Butchers-Sundries Sausage Making Kit which Includes Butchers Sundries Electric Meat Grinder Mincer |1800W | 3 Sausage Making Attachments – Five Stars

Does the job but a bit sparky and black smoke out of the back but i think this is normal with an electric motor.

Good piece of equipment, thank you.

Bought as a gift for my son and he loves it. It is so easy to use he says takes longer to get out box. Of varied flavour sausages and minced own meat on several occasions. So easy to use and very efficient.

Sausages are one of my favourite foods but can often be disappointing, and i hate the taste of preservative. Looking at various options for a mincer and reading the reviews this seemed an optimum price / performance machine. It feels very solidly built. It is important to read the booklet first, especially that the retaining ring should be loose. If it is too tight i suspect it would force the spinning blade against the metal frontplate causing shards of metal and possibly burning out the motor, as described in a couple of reviews. All processing was done on half-power. I did not feel full power added much, apart from noise. The noise is not too bad, but because it is on for minutes at a time the silence when it is switched off is a shock. It recommends using lean meat but i used pork shoulder & belly.

Pleased with the quality of the item. Easily stripped-down for cleaning arrived on time and met the description given by the vendor.

Hubby bought it to make sausages etc and i groaned at having another gadget to fit into our crowded kitchen – until i realised it was perfect for chopping up marmalade oranges.

Very powerful ( but huge) mincer.

Yes perfect exactly how was expected.

This is fab does the job well if you treat it gently let it take its time and it will work well for you watch when you unpack pusher for meat is attached to the packing not in the box as i thought.

Works great it does what it says and not had any problem with it.

Haven’t tried yet, but seems as represented.

Just isn’t as powerful as i had hoped. Really struggled making burgers in any sort of quantity, only really worked if everything cubed very small and then regrinding at least twice with reducing extruders.

I did my research before buying and i am glad i did. I wanted it for sausage making and was on the point of buying another machine when i saw this one. It arrived 2 days earlier than expected and as i had ordered on the bank holiday i wasn’t expecting that. I was making faggots the following day and normally would have used my food processor. But my new mincer did a much better job in a fraction of the time, i even chucked the chopped onion through it. All i did was put the different meats through on a rough chop and then all of it together on the medium disc. Everything was well processed and i was even able to use some of the meat from the hearts that i would normally have thrown away due to my food processor not being able to handle it, and i was only using the half speed setting. I have yet to try sausages as i need to buy the meat, (as i say i wasn’t expecting the machine to arrive until tomorrow at the earliest) but i am sure that this machine and i will be best friends for some time to come. The blades are easy to clean, i used a toothbrush for the holes on the discs and a bottle brush for the rest including the filler nozzle. The blades have had a good douse in veg oil before being packed back into the storage compartment in the top of the machine so hopefully they will be fine. Here are the specifications for the Butchers-Sundries Sausage Making Kit which Includes Butchers Sundries Electric Meat Grinder Mincer |1800W | 3 Sausage Making Attachments:

  • ELECTRIC MEAT MINCER – The Butchers Sundries Mincer and Meat Grinder allows the home enthusiast to create their own mince meat, sausages and burgers in no time. This machine is designed for domestic use only
  • ALL IN ONE – Includes 5 meters of Natural Hog Casings, 100 grams of Premium Pork Sausage Mix and the Butchers Sundries BS180A 1800W Electric Meat Mincer and Grinder all in one package
  • POWERFUL AND EASY OPERATION – Features a 1800 Watt copper motor at peak output and is an easy, reliable and affordable way to grind and mince your own meat. A user guide is provided for ease of use and comes with a reverse function in case of any jammed meats
  • 3 STAINLESS STEAL CUTTING PLATES – Ideal for creating many different textures to your end product with its fine, medium and coarse cutting blades. When not in use these can be easily stored away in the handy compartment built in on the top of the mincer. Comes with 3 sausage making adapters ideal for making chipolatas, breakfast sausage and jumbo (small, medium & large). Also included is a kebbe attachment
  • RELIABLE AND FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our friendly and efficient customer service team are always ready to respond within 24 hours. If you come across a problem, do not hesitate to contact our customer service for help

Love it, powerful, minces’ no problem sausages lovely meatballs are succulent. All of the family want them now, more freebies off dad.

Gets the job done and is very easy to clean. Didn’t get the free 5m bundle of hog casings & 100g of premium pork sausage mix. With my machine, probably an oversight.

The feed tube pusher isn’t quite big enough and the meat squeezes out the feed tube which means it gets like pate where you have to keep pushing it back in several times.

Fantastic sausages, great bit of kit.

I am very pleased with my purchase.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A real bruiser of a machine.
  • so easy to use
  • Easy to clean and assemble

Good quality easy to use machine, looked at a lot of alternatives before buying this and after having this now over a year and used it plenty of times i think i made a good choice.

Efficient, the only bad thing, is the weight , too light, and the body is in plastic way too light, i believe that the mechanics will survive to the body.

Very good i only had to buy a conversionplug for the netherlandsworks very well and is easy to operate and cleanfirst time we do something like this and the minced meat and sausagescame out wonderfull.

