to set up and use it’s great value it works exactly the same as sky hd box with series link to record entire series.

No problems all good value for money would recomend.

Excellent value and performance. A query regarding operation was answered the same day. I would highly recemmend this item.

Appears to do the job, but seems to have a mind of it’s own.

Love this little machine easy to set up no problems with it at all.

Great product but said was new wasn’t had argos stickers on it.

This works quite well for the money. It gets a little confused at times and is slow to begin, but works very well.

Only had it for a week and so far it is going great. Here are the specifications for the Bush B500DTRN Freeview:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Smart / Internet

Great product, nice and tidy fits well in tv unit.

Seen this little beauty and i’ve always wanted a freeview box that u could pause and rewind live tv plus record programs and i’m not disappointed it’s perfect for all that i want and at a very good price perfect little box.

Bought this a year ago for my daughter still going strong.

Its a great piece of kit but it does take a little longer to start up than i expected but its so easy to use snd set upthank you.

But can do odd and random settings. Can wipe timers and not record some set programmes. Also needs retuning at intervals as gets stuck on the high number channels. Easily fixed but irritating.

We bought this as we cancelled our sky subscription but still wanted to be able to record programmes. Connection and auto install is incredibly easy and the menus are a doddle to navigate.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Exolent value for money
  • Ten out of Ten
  • excellent freeview recorder

Compares favourably with more expensive digital recorders. Easy to set up and operate although remote control is very sensitive and you have to take care not to overshoot.

Only set it up this morning but it was easy to do. The machine itself is suprisingly small and as it’s from a ‘none standard’ manufactured i’ve had to manually load the instructions into my ‘one for all’ remote control – a long and tedious job. Only negative so far is that the internet functions appear to have to come through an ethernet cable but as this was not an original specification it would be a bit hard to penalise the machine for it. The guide is wonderful, it’s better than the original panasonic specification and so much better than the second panasonic device as a third of the screen is not taken up by a rubbish advertising space. The guide loads instantly so it’s better than the bauer devive and so far it hasn’t frozen so it’s better than the humax as well. If i have reason to change the review i will.

Very pleased does everything it says it will do and the price was brilliant very easy to set up.

Note – this unit only operates on an analogue aerial not satellite.

Was as if it were new works real well and very easy to use plus record.

Used to have sky but despite all the channels available found i was recording mostly from freeview channels – so i ditched sky and bought this instead.

I bought this item as a replacement for a humax which i had to return with technical problems. The bush has met all my expectations. It arrived promptly and was easy to set up and install. Operation is much more simple than the humax. I would recommend this item to anyone.

With a 500 gig memory, my wife can record all the grandkids rubbish, while i watch sport in my man cave easy to use, even for a technophobe like her. Paid for itself in one month after cancelling sky :)ps. The power pack on this box packed in. I reported it one day, gotan immediate response, and a brand new box delivered the very next day. How’s that for outstanding customer services .

I’m happy with the box as it’s easy to use. Only problem is it tends to freeze quite often, usually un-freezes in a couple of minutes but i have had to unplug it a couple of times too.

Excellent product arrived before time works well would recommend.

Very good product, fast delivery.

Bought it for my elderly mother & got the hang of it straight away.

Absolutely brilliant, infact i’m going to order another for my bedroom.

Bush freeview 500gig box feels quite professional in useyou can upset it at times when it will crash but not very oftenwhen i first installed it took a while to start upthe online facility is a extra bonus and works wellall in all its a good machinei’ve been using the box for about 3 months now and i have found out that it hates being switched offif you change the setting so it never switch’s of it is fineit sometimes looses some of it s function then give it a first-time install it resets it.