Business Projector – Quality projector at a Great price

I do my spin session and its like i’m in a real class. My kids tried out pacman it was great. Our projector screen is made with plasterboard and its huge.

Fabulous projector, great picture and sound.

I call only repeat what other reviews have said – bright image & decent stereo sound (even better with headphones or through a hi-fi amp). Q projector that was not bright enough for my requirements. I didn’t want to spend anymore money than this and this item will be getting a good workout watching sport & movies.

Good for home cinema, but bad for presentation. Movies looks good and speakers in the projector are very good. But along the sides quality decreases and words are not legible, so it is not good for presentation work. But very good for home cinema with family. Easy to operative, but bit heavy.

This is a great product, it was a replacement for a very expensive projector i had. The quality of the picture and easy to set up features were very useful. Works perfectly on my home entertainment systems.

Just received projector and i absolutely love it. The price you pay and quality you get it’s just unbelievable.

Never had a projector before and didn’t want to spend lots of money on one. I have nothing to compare it with but in my opinion this is very good for the money, picture quality is good. There is no screen size adjustment which i knew before i bought it, so it has to be placed the correct distance away from the screen.

The home cinema projector, artlii hd 3d projector, portable overhead video projector arrived well packed and on time. I have used it on our living room wall from a 5 meter distance and i am very impressed with the picture quality. The colors are rich and clear. The built in speaker is excellent. For the price i would have no problem recommending this projector.

Just awesome with the price??.

First projector in a while (probably since 2008/9) and i am blown away by the quality for the price. Super easy to set up, picture quality is way beyond my expectations, the speakers in the projector are surprisingly good and it took all of 3 minutes to set up. Screen is about 130′ and looks phenomenal. I have a samsung 40′ uhd hdr tv and it obviously looks better but also cost 5 times as much.This was £120 and it looks awesome. Played my xbox one x through it and it changes gaming entirely.

I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of the projector so far, the picture quality has been impressive and i do not have any issues with fan noise. The speaker is ok but i would recommend external speakers if you are going to use this for films. So far i have used for showing sporting events and ps4 no problems, my children have really enjoyed it.

This is a 720 projector that can support 1080. When purchasing a projector consider the budget and what you want. I wanted a big screen that is hd and the difference between 720 and 1080 at 90inches which i have is negligible. A great screen with the added bonus of a good speaker set up. The one down side is i have sky q and connecting the main box is basically a no go without messing with the settings on sky q. I have my projector set up through my home cinema system and well its a cinema at home.

Quality projector for great price. I am impressed about the picture quality and great sound. The product was delivered in good packing with all the accessories. The free 100′ projector screen also was delivered in a well protected packing.

Advertised as 3d – but not really , does not work with anything such as sky or dvd movies on 3d.

In terms of value for money, this has to be one of the best out there. The speakers are surprisingly good, but as always a soundbar or external speakers are recommended. Picture quality is excellent, the contrast ratio and other features will undoubtedly be better on the more expensive hd projectors, but i really can’t fault the picture quality on this one. Native 720p, but does support 1080p playback, and does an excellent job in doing so. If you’re looking for a budget hd projector , you really can’t go wrong with this one.

 overall it’s a good projector. The resolution is good sounds is loud enough and the machine is not noisy but there’s some minor problems that make me worry about use it in following years. Such as sometimes the sound and the screen will disappear for a second which doesn’t happen a lot. It’s acceptable for now but i am just worry the durability in the future so that is why i give it 4.

I use this on a white wall in my room and it works perfectly, the picture is very good and its 1080p 60hz which is good for plugging in a console and playing games with no lag at all.

Does just what i wanted it too for my first projector. It’s not hd 1080p but it’s a decent quality for my man cave.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great value for money
  • bright image & decent stereo sound
  • Good for home cinema