This is a more useful version of other cheaper models i have seen and is perfect for home sausage making – another good product from a good company you can depend upon.

Excellent ,i recommend it to anyone who want to do homemade sausages ,or mince. Thank you for the quality and great product.

Better than i could have hoped for.

Really sturdy and powerful mincer.

Great machine, works very well making mince off all kinds and sausages, had to buy two more for freinds.

Does a great job and is easy to clean properly, no complaints at all.

Good machine, does what it says though quite noisey. We use it to make up large batches of mince for the freezer about once a month, so noise not a problem for us.

Well it could possibly be my inexperience but could not mince the meat . Had to take apart to take out clogged meat so often i eventually gave up. Tried all tips, re:keeping meat and equipment cold but no luck, meat ended up being warm and horrible consistency. Only tried pork so will try beef. Expensive experiment for me so far. Still have 2 shoulders of pork in freezer so lots of pulled pork lol.

Previous reviews gave me the confidence to purchase and delivery company used were excellent.

Brilliant meatgrinder,it is a bit noisy,but its not a problem,just make sure the meat is very cold,slightly frozen for excellent results. I would recommend this product.

I had always wanted to try making my own sausages and as an entry level machine this is perfect. Along with every other butchers sundries product is fantastic.

Surprisingly robust for the price. Easy to strip down and clean.

It was a gift for my son, he and the children have used it and he said it was very good, easy to use and fun too.

Nice machine does what it says it can do.

Hi,exactly as described, very good grinder for any kitchen extremely user-friendly very fast little noisy, exactly what i wanted, arrived on time, i highly recommend, thank you.

Excellent mincer and very good value. Easy to dismantle for cleaning. Very pleased with this item.

I bought this sausage maker/mincer after about 3 months research and i have made three batches of sausages since i got it. I wanted to make sure i knew all about it before i wrote this review. If you cant be bothered reading the whole thing, no need to go any further. It’s great, i was right, get this. For those who want a few more details, here we go. First try: being a newbie i bought some rusk and collagen skins as well as hog casings. Off i went to buy some pork shoulder and belly slices (1. 5kg shoulder and 500g fatty slices) and followed a recipe from the sausage book by paul peacock. Used hog casings and as the book told me they needed just 1 hour soaking, i followed that method to a t. The assembling of the mincer was easy enough (though i managed to put the blade in the wrong way at first) and i soon was mincing away if you see what i mean.

Bought this to take to our place in france because it’s quite difficult to get anything there other than very lean beef mince which has to be cooked carefully if you don’t want it to dry out, and i use lamb or pork mince quite often. It was incredibly easy to assemble the first time, and disassemble afterwards for cleaning. The storage within the machine is pretty good too – can’t remember if it said in the blurb, but the plug and cable fit in a compartment at the back and the spare blades in a compartment on the top. The product was excellent – we used the medium size cutter on what i would guess is the french equivalent of braising steak and we got really good quality mince which cooked well. First time out we used the fan cutter first as suggested but found it’s not really necessary unless you want fine cut mince. We haven’t tried the sausage attachment yet – i’m saving that for when we’re a bit short of comedic entertainment as i’m sure it’s not going to be anywhere near as easy as they suggest, but i could be wrong.

Very prompt service from butchers sundries, browsing amazon and see the andrew james machine, but bought from this supplier as the machine is more cost effective here,and you get the free seasoning pack and casings. Made some sausages using the mincer and sausage maker attachment, very tasty sausages made with butchers sundries pork sausage mix. Very good point on this machine is the size of the cutters etc. ,not like the very old machine that this has replaced ( about 20 years old),which was continually blocking the rings because they were quite small. I recommend this firm to any one looking to buy one.

Very good bit of kit, a bit noisey but hey maybe that’s normal.

This is the machine i should have bought in the first instance. Much sturdier, heavier build quality. In fact quality is the key word here. This machine will cope with considerable work. The worm gear is significantly heavier duty with a hexagonal pin engaging the motor. The coarse blade is a better design and works really well. The blade housing is really sturdy with the locking ring easy to grip and tighten. The cutting blade is larger, better geometry, and more efficient. Useful compartments keep the plug and cable out of sight and tidy when the unit is stored. A further compartment keeps the blades and sausage accessories with the machine so they do not get ‘mislaid’.

Clogs up very easily and when first used there were signs of grey metal shards in the mince. This must have been the result of the cutting blade touching the cutting plate.

This is the best meat mincer that i ever had delivery was very quick and it is working superbly. If anyone need meat mincer then do not hesitate to buy this product.

Careful of the meats you use. . Better to mince semi frozen or if not frozen then put the odd ice cube through with the meat to keep it chilled. Love experimenting with different sausage seasonings. . And at least i know exactly what’s in the sausages we eat now.

Robust mincer, easy to use and clean, excellent customer care, i would recommend this mincer to anyone who’s thinking about buying one.

My brother in law and myself purchased this between us. So far 25lb of sausage has been made. The main unit is well made and heavy which denotes a substantial motor inside. The mincing parts are of good quality metal and well finished. We were able to mince the pork in one go and at half speed without any stress from the motor. Time will tell if the mincer is reliable in the long term but so far we are pleased with it.